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  1. The proof is very simple, which none of the questioners has yet been able to refute.
    If everything is an illusion (either created by your consciousness or the universe/God), then when you see a wall in front of you, go through it.
    If such an experiment is successful, then tell us about your physical and mental feelings. What it's like to overcome illusory reality.
    With best wishes of success.

    PS It may be enough to talk about the illusory nature of reality-it, both manifested and unrevealed, is quite objective. And it is necessary to recognize the limitations of the person himself (bodily and mental) in the knowledge and development of this reality.

  2. There are two options here:

    1. If you live in an illusion constructed by someone (let's call it a “Matrix”), then as long as you don't get out of the illusion-Matrix, there is no difference for you. The difference between reality and illusion only makes sense when you can compare them: you realize that you had a dream when you wake up, before you wake up, the dream is quite real for you. So here – you live in a dream from which there is no way to wake up, so-continue to interact with this dream as with reality, you still have nothing else.

    2. If you live in an illusion that is created by you – your own consciousness. Simply put, the whole world around you is your dream or hallucination. Then the question is: why do you interact with your own fantasies? Why do you ask questions online? What do you expect to find out, because the answer to any question-will arise only from your own consciousness, because nothing else exists at all! If you ask a question and expect to hear an answer that will be interesting and new to you, then you recognize that those who will give answers exist on their own, and are not a figment of your imagination.

  3. Many scientists have already discussed this topic and even tried to conduct experiments, which to some extent even showed that we still have a lot of interesting things to learn. People are divided into those who think about it and try to understand how it could be and why all this is necessary in general, and most importantly to whom; others prefer not to think about this topic, since it is not possible to prove it, at least now.
    In general, this topic is interesting, but absolutely incomprehensible to everyone.

  4. If you postulate a reality from eternity, which is the absurd, then there is nothing but delirium. But this postulate itself is the result of personal dementia, weak will in relation to situational tasks. You don't want to solve them and look for solidarity.

    “So any natural task of life is situational. And it requires the exercise of the will of reason. But it can be declared unsolvable, which requires a corporation of equally feeble-minded people, due to which the natural outcome of the inadequacy of life's reactions is delayed. But nature does not forgive inadequacies united by love for one's neighbor, even if there is a whole planet of them.” (This is from my website: origination-of-nature.Russian Federation).

    At the same time, natural objects are fundamentally dynamic in nature… That isNON-PHYSICAL objects don't exist.

    And the sensory images of consciousness are organized by the same thoroughly monotonous mechanism as physical objects. Otherwise, adequate life responses would be impossible.

    And more…

    “Let's finally show that a person (and not only a person…) he thinks exclusively in mathematical terms, this is the formation of adequate reactions to life (adequate, to varying degrees, of course, which determines the direction of the development of life and civilization). We will show that there is an exhaustively constructive foundation of mathematics that does not contain the axioms that civilization falls into.

    It turns out that constructs of judgments, reactions of life, are constructs from relations of objects. And relations, the only elements, the constructions of which represent reality, and judgments, and physical objects. Errors in the replication of the relationship structure are also the so-called modern, scientific mathematics. It is not incomprehensible, it is endlessly long, as K. Godel showed, like “a snake devouring its tail”. And stupidity is not a lack of something, but the result of a pile of fabrications. By the way, even cephalopods have them.”

    “Let's finally prove that there is no eternity and no external will, that this is just a garden scarecrow of the ancient Jew, which also never existed.”

    It turns out that nature is constantly being renewed with a self-organizing frequency. And this process has an independent beginning. This is 0, both in relation to any object of reality, and in relation to the entire universe. No eternity, and no external will. And the space-time definiteness of objects is a physical phenomenon. By the way, here and interference of particles, and so on. “dark is not physics,” in short.

  5. There is no such proof. There is no way to prove that the world we perceive really exists, because there is no transition link between our feelings and reality.

  6. What is interesting here is not the question itself, but the person who asks such a question and is attracted by this question.

    It is clear that this is not a question for the practical mind, but for the “philosophizing”one. For those who escape from practice to theory. Escapes from real life to a fictional world.

    Here it is worth considering-what are you running away from?

    What unfulfilled dreams (or Super Goals) have disappointed you so much and you are not allowed to live here and now, but are lured there and stay there, building your own worlds there?

    Is it possible to live there all your life? Or I'll indulge myself while I'm young and healthy, and then we'll see.

  7. Created by whom? However, everything is learned in comparison. For the higher planes of existence, where the spirit ( the soul, the immortal part of man) lives, our physical material existence is an illusion. But for us, who are overwhelmingly self-conscious only on the gross physical plane, our existence is a real reality for us.

    If we take this point of view, then the desire for knowledge is the desire to get out of the illusion.

    Example: an ordinary bread eater listens to the news on TV. Naturally, having only this channel of knowledge and not having learned to think independently, he remains in the illusion of reality, for which it is a long truth. The other person, who thinks independently, knows how to analyze and has a developed consciousness, understands perfectly well where the truth is in this news and where the lie is.

