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  1. Maori-the indigenous people of New Zealand believe that the god Tiki kneaded red clay, mixed it with his own blood and fashioned an exact copy of himself. He called it Tiki-agu, i.e. the likeness of Tiki.

    Alaskan Eskimos believe that a certain spirit named Ah-se-lu fashioned a man out of clay, let him dry on the seashore, and put his breath into him, giving him life.

    The Korku Indians of central India say that the god Shiva tried for a long time to make two human images out of clay, but each time these images were broken by fire horses emerging from the ground. Finally, Shiva thought to first sculpt the image of a dog that came to life and did not let the horses near while the god worked. Shiva gave the resulting human images life and named them Mula and Mulan.

    Every nation or even tribe on Earth has its own version of the appearance of man. But everyone agrees on one thing – man is created and made of dust.

  2. A reasonable person at first assumed that he was descended from a bull or a bear or a fox, each genus chose a totem animal and led its history from this prazhivotny.
    Long-term observations of the surrounding world and analysis led a reasonable person to think that a person can only come from the gods, who most likely have a human form.
    Further centuries-old reflections led to the understanding that they are certainly gods, but children are born from mom after certain actions with dad. It became clear that a person is born from a person. And a reasonable person extrapolating this chain to the past sort of decided that there were first men and first women, from which everything went wrong. Where these first people came from was not clear, so just in case it was recorded that they were created by God. And he called them Adam and Eve, and they wrote them down.
    Then this idea spread around the world with the help of Semites( their idea was, cmk), apostles, Christians and Crusaders.
    Darwin in the 19th century criticized the hypothesis of the divine creation of man. So there was the first, perhaps, theory of evolution, which at some point with the development of genetics established that we all descended from microbes.

  3. I didn't claim that:)!!! In general, the word Adam is translated from the Turkic languages : Man

    Eve from the Hebrew Yiddish or Hebrew – Giver of life .

    These are some of the first terms or names for defining us as people by gender.

    Plus, the history of the Germans imposed on us does not agree with the artifacts that are still found on the territory of the Russian Empire. In Europe, in a Slavic country, there is a temple on which the Old Slavonic alphabet says 7300 of some year of construction. And we have only the 21st century. that is 2000 years. How can a temple be built in 7300 if 2000 years ago there was no one then . this date is older than the Egyptian pyramids, I'm not talking about the pyramids anymore. And in the Urals they found a whole city, it is generally dated to about 15000 years. Therefore, I think Lomonosov did not go to the German in the face for nothing, oh, not in vain. Unfortunately, I'm not an expert in this area. But I have neighbors who are engaged in archeology in Mangyshlak (Kazakhstan), so they found what they were forced to keep silent about so far , they showed their photos and you know there were no Kazakhs on the territory of Mangyshlak, but there were people with elongated heads. But so far all this is not published because in Kazakhstan the national deputies are looking for at least some clues about the fact that the Kazakhs have a multi thousand year history. We describe that they say there were a lot of cattle on Mangyshlak huge herds etc but that's not the task one question puts them in a dead end: Guys and cattle than watered in our semi-desert if there are only 2 wells and they are far from each other 600 km and the water in them is that a person can be watered, as the history of the Russian Empire describes? Here's something like that. History in Kazakhstan immediately began to be rewritten after the collapse of the USSR, and sometimes you will read something that makes your hair stand on end, and this is all in the school curriculum. So I think you put the question wrong. I should have asked which of the stories is older than the Bible's bedtime stories? By the way, I read it a long time ago, whether it's true or not, I can't say for sure, but one of the Chinese people I met in Alma-Ata confirmed my words: In China, there is a stone with a star map and for some reason a crooked path to earth is drawn from the constellation . The Chinese told me that yes, there is such a map and indeed the path of the curve is drawn and that the Chinese are not earthlings, but came from where it is indicated on the map! So you are right only in one thing this is only a small piece of our earthly history, and the history of mankind is great!

