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  1. FREE will does not mean permission for misdeeds and outrages,

    this is permission only to choose any actions and responsibility for this choice and for misdeeds.

  2. What kind of fairy tales that God punishes?! It is not God who lies, but the church.

    For some reason, secular and religious authorities always take it upon themselves to punish God. Of course, there is no logic at all – it turns out that the almighty god himself cannot insist on the implementation of his laws without the help of priests, the inquisition and the authorities who pass laws on insulting the feelings of believers. And oborzevayuschih Orthodox “activists”.

  3. God never punishes anyone. God is Love, Mercy, and Goodness. Therefore, It is not able to change Itself. Order cannot be broken by Order. For God is Order Itself. The presence of free will in a person gives him the right to choose between Good and evil. If a person chooses evil by his own will, then he is punished by this evil, and not by God.

  4. First, God does not “say that man has free will,” but God GRANTED man free will at creation.

    After creation, God placed man in a space where he had a choice between good and evil!

    And so, while man chose the GOOD FRUIT of the tree of Life, he lived in paradise, and when he bowed down to the fruit of the tree of knowledge … evil, then paradise lost! Self… of your own free will!

    And what does God have to do with it!?

    Punishing, you say?

    So understand that the term PUNISHMENT means-instruction, admonition! In this case, through personal experience. For example, if you stick your finger in a power outlet and get an electric shock, or pick up a venomous snake and it stings you, then who will punish you?

    That is, at first God warned man about the consequences of eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but the man did not believe Him and decided to see for HIMSELF. Still convinced!

    But those who understand everything and repent – God takes back to the kingdom not of this world … to paradise … BY REPENTANCE!

  5. God has given us freedom, and that freedom is real. God is aware of all our actions, but He does not direct us. As for the punishment, if a person chose the path of departure from God, then after death his soul temporarily falls into the clutches of the devil. What you choose, you get.

  6. If God has spoken to you… then you can see a neurologist and a psychiatrist. Such conversations ended millennia ago, although for me, like them, it was necessary to see a healer, now you would not have a headache about nonsense. No one orders you or tells you anything. There are established (fictional) norms of behavior, and there are fictional punishments for this. You are free to do anything, even eat babies at lunch, this issue is already being resolved by law. Your right to believe in religious cults or not to believe, and your right to accept punishments from them. But if God is really talking to you, there are people who have already made a business plan, contact them and they will help you. “103” from a mobile phone and 03 from a landline, anywhere in the Russian Federation.

  7. Isaiah 13: 11 I will punish the world for its wickedness, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will put an end to the arrogance of the proud, and I will put an end to the arrogance of the oppressors …I will pour out their evil upon them

    Jer 18: 11 Now therefore speak to the men of Judah and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem: Thus saith the LORD: Behold, I am preparing evil for you, and plotting against you: turn ye therefore every man from his evil way, and correct your ways and your doings.

    A person has the right to choose what he wants! And God punishes whomever He wants, and God has said that He will punish anyone who does evil! And no free will is violated!

    God does not prevent a person from making a free choice, but the consequences for this will be appropriate! Look at what God says through the prophet: “turn every man from his evil way” God calls people to stop doing evil: but people still did evil, because it was their choice! Now, if God had not allowed these people to do evil from the very beginning, then it would have been a violation of free will! But God allowed them to make this choice, and they chose evil, and that's when the retribution for evil comes from God! Here the arithmetic is simple: you do good, a blessing from God! You do evil, a curse from God! the choice is ours!

  8. The question is a good one, but it reveals the author's complete unwillingness to improve his knowledge at least a little on his own.
    For example, I have often been reproached for seeing the world only in black and white, dividing it into good and evil.
    “But,” I was told, ” there are so many more colors in the world. Wake up!
    And I woke up. I finally noticed that everyone knows that color diversity exists in light, not in darkness; in the white spectrum, not in black. So I was right, the world is still black and white.
    And this is me to the fact that our variety of colors of life lies in the good. Peace does not exist in evil; war exists in evil.
    Good creates goods, evil destroys goods.
    Good is the diversity of life, creation, and creation; evil is the diversity of death, dying, and decay.
    God has offered us life. He said: choose life.
    Who prevents you from living – making a choice within the framework of life, the variety of its colors?
    But if you make a choice within the limits of evil, destruction, harm, which is not physically forbidden to you in general, but only legally prohibited so far, then you become a criminal. Not only will God judge you for your crimes, but people will also judge you. What's wrong with that?

