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  1. Of course you can. Let's understand what does objectivity mean ? Objectivity is the independence of the object of research from the subject. That is, an object or phenomenon has some property or quality that is inherent in it, and no matter what the subject thinks about it, the object will not lose or modify this or this property, because it is inherent in it initially. Difficult! Let's take an example. There is the force of Earth's gravity, and no matter how we relate to it, they exist, exist, “perform their functions”, because if we consider the force of gravity to be nonsense and fiction, we will not fly into the sky. This concerns the objectivity of the existence of objects.

    If we are talking about objective assessments, then everything is more complicated. Here I adhere to the teachings of existentialist philosophers. They believe that objectively objects and phenomena only exist and have properties, and any assessment is subjective. For example, no object has beauty, but we give it our own value judgments. Also, there is nothing objectively good or bad, these judgments are also subjective and depend only on the human perception of the world.

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