  4. I'm sorry ! But it wasn't us who decided ,” what started with Adam and Eve ! This “version-Legend” was offered to us. It is our right to accept “her” or not. And everyone has their own personal right to agree to this or not. In turn, this “version-Legend” is just a simplified, conditional process of origin – to simplify the explanation, and to simplify the concept of the emergence of a reasonable person. Yes, indeed, this is a small, “conditional” part of the story – a kind of”MYTH, Legend”. In the long chain of evolution of the emergence of homo sapiens.

    This is just my opinion, and I'm not saying it's true. And I'm not going to argue with anyone or prove anything. I also have no intention of offending anyone. They asked me, and I just expressed my opinion and that's it.

  5. I personally didn't do anything wrong. History for God and the universe does not exist. Judge for yourself whether there is a beginning in space-time, which is closed in an infinite spectral. But even a dim-witted chellovek can pull out some guesses. For example, in the Bible, we are immediately dipped in the Garden of Eden and the Serpent near the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. This means that there were events that indicate that Good and Evil were once one. The first-born of God was Lucifer, and he was the last. Why is that? Apparently the laurels of the Creator gave him peace? What a dispute was started between the Creator and the Devil. Could this mean that Satan the blocker boasted of building a perfect world faster than his Father? And this idea obviously failed. Boasted yes-not much. With all his power and magic! Maybe it's something else? How many poppies did the Creator himself have before the lamb finally left? People appeared. Eden was finished. Good and Evil are placed strictly in their proper places, and Chaos has been banished from the universe.

    This is already you answer me yourself)

  6. If you don't just rely on the Bible. and if you use alternative sources of knowledge, recognized scriptures, Vedas and their supplements, smriti, then you get a slightly different picture. Lord Vishnu releases souls, and Lord Brahma creates material bodies for Them. In any case, there are progenitors of humanity.,Mana. From Lord Brahma came the four Kumaras, Narada muni, prajapati Daksa, and the great sages. As well as demigods and demons. A real expert in the subject can only be one who has received knowledge from a bona fide spiritual master. Who is the sad guru and self-realized soul. Who has realized his svarupa and known the Lord. One who has genuine spiritual qualities and can dispel all doubts of the disciple and answer any of his questions by displaying extensive Vedic knowledge. Who is free from error, delusion and false ego.

  7. It all started with God. God created the universe, the earth, all life on earth, and man. Human history began with Adam and Eve. That's what the Bible says, and the Bible is God's letter to us. Not trusting the Bible means not trusting God himself.

  8. Adam and Eve is a religious story. What does history have to do with it?

    For the majority of the population (for all those who are not immersed in religion) , such stories are part of the cultural tradition from which our civilization has grown. It is useless to argue with them, they just exist.

    If you are looking for a natural science basis for such stories-drop it, don't waste your time

  9. The beginning of the human race with Adam and Eve is considered not only from the biblical (religious) point of view, but also from the scientific (historical or alternative history) point of view.

  10. Because they were told so! Those who claim the exclusive right to interpret God's will! And as a bonus of unconditional submission – the benefits of the afterlife.

  11. So think those gentlemen who have reason to trust the Bible, they consider it a message from God. And even if this is only a small part of human history, fine! We are glad to learn it in this presentation!

  12. It certainly didn't start with these mythical figures of Adam and Eve, it all started much earlier, with the emergence of the Universe itself. First, the components of modern elements appeared, then simple elements such as hydrogen and helium, then more and more complex. The elements became more complex to the point that a chain of amino acids appeared from them, this is not yet living matter, but already close to it, a component of everything that exists….

    Here is an approximate scenario, and as for Adam, this is just a fairy tale, beautiful, instructive, with a huge meaning, and who told you that in ancient times people were stupid, we still draw wisdom from the Book, this is a translation of the word Bible, where the above characters appear….

    This is my answer to your question, sorry if something is wrong, but this is my opinion, I have no other….

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