  9. In order for you to understand the answers to your questions, you need to have a little more knowledge in the field of theology. Ask yourself: what kind of literature have I read to talk about God so freely? Understand that human concepts don't apply to God, and He doesn't really care about you. The one who created the planets, the galaxies, the cosmos-do you really think that He sleeps and sees how to control you? A “servant of God” is a person who has become a member of the Church. a regular churchgoer, who spends many hours preaching, who knows prayers and psalms by heart, and many other things that other people don't know anything about because they don't think they need to spend their time doing. What do you have to do with it? So live in peace. Everything you do is your own free will, and therefore only has to do with Nemesis. True, this is already from Greek mythology.

  10. Freedom is the choice to act according to the law or to violate it. And punishment is a designation of the consequences of choice, and not punishment in the proper sense of the word. Because there it is also said that God is good and not changeable, i.e. he cannot in fact be angry and punish, but it is said so to simplify, only figuratively.

  11. In the Christian paradigm, God does not control the will of man. In fact, the will is the likeness of God in a person, which allows you to make a choice in the direction of good or evil, and bear responsibility for it.

    In the scientific paradigm of will as the root cause of actions it does not exist, but it is empirically known that the inevitability of punishment significantly reduces the number of offenses. -)

  12. Listen to yourself and your loved ones. And as little as possible – an unknown God, who is also interpreted in every possible way by ordinary people, most likely not completely honest (otherwise they would have chosen a more honest profession).

  13. God cannot allow evil and evil people to exist forever.. This is not fair to good people who suffer from evil. Free will does not mean freedom from the Law of God. Sooner or later, everyone will have to answer. And that's fair enough: What you sow, you reap. Do you want to do evil and enjoy evil deeds? Impunity leads to general chaos and injustice. As for slavery, choose for yourself whether it is better to be a slave of evil or good.�

    19 I call heaven and earth to witness before you today: I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Choose life, that you and your descendants may live
    (Deuteronomy 30: 19)

    The third is not given, it simply can not be. It's life or death. And free will gives you the right to make a choice. Good luck to you!

  14. Being able to take responsibility for your actions is a property of a mature person. Will is the ability to make a choice, fully accepting its consequences. And this is a conscious will. Are you sure that you are being punished? � Why exactly in this perspective, and not in such a way that the consequences are a well-deserved result (consequence) of an early choice. Because what exactly a person chooses depends on the rest. Imagine this situation: in front of a person – two baths. One filled with warm milk, the other with hot butter. If a person chooses the latter,he suffers… This is not a veiled form of choice, unlike in life situations where a person can be deceived. In any case, conscious action is the key to making the right choice. And you should never blame God for anything. Neither God influences our destinies, although of course, there are certain situations (fate) that a person cannot influence (political, economic situation in the country, death, etc.), but even these in a certain aspect can be considered as a platform for development, rather than something destructive and only.

  15. God says that….

    Where, when, and under what circumstances did He talk to you and tell you this?)

    Free will is the ability to choose and you are responsible for the path that you choose. After all, God clearly said to Adam: if you choose the commandments of God, you will live; if you choose to break the commandments , you will die. So there is no lie on the part of God. Everything was discussed.

    16 And commanded
    17 But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat of it, for in the day that you eat of it you will surely die.
    (Genesis 2: 16,17)

    What did you want ? Sow weeds and reap wheat? Lie on the couch and get the title of champion? Fall down and find yourself on a mountain? This is ridiculous. Choice and its consequences – this is the possibility of freedom of that very choice. You can sow what you want, but you will reap what you sow – this is the law of choice that God gave to man. No lies on His part – you are just a sly person, you want to light the program. )

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