    This means that the reality, or rather the degree of surrounding reality, is different for everyone. A person who strives for the truth answers the question asked by the author himself. This proof ( reality, planned scheme) is purely individual and internal, since it is the canvas in Papa Carlo's closet that only Pinocchio can tear down himself. If he doesn't, the hearthstone illusion will be true for him for the rest of his life.

  8. Is there any evidence that everything is an illusion? You put forward this theory – and you have to prove it! On the other hand, if someone robbed you and beat you up on the street in the evening, you will begin to doubt that this is an illusion. If you persist in thinking that everything around you is an illusion, then life will constantly strike at you to prove to you that you are inadequate.

  9. Let's say everything is an illusion. And all who will answer you – the planned scheme. But then there is the one who planned this illusion. And there is something on the basis of which this illusion exists. That is, an illusion is something like a dream, imagination, hallucination of some creature. So in reality, after all, there is a real being who has an illusion. And there is in reality the being who planned this illusion. But what is an illusion-it's just some images in the brain. These are just the flow of electrical impulses in the neurons of the hallucinating subject's brain. Of course, if you hypnotize a person well, then they will not distinguish their hallucinations from reality. The same goes for a sleeper or drug addict. How can you convince an addict that what he sees is a hallucination and not reality? How to convince a drunk person who has delirium tremens that the green devils he sees around him are not real, but a figment of a sick imagination. How to convince the sleeper that this is just a dream? Probably nothing. Only if it cures a drug addict, sobers a drunk, or wakes up a sleeper. Therefore, it is most likely necessary to do the same with those who are convinced that the whole world around them is an illusion. Most likely, it is a form of mental illness such as schizophrenia. Therefore, he needs to be treated with psychotropic drugs until this delirium passes.

  10. We thought about it. But the problem is that the program, even if it is a reasonable program, is not able to go beyond the operating environment. Therefore, the question of the illusory nature of the surrounding reality is meaningless for a person. But the ability to manage system codes is of practical interest.

  11. And why invent everything? For me, this is my life, my period of time. For you, too, life and a period of time. Each person has their own experience, memory and other human characteristics, and each is individual. And a small part of people create such theories and stories that we live in a shell.

    My theory is that we have been given bodies, and we manage them, live a full life. Some even give up at the beginning, and they disconnect. It would be interesting to know what will happen after death? Hell, Heaven, New Life, Another World? Who knows?

    My second theory. Every time after sleep, the whole world is saved. And I think if I die, I'll go back for one day? And how many times is it repeated that after such events, you are still alive?

  12. Illusions may and may not exist in people's minds. Our physical reality is an artificial world (Bubble and not only the Earth), in it, nature, animals, people and even microbes. It is not a scheme, it is a limitation that is available in the circle of our consciousness.

  13. There is no such evidence, because we cannot go beyond the limits of conscious reality. Therefore, the hypothesis about the virtuality of what is happening takes place, but at the current time it does not affect life. For we interact with what is. No other option is given

  14. You should assume the following! A person living on earth produces! What? I agree … thought forms, desires are also thought forms, and actions. 1 person say 1 gr. per month. Well, then the geometric progression …of people over 7 billion, the percentage of certain thoughts and colors time in that format…which gives a temporary habitat.Plus countless discoveries…which work a little differently than you think. Multiply by the speed…of waves, color, light, sound, projections…and voila get almost a given matrix!!! According to this, the person will determine this or that format of what will be the Final!?

  15. Human cognition is imperfect, the brain is susceptible to drugs, magnetic impulses, and in itself makes a lot of mistakes.

    Moreover, without the senses, a person cannot perceive the world.

    So to understand the real world in principle is not possible.

    However, the question is, what difference does it make whether it is real or illusory, for nothing changes. You also experience emotions, people are still dying.

  16. But they haven't tried to wake up. Or you are wildly under a strong buzz this also happens called squirrel. Most likely you are in reality strongly offended morally and the brain has turned on the protection of vyd in illusions you are the main one and rule everything. And filim ofegeny among other things netozhto right now.

  17. Evolution is more likely than fluctuations, so most likely, our world is still real – it was once (13.7 billion years ago). It was born and developed, and at some point there were intelligent beings like you and me who asked this question.

    At the same time, there is an extremely small probability that the familiar Universe has long ceased to exist and that everything we observe (and we ourselves) is the result of fluctuations, an accidental projection, an exact reproduction of the real Universe that once existed hundreds of thousands of trillions of years after its “death”. Then yes, everything is a “planned” scheme, a mechanical repetition and reproduction of everything that once really existed, for example, you have already asked this question and received the answer that I am now typing on the keyboard. But, I repeat, the probability of this is monstrously small, although it is non-zero.

