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  1. As far as I understand, both this paradox and the player's mistake consist in the fact that people confuse the probability of the whole (a series of random results) and the probability of a part (one result) and on this basis make appropriate estimates when the sequence of results is too monotonous: in the 1st case-that everything is rigged, in the 2nd case-that now everything will be different. Moreover, the whole itself is a pure projection of the mind.

  2. The paradox of regularity is rather insidious. On the one hand, he once helped people determine the weather by naturally occurring natural phenomena. For example, if a winter sunset turns the sky purple, then you should expect severe frosts tomorrow.

    At the same time, the paradox of regularity has played a cruel joke on many of us. We buy a lottery ticket and always lose. As a result, we put a cross on ourselves – I'm not lucky. This paradox is especially dangerous in relationships. The girls don't notice me, no matter how hard I try to draw attention to myself. Or guys don't want to communicate with me, but prefer others. Life is over, everything is bad, depression, seclusion, even bad thoughts. But this is far from the case. These are just the tricks of this very paradox of regularity, which forces us to put the seal of a loser on ourselves.�

    The solution is the simplest-the usual optimistic pathos. If you're not lucky now, you'll be lucky another time.

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