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  1. Fate! How much in this word for the heart of the Russian merged…!😃�
    The concept of “fate” implies that you did not choose anything, on the contrary, they chose you and for you.
    If there is no fate, then a person, as a person, has chosen himself and everything for himself.�
    I chose the second option for myself, although it is quite possible that both are true.�
    It is also possible that those who believe in fate are created, and those who believe in themselves are creators.
    Now to the question.
    If you've already created something, there's no need to believe it. Although, it may have to be constantly maintained, otherwise it will cease to exist.

  2. I wonder how it works at all.

    and at the same time-not to believe,�

    At the same time)) �

    After all, in fact, a causal relationship due to the fact that�

    what we do is what we get, what we sow is what we reap �

    called karma by some ,другие others �just without going into details call fate,�

    Which is then “written on the genus”, then “woven”, although it is not known by whom and how, but again on the basis of the same causal relationship, how a person lived and what he deserved.�

    And as for whether to believe))�

    You can not only not believe in anything at all, but even be a militant ATHEIST and be convinced.. � �

    ( I do not use the word believe, so as not to offend the feelings of convinced atheists.. please do not minus for this)) �

    .. and be convinced, with the same fanatical blindness to “scientific” THE “big bang” THEORY

  3. Brilliant question. You have touched the secret of the mysteries of the universe. Of course, you should believe in what you believe and not believe in what you don't believe. And you will build your wonderful WORLD on the envy of these suckers who believe in all sorts of crises, inflation and viruses.

  4. the fact that a person creates EVERYTHING by his actions, too, in my opinion, should not be believed.�

    so a man was born. for the first few years, he is completely dependent on his parents – if he is not fed, he will die. if you do not monitor his health, everything is also possible. under their supervision, he learns to crawl, hold his head, sit, walk, talk, dress-undress, go to the toilet, brush his teeth, wash his face, learn to go down and up the stairs, open the door, learn what is hot, cold, high, and so on. gets the most important, vital information and skills. a human cub without upbringing will simply be an animal. well, then – years of socialization. friends, buddies, educators, teachers, relatives-all these people give us a lot, no matter what we say later.�

    relatives and close people (and animals) give us a sense of being needed, loved, and protected – this is also very important, it helps us to endure difficult life situations. and not only difficult ones. in general, living with the constant feeling that you are needed, that you are loved, is much better and easier than without. this gives you the strength to “create everything with your own actions”

    that's the first thing.�

    and what does the phrase “yours will be yours” mean, I don't understand. it smacks of fatalism, which I don't understand. this is the second one.

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