  18. This is a highly discussed topic in the scientific world. As I understand it, the main problem is that any proof of reality fits perfectly into the “simulation of the universe” version. If there is proof that our reality is real, then it can also be included in the simulation program. That is, the theory is not falsifiable, it is impossible to prove it experimentally. In general, there is a lot of debate on YouTube about this. https://youtu.be/q6j5TFE_iCk

  19. The whole reality exists within everyone, although it is relative,it is everywhere and nowhere, it is not even a point,it is just there, was and will be.Reasoning about the illusory nature of the world, many are not consistent,if the external is illusory, then how can there be perception, feelings are not illusory�

    .All our feelings and perceptions come from within the I AM.The illusion lies in the fact that we think that our senses perceive external information,everything is the opposite.The real proof is an exit from the body, a deep trance, there are all the sensations, such colors are even brighter and deeper, such as light, etc. For example, the body does not perceive anything ,but all sensations are there.Have you ever thought about the fact that everyone in a dream has a feeling of real flight, although you have never ,say, flown where it came from?….Let's say briefly the human brain is designed to limit its divinity, you are God, being god we want to become a man, and being a man we want to become God, in you live and are in yourself

  20. There is no such evidence. However, there is no evidence that this is a planned scheme. Many people thought about it, but they couldn't come up with anything new, except for what was already said above.

  21. If God gave man the right to choose, then why should the scheme forbid it? It is impossible to distinguish artificial reality from the real one if you live in an artificial one. The program won't allow it.

  22. You know, I'm a science fiction writer, but I'm probably a retrograde. I believe that the mind can only exist in one material world. The world that IS. Of course, I'm interested in all these quirks of human fantasy, like “The Matrix” or ” The Lord of the Rings “or”Kolobok”. Human fantasy is also a way of knowing the world. But our imagination is not limited to our “human science” and our conventions. Now it's time for computerization, it's time for virtuality. Watch 90's movies, it's great. But this is all a product of the HUMAN mind. And who (or what) can create our reality? SUPERBRAIN? Bitten by a radioactive cockroach? I hope you have a rational answer.

  23. It is very funny when letters appear on the computer screen at my request, and suddenly these letters tell me that it is I who answer them and must “prove” something )

    1. In fact, I think, so I exist, this is a strictly proven fact of reality. However, you can't remove my answer, so this means thatObjective reality does not depend on your hallucinations in any way. Similarly, you can't influence any manifestations of the world around you with your “mind power”, so everything is completely objective.

    Well, in addition to what you have in your imagination, there are all sorts of gods, brahmins are still invented – these are all myths that do not exist.

    1. Now about the fact that the objective reality that depends on it doesn't depend on you, it's still not real. This is a common demagogy, because you know the property of reality (it does not depend on the person) and if everything around you is “indistinguishable from reality” according to this property, then this is reality.

    Additionally, you can try to clarify the definition of reality, but don't specify it yet – it's proven that everything around you is real. Those pseudo-philosophers who see a “paradox” here simply do not understand what Proof is, because philosophy is not a science, it does not meet the criteria of scientific character. That is why poor false philosophers come up with all sorts of “vague” expressions and false paradoxes, which are based only on inaccuracies in basic concepts, only on the lack of Unambiguity in definitions and terms.

    Actually, after the most famous joke about proving a statement – “this statement is false” – then you can just laugh at such demagogues.

  24. The whole problem of a person is in his brain. It is the brain that controls all your actions, not your consciousness. The brain invents illusions for itself every day and no one sends them to you. Don't be fooled once again. It is very convenient to think that someone is controlling you, because you can throw off all responsibility and blame other forces. Your scheme is as simple as a checkers game. You asked the question, not someone else, and they answered you because you were waiting for it.

  25. Let's assume that the phenomena in my mind do not correspond to any physical objects. But I still easily find out in practice that these phenomena do not depend on my will: try to do something with a toothache! So there is something else besides me that I have to deal with willy-nilly.
    For example, for humans placed in the Matrix, this something was the world of machines.
    This is proof of the existence of an objective, that is, independent of the subject, reality: practice
    However, it can be argued that Neo did learn to bend a spoon.
    But I, again, in practice, face the independent existence of something else: emotions, desires – we fight with them, or obey them, but we do not choose them. Even to refrain from doing something, you need to want to do it. Desires are primary in relation to behavior. Thus, in addition to my conscious mind, there is also the world of my unconscious, which, oddly enough, is also objective in relation to me, the subject.
    These two conclusions are:
    events are independent of my will,
    and the will is subordinate to the unconscious
    -proof that there is something primary in relation to the subject. This reasoning can also be applied to God, if it seems to someone that we all belong to the Absolute. In short, without the outside world in any way

  26. In India, even the varieties of illusions were considered and the principles of life in them. So reality is such a concept… very subjective. And no one said that if we live in “unreality”, then everything should be planned. At the same time, it is not a fact that our reality is all so spontaneous and no one controls it. The great nothingness from which we all came implies some other reality or dimension that we cannot even describe because of the constraint of our perception of the world around us. Calculate it, see how it works, and so on. – we can do this, but we can't understand and say that “this is how everything happens”.�

    Therefore, the most correct answer to your question is XS! After all, even if this is the matrix around us, then there is no other reality for us anymore (Neo-only in fairy tales happen).

  27. You just fell into a philosophical trap. This question has been discussed for quite some time and does not have an answer that does not raise objections. Occam's razor, mentioned in one of the answers, raises the question: what if our brain is in a test tube and connected to a computer? Thus, we cannot even claim that our knowledge of the world is ours, and not prescribed by something else.

    There are many answers, but none of them is accurate and indisputable, go for it.

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