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  1. Reflect until any thoughts on this matter go away at all.

    Well, you'll die and what's the big deal, you fall asleep every night, and nothing, and you can easily be afraid that you may not wake up, or you may not wake up at all. And in general, you can die at any time from anything, you just don't need to think about what you can't influence

  2. I think this is a psychological issue. And if so, then this is always solved in the same way-by changing one's own attitude/worldview.�

    How do I do this in this case? First, realize a simple thing: nothing lasts forever. And so are we. This is unavoidable. In this case, the importance of the fact that one day we will go to the “other world” decreases, it becomes somehow easier.

    The second point. Just today I came across an article on a topic close to this one. It says that those who are doomed to die are not as pessimistic as most people think. They remember their loved ones, say words of gratitude that they were there in sorrow and joy; they remember their departed relatives, the religious aspect is included, in the sense that they will see each other soon. And in general, some scientist did research and it turned out that the fear of death is selfishness. So you can Google now another question is how to stop being selfish))

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