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  1. Russell's Teapot is an argument invented by the philosopher and mathematician Bertrand Russell against believing in God. The idea is that there is only something that interacts, and if you say that a teapot is flying in space, but you can't fix its presence there in any way, then this is synonymous with the non-existence of this teapot. Similarly with God. And if you insist on its existence, then it is up to you to provide others with evidence of its existence, such as they can verify.

  2. Yes, it's easier than a turnip-theories that cannot be tested (or more precisely, it is impossible to imagine an experiment that would refute them) are not scientific. Therefore, if you put forward a hypothesis that no one can refute, it does not mean that you have discovered the truth; the truth will only be that the denial of which leads to a contradiction with the observed data.

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