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  1. Everything in the world is relative (secondarily) “relative” to the Absolute, which cannot even be said to exist or not exist, because all these are mental abstractions, and the Absolute includes all abstractions, including those that contradict each other.

  2. Absolutely.What is funny is that there is no absolute, so it is possible that there is something that is not relative, relative to something else, to confirm the very relativity of everything in general(What?)

    Even matter and its absence are relative to each other.After all, if there is no concept of a counterweight, then there will be no concept itself, because it will not stand out from life.�

    So, good people exist only because of the presence and actions of bad ones, which show the relativity of any actions.If everyone did the right thing,if humanism and compassion were normal phenomena for you and me,then the world would be much better, and not only for people.�

    And what is funny is that relativity exists only in our consciousness,since it is a very funny matter of higher nervous activity, which,according to our own estimates, only we are now endowed with.

    All the best to you philosophically.

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