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  1. Is there an afterlife? If so , will I remember my current self at that time? The third question, in fact, is not so important for understanding the world order.

  2. Funny, but typical questions of being really.. they don't change anything.

    Well, I'll ask the machine about God…. what will she say to me?

    Will she tell me about the very creator who is able to create universes, or will she tell me about just very powerful beings who are millions of years ahead of us?

    And even if she says yes… what will change? or if he says no, no one will believe him anyway. everyone will have their own opinion.

    Questions of being don't really change anything. these questions a person asks himself, and the answer is found exclusively for himself and only HIS life changes.
    If someone starts preaching some truths, the world will be the same. some will believe and follow the new messiah, while others will not.

    It turns out that the typewriter has nothing to ask.

  3. I agree with the previous answers that there is very little information-yes-no.

    I remember a beautiful moment from the book “The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy” when such a car was asked a question :

    “The main question of life, the universe and all that?”

    Answer: 42

    Therefore, the answer itself may not be so important as the correct question)

  4. 1. Is there life after death?

    2.1. If there is, is this life similar to what is written in different sacred books?

    2.2. If not, is there any higher intelligence

    1. Will there be contact with an extraterrestrial civilization in the next 100 years
    1. If I analyze the stock market and choose a more suitable option for me, will it bring me more profit in the future?

    2. Can I move abroad and stay there for the rest of my life without going back to Russia?

    3. Should I actively monitor my health and exercise? (I mean that I can prevent some serious illnesses and do something in advance).

  5. I agree that it makes no sense, because our current knowledge and interpretations may be fundamentally wrong. It's like an ancient man would ask such a machine, ” Will Zeus strike my house with lightning?” Zeus doesn't exist, the machine knows this, but the person asked her a question about Zeus. And what should I tell her?) She will answer “no”, because Zeus does not exist, which means that he will not hit. And a person will think that Zeus has taken pity and will not hit his house with lightning) And the next day a thunderstorm will start and lightning will hit his house. The person will think that the car deceived him, because “Zeus” hit. Although she told the truth) So we, with our theories and beliefs, which may be completely false, will ask questions and wait for true answers) Well, of course, if I had the opportunity, I would ask my questions for the sake of interest, but the answers would most likely be about the same as with the example above)

    1. Is the universe created with intelligence?�

    2. Will people ever understand the mystery of the universe?�

    3. After the death of a person's biological body, does his mind continue to exist?

  6. Well…
    Am I a moron? – YES.

    Will your plans come true? -YES

    Does life have a meaning? – yes.

    Do you know what these questions are special about? I answered them myself. �And I and all of us can do that, with all the questions, with such limited answers. Why do you need such a thing? What is the point of turning to her and losing the very possibility of living? After all, if you judge the life of a real person, this is a series of answers. Especially considering that the option is often left to us and there is no true one. (Although there is only one option in physics…or two “looks askance at quantum mechanics”)….In short, I would only ask her one question: “Do we need you here at all?”

  7. It is a pity that only “yes” or “no”. The value of such responses may be questionable.�

    I, for example, will not be very original, and, first of all, I will ask:

    “Is there a God?”

    In fact, the answer ” yes ” does not help me much, because the existence of a higher mind in general does not automatically confirm everything that the Bible or any other religious treatise tells us. And suddenly, God is a representative of an alien race, or in general something about which we do not even guess. In the end, God may exist, but the whole topic of heaven / hell, prayers, etc. is false. But I will still ask if the temptation is great.

    Second question:

    – Will humanity die out from natural causes?

    Sooner or later, everything dies, and eventually we will die out. The question is only when and for what reason? Since the rules of the game do not allow you to ask a specific date when this will happen, the question should be formulated so that the answer can be derived indirectly. The answer “no” to this question will mean that we have destroyed ourselves (for example, a nuclear war), or an alien race has done it. It is likely that this outcome will take much less time than for extinction from natural causes, because at the moment we are really threatened only by the” death ” of the Sun, and it is still almost 5 billion years away. And, if we talk about meteorites/asteroids, black holes, then before any of this really threatens us, there is a high chance that we will already master the neighboring planets, and dump there, at least in that number, so as not to die out and be reborn again.

    Third question:

    – Will humanity be able to travel through time and space in the future?

    This is as a continuation of the second question. There is nothing much to explain here – literally everyone is interested in what level of technical development humanity can achieve.

    In general, do you know what kind of machine it is that can answer “absolutely true to any question”? This is essentially one of the definitions of God. Therefore, there are logical conclusions that this machine is either God, or God created it, or it is a time machine, because it knows the answers to questions, simply because it “saw” them, or it is some kind of God, the final stage of the evolution of humanity or intelligent life in general (we believe in aliens, we want to, at least). Greetings to Technolize and Gantz.

    So I could have phrased the 3 questions differently. I'd ask the car:

    “Are you a god?”

    “Are you human?”

    “Are you a time machine?”

    P. S. Thank you for the interesting question, I like to philosophize.

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