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  1. “Bliss” can be defined as the highest state of the soul in terms of feeling happy, and “all life” as all moments of one's conscious life without exception.

    Then we get that what we are looking for in our problem is “the highest, peak state, extended over all points in time, regardless of the events that occur and the circumstances that arise.”

    Obviously, this task directly contradicts the structure of the processes of life, since 1) life is arranged in waves, according to cycles and periods of relative ups and downs, and 2) changing circumstances over time are life, and according to the law of individual spiritual growth (known from practice), these circumstances usually always slightly exceed the level already reached to stimulate spiritual growth, and thus the “state of ideal bliss” is regularly violated by these circumstances.

    So it may not be a question of” absolutizing bliss ” for a person, but of maximizing bliss, and this is a completely different question.

    For example: “how to maximize the bliss in your life?
    Everyone has the right to answer it in their own way.
    Some strive for nirvana, others for the Islamic description of paradise, and others simply seek pleasure on earth in the body.

    I have chosen for myself the Orthodox faith and the promised paradise of Christ in unity with God, Angels and Saints, and therefore I believe that I can maximize the bliss in my immortal, eternal life of my soul only if I live according to the commandments of my Savior, the main and all-encompassing of which is Love. Love for God and people. Love for everything and everything. Love for enemies to the point of self-denial, which is the perfection of love and Christlike, Godlike. Love for Christ to the point of the holy evangelical ” self-hatred, i.e., one's own whims.”

    Then, of course, the question of bliss in my life is not absolutized, but maximized, since even now, at least every day, in the Sacrament of the Eucharist (Communion of the Body and Blood of the God-Man Jesus Christ) I get the opportunity to connect with God in the closest possible way, experience bliss (to the extent of my serviceability) and in the future have the hope of a blissful life in a new immortal Christ-like body.

  2. There is such a story:

    One guy was lucky enough to find a gin lamp. And he ordered gin 3 wishes:

    • I want to do nothing all my life, but have as much food as I want,
    • Have a woman as long as I want
    • and so that I don't get anything for this bliss.

    Jin waved his hand and … turned him into a rabbit on a green island where only rabbits lived without people and predators.

  3. At the moment, nothing – the problem is getting used to it.

    Even in the case of a comfortable and secure existence, permanently staying in bliss will not work.

    The brain gets used to it and needs more and more.

    The same applies to various medications.

    But, in the long run, with a sufficient level of technology, in an autonomous life support system, with neurostimulation of the pleasure center, you can be in a state of bliss for quite a long time.

    If permanent bliss is not required.

    But you need a high percentage of it over time

    What is required

    1. An activity that gives a visible result of work and allows you to fully support yourself.

    And change it when you are tired of getting used to it.

    1. Due to the social structure of the psyche, you will also need a suitable environment for a person, according to his personality.
  4. In an article about the beatitudes given by Christ, I read that usually in our days happiness means external success, not connected with the invisible life of the soul. Rich and famous people are usually considered successful. But this is self-deception, because they also get sick, grow old and die. And many people live with a bad conscience and do things that today do not cause condemnation, but are a sin in the eyes of God.

    Jesus spoke of a different kind of happiness. It is based on friendship with God. The article notes that the person who develops his spirituality in its entirety, and not in separate parts, will be happy. So, if a person does not develop humility, he will not realize his sinfulness. Without this, he will not be meek with other people and God. Without meekness, he will not develop mercy. Without mercy, it will not become pure in heart, and so on.

    Many believers are also unhappy because they fulfill the commandments of Christ very selectively, dividing sins into light, medium and heavy. Therefore, such people are constantly in sin and live with a bad conscience. It seems to be bad for them in the world, but they also believe in God just in case. You need to stop limping on both knees and then happiness will come, which will arise in spite of external circumstances. It will be given directly by God in the heart of a righteous person.

  5. Become blissful. This was previously quoted. Everything goes back to normal. You probably haven't considered this possibility? It's great: they feed you,give you water,give you injections, and everything is free.

  6. To enter into eternal bliss, but this bliss is not a given, but only the desired “value”, a state that must be achieved and in the process of these achievements, a person will have a lot of work, effort, sweat, blood, tears, suffering, effort, patience, wisdom, etc.�

    14 Blessed are those who keep his commandments, that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter the city by the gate.

  7. Need a lobotomy is a minimum of 127 percent, the correct answer is 2 percent more or �five less .The main thing is the butterfly effect, so that it was like Groundhog Day, after three years, the smile will not come off your grin.

    !Yoga does not work, for those people who eat meat, take drugs, drink alcohol even in the form of kvass and kefir-this only harms, because it increases the coarseness of consciousness.

    What is meditation? Many people believe that to meditate is to sit in complete silence with your legs crossed and your eyes slanted to the bridge of your nose…

    Just sit there… But what's next? Just sit and wait? And how long to wait and what?…

    How to master the” second attention ” familiar to us from books? After all, no one explains any of this.

    To stop the internal dialogue, you need to “get out of your head”, stop the flow of thoughts, and this can be painfully difficult!

    I will explain the mechanism of mastering the ” mental pause”:

    — You just need to move your consciousness from the upper” bubble of perception ” to the lower one — and then the internal dialogue disappears by itself. “From the head” you can only fantasize, and nothing will really work out of it. The inner silence that comes with the movement of consciousness, the ability to see what is really important on the Path to the Creator and the Creator Himself — all this is possible only from the lower “bubble”.

