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  1. Come on, I don't agree either. Stupid girls come from childhood. I was reminded of one of my classmates. She studied with us for only 2 years. Grade 7-8. And so. She was outwardly very beautiful, very, but so stupid that she could barely read in the 7th grade. That's real! She could read the syllables. Instead, she sat in class and looked in the mirror. I'm serious! Oh, how the teachers had suffered with her. :-)))) The guys liked her outwardly, really liked her, they certainly did not offend her much, but they considered her stupid specifically.: -)))) All the jokes were about her. :-))) What a future pornographic actress probably is. She smiled happily at this. :- ))) Lessons she never did at all. She just sat there looking in the mirror. :-))) She didn't even take out her textbooks in class. I'm serious! Just a mirror! :-))) Why did she leave our school, they really wanted to keep her for the second year. So, she moved there, of course, to another school. No one knows what happened to her afterwards. VK I didn't see it. :-))) Although I'm even interested, to be honest. :-))) So from such girls, such women definitely grow up. :-)))

  2. At school, at school they are already stupid, seriously! And already there begin stupid conversations, meaningless actions, flapping eyelashes, looping on appearance, antics, etc. + the initial stage of manipulating people, such as,”you give me homework-I'll give you a whack!”.

  3. At school, tasks that are feasible for any level of intelligence are set, and it is impossible to judge abilities by how tasks are performed, with the possible exception of performance. While girls are getting used to the world, boys are experiencing it, so boys ' performance is mostly lame.With age, the complexity of tasks increases, intelligence begins to be involved, it is required more and more, and at some point it may not be enough. When there is self-determination based on abilities, who did well in school, who adapted to the conditions of the planet, is exceptionally well self-determined)

  4. I will assume that the homework was done not because of the presence of a special mind, but because of ” you are a girl , you must do your homework, write beautifully and obey the teachers.” Although there were really stupid girls in our class. There were also some very, very smart ones. But somewhere in the 8th grade, they simply stopped paying attention to their minds.

  5. Oyoyoy. We had stupid girls in our class. One of them wasn't even thinking pathologically. We also had girls in our class whose parents were alcoholics, and these girls were swearing at the age of 10, tried smoking and knew everything about sex.�
    We had girls in our class who went wild in the 11th grade, although before that they were sitting quietly.
    My little sister wasn't a stupid girl, she was very smart, but she's an artist, her handwriting is disgusting, and her homework is terrible. �
    Maybe you were just idealizing your classmates? They're all different, and that's where the dumb ones and the smart ones come from — from your class. Well, maybe from parallel.

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