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  1. Dialectics is a philosophical teaching about the development of thinking, the inconsistency of the world and its diversity. As a rule, from the point of view of dialectics, it can be argued that everything new in this life is a forgotten old one, events all occur cyclically, but every time you meet with problems, you either degrade or easily overcome each cycle…

  2. A short dictionary of philosophical terms gives this definition of dialectics.

    DIALECTICS is the study of the most general connections, the general laws of all changes and developments in nature, society, and thought.

    But this definition givesWikipedia:

    Dialectic (other Greek: διαλεκτική “the art of arguing, reasoning” from διά “through; separately” + λέγω “to speak, expound”) – the method of argumentation in philosophy, as well as the form and method of reflexive theoretical thinking, which examines the contradictions found in the conceivable content of this thinking

    An example of the use of dialectic can be observed when communicating with a salesperson, when he begins to respond to your objections. This is also one type of life dispute, when your objection about, for example, lack of money, they start asking you -” What exactly do you lack money for?” Well, and so on.

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