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  1. I am just one of those Christians who accepts the theory of evolution.

    What you seem to be asking is that evolution describes a world in which death has been the main driving force for many millions of years, and this contradicts the Christian claims of a merciful and loving God. If this is so, then I think that you are completely wrong to confuse questions of natural science with moral ones.�

    I will try to explain my position. Personally, I don't care how acceptable a scientific theory looks from a moral point of view. It is important to me whether it is true. In addition, I see nature as exactly the same revelation of God as the Holy Scriptures. Therefore, I believe that they do not contradict, but complement each other. And if any theory proves conclusively that the world is cruel, then I want to know it, and not bury my head in the sand, thinking that this is too terrible to be true.

    Perhaps if I were a god myself and created the world, I would immediately make it perfect and there would be no such thing as death at all. And if he had ruled over a people, he would not have sent them to exterminate their neighbors. But our world is not what we want it to be. And the Bible story is not like that. So it will be more honest for us to accept this as soon as possible, so as not to remain in error.

    This is why I personally accept the theory of evolution, and why (I think) many other Christian believers accept it.

  2. Well, with this approach, the world can still be considered as a “concentration camp”: it is unlikely that anyone will argue with the fact that living beings suffer and die en masse. That is, the very fact of “concentration camps” is obvious, there is nothing to argue about.

  3. But Jews and Christians do not, and never have, considered the world a place of careless joy. The whole point of these religions is to seek salvation. Just now, many people do not face trouble, do not experience it. Although it would seem that children born disabled, children burning in the cinema, parents who are beaten in jail and say-suicide, it's all nearby, it's all now, it's with your friends in two or three handshakes.

    Christ was expected by a world groaning with grief, and not suffering from the fact that there is nothing to occupy itself.

    The first book of the Bible, Genesis, which is easy to read, says in chapter 3:

    And to Adam he said, Because thou hast hearkened to the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree of which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it; cursed is the earth for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life; thorns and thistles shalt it bring forth for thee; and thou shalt eat of the grass of the field; in the sweat of

    More discussed here:

    Is it possible to “reconcile” creationism with the theory of evolution (God created an ape, one of the descendants of which is a human)?

  4. There is no doubt that God created the world and man. However, reports are silent on how He did it. Therefore, given the ambiguity of the Hebrew word “day”, the theory of evolution, as a theory, has a good right to exist.
    Darwin, speaking of the chain of evolution, claimed that its first link is chained to the throne of God. The theory of evolution is an attempt to explain the development of material forms of life in our world, but it does not describe the whole world, is not a “theory of everything” and certainly does not carry a negative in itself. It is a coherent system of facts, not accompanied by an emotional assessment.
    The world is not a concentration camp, neither in its essence nor in its conditions. The world is amazing and harmonious. The world is perfectly adapted for the salvation and deification of man. Salvation and deification, including through the knowledge of good and overcoming evil.
    God did not do any evil.
    Evil is a consequence of evading the will and intention of the Creator, it does not have an independent existence, parasitizing on the will and aspirations of man.
    Therefore, the “imperfection ” and” depravity ” of the world is not in creation, but in man.

  5. Before asking such an idiotic question, it was worth knowing the meaning of the word concentration camp. Concentration camp (concentration camp) — a specially equipped center for mass forced imprisonment and detention of the following categories of citizens of different countries:

    prisoners of war and internees during the war;

    political prisoners under some dictatorial regimes, out of court;

    persons deprived of their liberty on national, religious, racial, ideological or other grounds;

    hostages, usually during civil wars or occupation;

    intended for elimination in death camps in Nazi Germany during World War II.

    Now about the theory of evolution. Evolution (from Lat. evolutio — “deployment”) is a natural process of development of wildlife, accompanied by changes in the genetic composition of populations, the formation of adaptations, speciation and extinction of species, transformation of ecosystems and the biosphere as a whole. Here is a crawling fish (anabas) that lives in the river, it has all the conditions for existence: plenty of water, food for it and its offspring. Offspring are born often, rarely die and growing up brings their offspring. And so on from year to year. Conditions have not changed for centuries, so the species is not threatened with extinction. But what if, under the influence of external factors, the conditions for the slider become less suitable: the water level decreases, the river begins to dry up, the feed becomes less, and therefore the offspring often die. Here the fish has two options: 1. to continue to sit in their pond and doom their offspring to death; 2. find a new pond with suitable conditions. Anabas chooses the second way, for which you need to get out on land! The crawler is not afraid of this, since it has a labyrinth organ that allows it to additionally breathe atmospheric oxygen and special spikes on its fins, thanks to which the anabas can move on land. But where did the slider get such “adaptations”? They appeared in its ancestors in a rudimentary form and developed in the course of evolution, because the ancestors of the anabas also crawled out on land. A fish crosses the road on its fins

  6. Why can't Christians accept the theory of evolution? There are at least serious arguments in its favor. Some Christians admit all sorts of absurdities, for example, that the Earth was created in 6 days (or that it is flat at all!), and this does not raise such questions. So why can't Christians accept the theory of evolution, especially since some denominations have officially accepted it?

    Christianity in general has changed much more in its history than we might think. Today, Christians are perceived, for example, as great patriots and champions of the family, but many will be surprised to learn that Christianity was originally anti-patriotic (“Our residence is in heaven”) and anti – family (“Here is My mother and My brothers”).

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