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  1. If I can stop him by killing him, it already means that he won't 100% grow up to be a tyrant. And if there is such an outcome, there must be others. The future is either predetermined and then there is no point in changing it, we must act according to our conscience and come what may (and my conscience will not allow us to kill the child), or it is not determined and then it is important how exactly we change it – according to our conscience or not.

  2. Well, there is also an important aspect-whether I will be punished for this. I don't think I would have done it if a prison sentence or execution was on the horizon. And whether I will personally live in this very future (which is unlikely if this is a child). And why is it that only I can kill him? Only I know what he'll grow up to be? Or are the others enchanted?

  3. I think that the economic, political and social processes that take place in society, thanks to which the tyrant comes to power, create a niche that is filled by a certain person in any case. In other words, I do not think that killing Hitler as a child would have prevented World War II, and perhaps even vice versa, if Germany had been led by a less good speaker, but a more talented military leader, the Allies could have had much more problems.

  4. You know, there is an expression – history will judge who is who.

    it is absolutely not a fact that a tyrant is bad for society.

    But if you are interested in the question of whether I think it is right for me to kill a person who threatens my loved ones-then yes, of course. I'll do it without thinking.

    and I didn't give a damn about the history and progress of society. the child there is disabled or someone else – I don't care.

    for me, loved ones are number 1. always. because the planet revolves independently before me and after me. and close people are what make my life meaningful. Therefore, I will make almost any sacrifice for them.

  5. The situation depends on many aspects. For example, from the abstractness of the situation. I'll explain:

    It's one thing to have a child put in front of you and, yes, you know for sure that he is the same tyrant, but he didn't do anything to you personally and you just judge who will one day become the villain. An abstract villain. That's one thing! Most likely, you can try to steal him and send him to some remote village / farm, so that this kid grows up far from the masses of people and does not become a politically active person at all.

    It's another matter if you lived under this tyrant yourself. You lost your family, family, and friends to him, and you ended up being sent to some camp yourself. And you broke down there, and you ended up being killed by starvation, pestilence, or a bullet. There's a lot of bad luck here. And here you are after death, you find yourself in the past and before you is the one who at one time started all the Hell in which you survived, losing everything that is dear to you. And you know for sure that it is the culprit of all your tragedies who is in front of you. And you have a chance to save all those who are dear to you and millions of other people who suffered from the tyrant. and you have the opportunity to kill him. Here I think the option of death will be considered quite differently.

  6. I read a certain “supplement” to the question, a clarification about little Adolf.

    I don't believe in a good German people who were unlucky enough to have Hitler as their leader and do so much harm. Yes, Hitler was a tyrant, but he did not descend from another planet – this is the same human individual – the flesh and blood of the German people. Hitler simply became a kind of tuning fork, he brought to light all the demons that are in the German people, revealed the German hidden archetype with his ideology, turned the “unconscious” of the German race inside out, etc. Yes, it was terrible, but it should still be manifested sooner or later, and thanks to this experience, the Germans received a good vaccination against their national pride – it was a hard but very necessary lesson. A reasonable person needs mistakes to learn from them.

    Evil is a big secret in the universe and the problem of humanity is that it does not understand this secret – it always projects evil on some, then on others, then on whites, then on reds, then all evil is in the bourgeoisie and it is worth destroying them and a new world will come. Then the races are to blame, then the nations, then the classes, then the genders ( all women are fools, all men are goats), then Stalin is to blame( and who wrote 40 million denunciations – S. Dovlatov), etc.

    The search for a Scapegoat forces us to project evil onto a certain object ( subject) – this is easier, because then we sort of move away from evil and thereby transfer ourselves to the side of good. No, so the evil of the world can never be defeated, and perhaps by killing the “evil” boy, you can even multiply the evil-usually when we do not fundamentally solve the problem , we multiply it. Personally, I wouldn't kill – I probably wouldn't dare interfere with the Great Circle of History Lessons. Perhaps if I saw the potential evil in little Hitler, I would tell and” educate ” German society on this subject – I think this is the more correct way. Ihmo.

  7. Kill a child? No way! Monsters are not born, they are made so by the environment, society. While a person is still a child, he is an innocent, defenseless child who needs attention, love, care and affection. And when this is not the case, and there is only a harsh reality in relations between people, with their hatred, violence, envy, hypocrisy, indifference, etc., then monsters, tyrants, rapists appear. Killing a child is a sign of loyalty to the violence that has flourished in the human environment and continues to flourish today. The monster cannot be destroyed as long as it lives in the consciousness of the masses, in the consciousness of all mankind. Society and the monster are inseparable. He is them, they are him.

  8. The question is at best an aporia. Strictly speaking, if someone's computing machine achieves such performance that it can calculate the mind-boggling number of upcoming interactions (I'm afraid to imagine this degree) that will lead to the fact that a particular child will turn into a tyrant, then he will be like a superman who can correct this with a much simpler movement: give him a candy and pat him on the head. In fact, this is about how I save the world.

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