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  1. It sounds creepy, but I often think about deaths. Like I'm walking around carefree, and I'm like, right now, someone has crashed a car, someone has committed suicide, someone is dying in a shootout. I'm walking, counting in my head, and people are dying.

  2. Yes, sometimes after a hard day, tired, I think about this topic. I think: “Maybe someone is now taking a shower like me, cooking dinner or eating it, because they are hungry and the very first bites bring them pleasure. Someone listens to music, someone dances to it, and someone sings. Someone is crying, and someone is laughing. Someone has happiness, love, and someone has grief.”

    We're all different, and that's fine.

  3. Anything and sometimes not the most pleasant for your perception ,but more often illegal. Another question is why do you need this information, unless it is related to any particular person, which does not allow you to live in peace and not return to the past

  4. I think that people from different parts of the world can think at the same moment about what people from different parts of the world are thinking at this moment. quite

  5. Oh, I keep thinking about it. I just concentrate on a particular person, most often some celebrity or acquaintance, and imagine what they can do at this moment, and I don't even just imagine, but, no matter how banal it may sound, I think that now, at this second, they are really doing something, every person on this planet.

  6. I read Andrey Osipov's answer and went to listen to The Future Sound of London-Everyone in the World Is Doing Something Without Me. And then I realized that this is the soundtrack to the documentary, to which I once wrote subtitles!�

    The Adventure of a Speck of Dust is a short film by Serbian director Ljubodrag Staroviah, which was made in 2006 based on an interview with American anarcho-primitivist John Zerzan. This film reveals the tragedy and magnitude of human life in 6 minutes – we are just cosmic dust, and our adventure lasts for a couple of moments.�


    In addition, a stunning film “Life in one Day” was shot on the same topic – a project of Ridley Scott and YouTube video hosting. The bottom line is that users sent the director all their videos taken on July 24, 2010, and the creators then edited them into one of the deepest documentaries about life on Earth.https://www.youtube.com/embed/JaFVr_cJJIY?wmode=opaque

  7. Yes, there was such a thing. Once upon a time, I heard a song by The Future Sound of London called “Everyone in the World Is Doing Something Without Me”, and this simple line of lyrics, you can say, launched a chain of complex reflections.�

    It's especially good to think about what people from different parts of the world are doing at the moment, when you watch recordings from near-Earth orbit like this one:�http://www.youtube.com�. Imagine how many people are down there, and they are all doing something right now, and some of them have no idea about the Internet and all the other everyday things you are used to. How many people right now down there somewhere having sex, crying, getting married and divorced, hangs himself in despair, writes the song you crazy like in ten years, when through thousands of intermediaries, this song will reach your ears (it is possible, however, some kind of idler gonna tell him “Oh, whatever.” he will believe it and will not release this song, although it is guaranteed to change something in your life and in the lives of millions of other people), and only one person right now writes the answer to your question on this service (however, there may be several of us). And yet, somewhere down there, right now, a newly born baby is running around naked, who in years to come will become the new Einstein, the new Hitler, or perhaps create the very technology that will destroy our entire planet. Or, on the contrary, invent the very technology that will allow humanity to move to live on another planet.

    However, there is a philosophical trend called solipsism, which claims that everything that exists around you is a product of your own mind, and there is nothing objective that exists outside of your mind, i.e. there are no other people or events until you decide for yourself that all this exists.


    And I also like to think about this: this is how things would have changed if I hadn't been there. Try to look around and think: would it be exactly the same if you were not in your place now and you never existed at all? Facts, events, conversations, and relationships between people – what would be different if you weren't in your position right now?

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