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  1. All the previous answers are, in my opinion, correct; I'll just summarize. A singularity is a parameter that tends to infinity (for example, in cosmology, the density of matter).

    A technological singularity is the moment when a machine can reproduce itself (or a better machine). Then this process will go like an avalanche and be irreversible

  2. This is when I visited a friendly mine, when I received a summons from the military enlistment office, when a girl refuses to have an abortion and when the same girl is 16 years old and you are 21, when you were born in Russia, when you called your son Alyosha, when you ate pizza that was prepared under Stalin, when you told your girlfriend that she should not finish her cake, when “well, just 5 more minutes and *habit*”. It seems clearly explained.

  3. If in an accessible and understandable language (as far as it is possible in science and philosophy), then a singularity is a state (point) from which the entire Universe left and to which, in theory, sooner or later it will return; a state where all physical and other parameters lose their meaning, are reset. It is impossible, for example, to imagine the size and mass of a singularity point before it exploded (the Big Bang, yes) and formed the universe, because the very concepts of “size” and” mass ” appeared only with the Universe. This point has absorbed everything, it is self-sufficient and incomprehensible, “alpha and omega”, there is nothing else and nothing will happen… �Here enthusiasts, of course, go into theology and say that the singularity is the Lord God himself. And why not?

    This term is also used more locally and down – to-earth: a technological, scientific, cultural and other singularity is a theoretically possible state when further progress in this area is impossible, everything has already been achieved, thank you all, everyone is free.

  4. Cosmological Singularity – the state of the universe at the time of occurrence of 13.7 billion years. years ago.The possibility of a Singularity in the framework of general relativity was proved by S. Hawking in 1967.It is characterized by an infinite density or an infinite temperature no larger than the diameter of a hydrogen atom.

  5. Hyperbola 1/x=y. Where the hyperbola and ordinate axis merge and there is a singularity. Y tends to infinity, while x tends to zero. In material terms, the personification of a singularity is a collapsing star, with v tending to zero, p tending to infinity. The exotic matter of neutron stars can be imagined, and the nature of the singularity will remain a mystery for a long time. In a technological singularity, the rate of progress will be unimaginably high. Technology will seem like magic in the near future.

  6. The term singularity is found mainly in cosmology and is now beginning to be actively used in the field of technology. So, I will tell you on the example of a technological singularity what it is.

    humanity is now working on artificial intelligence that will be smarter than humans. and imagine that we will create it and this artificial intelligence will start creating a new artificial intelligence that is smarter than itself, and that in turn is even more intelligent, etc. this is the singularity.�

    And I want to point out that what I described is not a fantasy, but an inevitability.

  7. There are scientists, and there are smart ones. Sometimes these “two” are the same in “one”, and sometimes they are two different people. Those who fall under the second case usually answer such questions by confusing the concepts. And representatives of the “first option” try not to confuse them. So, you need to distinguish between the point of singularity, the moment of singularity, the concept of singularity and the very concept of singularity, which comes from the meaning of the word itself. The very meaning of the Latinists refers to the designation of something unique in its kind, different from others, not out of the ordinary, because it never stood in the “ranks”, which has exceptional properties due to its uniqueness and uniqueness. This is the beginning of the account, a unit in its singleness. And in what phrase this term is inserted, it depends on who uses it, a physicist, lyricist, theologian, linguist, and so on. Actually, we have already tried to speculate about points, moments and concepts here. I tried to remind you about the actual concept. There is an initial topic in the science of philosophy, this topic is called “The concept of the concept of the concept”, sorry for the tautology of tautology. All the best.

  8. What are you arguing about? The singularity is nothing and it is the beginning of everything. Without any theology, philosophy, or gods. It is absolutely necessary to invent some nonsense. The universe stupidly began or was born, whatever you want to call it. Yes, this is difficult to understand and accept, especially for believers. Minus it, I don't care.

  9. Singularity, most likely you meant a cosmological singularity, as it is most often found in publications. In my opinion, no one really knows what it is. They believe that a singularity is a unique state of matter in our universe, in which it was before and at the time of the big bang.But what is the condition?… There is an opinion that all matter was in an extremely compressed form, almost at the point where there was no time, and physical laws did not apply. This may be true, but I have my own assumptions about this. But I don't think you'll be interested in them.

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