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  1. First , there are different points of view on whether it is possible to know something for sure. Descartes believed that the formula “I think, therefore I exist” is a statement that is true a priori, we know it for sure and cannot doubt it. I agree with him, but there is an opposite opinion. Depending on what we base our mathematical knowledge on, it can be considered absolutely reliable. We know for sure that in Euclidean space, the sum of the squares of the legs of a right triangle is equal to the square of its hypotenuse. How does Euclidean space exist and how does our space relate to it is a separate question. The reality given to us in sensations can also be considered as true – even if I do not know what exactly causes the sensation of red, I cannot doubt the sensation itself – it is there, I feel it. So maybe that's enough to leave you with nothing to put up with.

    Secondly, if the above is not enough, the remaining questions, although we can not know for sure, we can know with a fairly high degree of confidence. So high that the chance of unreliability can be ignored. We can ignore the chance that the sun won't rise tomorrow. We can ignore the chance that the person to whom we say “hello”, in response will say to us “table fyvfy kuku”. And so on. If you do without fanaticism, the limit from which such events can no longer be ignored will be sufficient for an ordinary person to live a comfortable life.

  2. Hello! There is a chance that this is not completely accepted. This stage of life is “lived”. You lived for yourself and then suddenly found out about it, now it captures you and excites you. Here you can try to listen to yourself: What is in the body, what do I feel? Slow down if you can. And then something happens, too. Then something new happens and captures in life. Sometimes, in my thoughts, I manage to come back to this topic again and again. That's the life.

  3. There's nothing wrong with that.

    Truth is an abstract concept.

    And the concept of absolute and one truth-it seems to me a little even fantastic.

    The world is multi-faceted, and each facet is already someone's truth. But this does not mean that it will be true for another.

  4. I don't think we should accept this, but we should continue to search for and believe in the objective Truth.

    This world was shrouded in pitch darkness
    Let there be light! Then Newton arrived.
    But Satan didn't wait long for a rematch
    Einstein came and everything was as before.�

    I heard this quatrain from a Russian scientist who told me something about discoveries in science and scientific relativism. In other words, there is something that is open, unshakable, True, and there is something that is relative and abstract. Apparently you mean the same thing.

    Yes, the mind is such an organ that simply processes information and gives out different points of view on the subject, and since there are a great many of them, it means that you can doubt everything, and constantly changing your point of view. What is the way out of this? As I see and believe : if philosophy is a direction that seeks Truth with the help of reason, then religion is a certain system of views that explains Truth through Teaching and Revelation. Another thing is how to figure out which religion gives a clearer Revelation, and which one is more distorted. Well, here the choice is not so big-Christ, Mahomed, Buddha, Hinduism-these are the main trends, so to speak. Each of these currents has its own” habitat”. If you think about it, everything speaks in favor of Christianity and refers to the Teachings of Christ, which, by the way, speaks about the Truth authoritatively and confidently. I'll quote a little:

    6 Jesus said to him: I am the way and the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.

    151 You are near, O Lord, andAll Your commandments are true.
    (Psalm 118: 151)

    138 Your testimonies, which You have commanded , are truth and perfect truth.
    (Psalm 118: 138)

    17 Sanctify them through your truth; your word is truth.

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