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  1. Turn on the TV. TV will do everything for you, teach you not to think, you will feel the sweet taste of unity with most popular moods. The feeling when you will understand everything, quoting intellectuals of political programs. And stop fucking using the Internet. The Internet is evil, an invention of pathetic Western pragmatists that formats your brain. Suddenly you'll read something unnecessary and start thinking.

  2. First you need to be very tired. That's just very, very. If possible, do not sleep for more than 6-7 hours a day, so that the lack of sleep is small, but chronic. Eat as little as possible. Chips, dumplings, sausages, hot dogs bought near the bus stop, that's all. In addition to lack of sleep, there is a small gastritis. Wash it down with cheap beer from the supermarket. Not less than a liter per day. You can also start smoking. Move less, don't go outside unless absolutely necessary. And all this – without interrupting the 40-hour workweek.

    After this, you will hesitate so much that you will simply not be up to the worldview, and it will slide to a primitive level in a matter of weeks. You won't even have to watch Crooked Mirror on TV. However, by that time you will already be watching, if not strange programs on TV, then meaningless videos on YouTube – definitely. Profit!

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