    For example, why is it so important to learn how to go below the body with your consciousness:

    — First of all, we all naturally learned to perceive the world from the head chakras, that is, from the upper part of the body. But for success on the spiritual Path, we must move to the middle dan-chan-anahata chakra-which is located in the middle. And this is not given to everyone easily and immediately.

    If you are a teacher:
    — You should definitely have feedback from your students! You need to see if they're making it! If it doesn't work out, then you need to find the reason for the failure and help in its elimination.

    … And how to evaluate the academic performance and prospects of a particular student? After all, not only for their meditative abilities. The main evaluation criterion is the motive of what drives this person. Or does he just enjoy the company he finds himself in, get high from meditative states, or seek body healing, or want to “pump up” his personal strength? If a person is driven by any of these motives, then it means that he cannot be led any further!

    The only person who has the right to approach the Creator as closely as possible by the methods that you now have at your disposal has the right to do so only if they are striving for the knowledge of the Creator and are motivated by love for Him! Only to those who set the goal of their entire earthly life to Merge with the Creator — God opens His Arms!

    There are people with already sufficiently “crystallized” consciousnesses who can easily perform complex meditations… But they may not always be successful. If the most important thing — falling in love with the Creator-is not in them, then God very soon puts an end to their further progress.

    “Only love! Only she decides everything! A person should not be carried away by pleasant communication with us and meditative sensations. But he must clearly see the Goal and strive to merge with the Creator!

    We can stay There only by being love!

    – Against the background of fatigue-many people begin to perform meditation as a series of memorized actions. But this is the same as church rituals, which we consider empty and useless. First “two swoops, three swoops”, and then we wonder why there is no return flow of love. But meditation is not a series of memorized actions, not physical education for the minds! Meditation is a manifestation of love for the Creator, it is giving yourself, giving yourself to Him!

      • *

    Many people still think that the spiritual Path consists of a series of” instantaneous enlightenments”: you managed to get out of the body completely once, go deep into meditation, accept Revelation — and these achievements remain with you for the rest of your life.

    But very soon you will realize that everything is quite different: in the spiritual world, nothing that you have mastered once belongs to you forever. Every new milestone has to be “stormed” — and then every day to prove that you are worthy of the height to which you managed to climb. Each step taken must be made habitable as one's own home, making it the foundation from which one can continue climbing. On this Path, there is no opportunity to rest for a long time, there is no time and place to calm down. As soon as we grow up — the next step that we have to take is already ready. And when it is also taken, God puts another one, from the height of which the head begins to spin again.

    It is necessary to understand that if you do not learn at the very beginning of the spiritual Path to stay in the emotions of tender love, and do not strengthen yourself in this, then further correct development of consciousness is impossible.

    It is necessary to learn to live steadily with the soul in the spiritual heart (chest area) from it to look at the world around us, from it to send love to people, animals, plants, spirits, God. To do this, you can, for example, learn to feel your head in your chest — with your eyes, ears, lips…
    Or we will perform an exercise for a positive emotional mood.
    We visualize the sun in our chest, which with its rays-handles strokes everything that it meets.
    When this ability is well developed, it will not be difficult for us to invite a Divine Teacher (for example, Jesus), Whose Image is well known to us from photographs, into our spiritual heart… And then He will start smiling and talking…
    But this will be possible only if we deserve it: if we lead a blameless lifestyle (including switching to vegetarianism and giving up bad habits)…

  9. I think that the word bliss does not correspond to the question, and if you replace it with the word happiness, then it can be answered. Blissful – – – blissful is a vague concept. And if you're happy, it's more specific. For this reason, I answer that I am a happy person who lives his life in happiness, and in order that it does not end, you need to improve your entire conscious life, learn by passing everything new through yourself. Learn, learn and learn again!!! Good luck to all in your growth!!! With respect.

  10. Bliss and life are opposites. Bliss, or let's say happiness, is a state of constant, unchanging satisfaction. And life is a process of alternating different states, satisfactory and unsatisfactory. Even if a person has reached some comfortable point in life, his consciousness and the world around him will not freeze in place, they will continue to change. Therefore, his temporary comfort will be replaced by inconvenience, anxiety.

    You can reduce the number of dissatisfactions in life if you learn to focus your mind on the present moment. The past is gone. There is no point in thinking about past problems, carrying scars in your mind. There is no future yet, it is not known whether there will be problems or not. But the real thing is happening right now. And right now, you may or may not be happy. As the song says: there is only a moment between the past and the future, and that is what life is called. Similarly, happiness is possible only in the moment between the past and the future. It turns out that it is more effective not to try to stop, stretch out a beautiful moment of happiness, but on the contrary, every new moment to observe what new obstacles appear and immediately remove them. If there are some disturbing things right now, they can be neutralized if you understand the reasons for their occurrence.

    The closer a person's consciousness is to revealing reality as it is without distortion, the less problems and worries a person has. Often the causes of anxiety arise from selfishness, hatred, attachment to some things that seem pleasant or disgusting. If you give up these things, then there will be less cause for concern. This does not mean that you need to abruptly become an ascetic, give up everything and go to live in the forest. To be useful, you need to gradually and consistently adjust your consciousness to harmony with the outside world. Observe what things in life are too much and give up the excess. Observe what things are not enough to ensure life and health, and buy these things, do not give up on them. That is, you need to treat yourself as a musical instrument that you need to learn to play, so that in the end you get a harmonious melody. Then there will be more happiness in life.

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