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  1. Once I was well acquainted with Nietzsche, now I have forgotten a lot, but remembering exactly what topics he spoke about, I was able to find information on the topic.

    First, here is a good paper analyzing the question of Nietzsche's political views:

    Second, a great prophetic aphorism:

    In fact, I would like to see a few great examples to prove that in a socialist society life denies itself and cuts its roots. The earth is large enough, and man is not yet exhausted enough, to make this kind of practical teaching and demonstratio ad absurdum seem undesirable to me, even if they could only be achieved at the cost of an enormous number of human lives. “The Will to Power” 125.

    Third, here is an interesting discussion of the relationship between Nietzsche and Marx:

    Not quite on the topic, but some interesting comments come through. It looks like it's a machine translation, I haven't figured out how to get the original.

    Fourthly, although the story of how Nietzsche's sister deceptively turned him into a prophet of Nazism is known to everyone who was interested, it is not a sin to remind you again about this, here is an article that analyzes this story and at the same time quotes Nietzsche about anti-Semites and nationalists, completely incompetent:

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