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  1. It might be worth understanding it. Finding or constructing the meaning of your life and then living a life that embodies that meaning seems to be the main task of every person. Everyone is doing it one way or another: either they use ready-made semantic constructions, like procreation, or they invent their own.

  2. Methods of effective practical survival have long been well described – comprehensive practical improvement for optimal solution of all current problems of life.

    The philosophical problem of “understanding one's own existence” is quite different – it has an infinite number of stages of depth and accuracy of solution and has little connection with the practical problem of survival.

  3. From the point of view of existential philosophy, your existence is completely gratuitous, it is not necessary, and therefore it would be a colossal mistake to say that, existing, you have the right to do so.

    According to Sartre, we are all doomed to freedom. Human morality is derived from our ability to make choices; the latter, in turn, comes from the Absolute Freedom that allows a person to choose the future course of their own life. Freedom, introduced by Immanuel Kant, turns out to be useless in practice, because the world is indifferent to all our endeavors, and moreover, it becomes a heavy burden for a person.

    At the same time, Freedom is an essential condition of human nature, because having lost it, a person turns into Nothing. Existentialism is true humanism, Sartre argues, because effective realization occurs not by immersing oneself, but by seeking a goal outside of oneself. The key to Freedom is true creativity.

  4. You won't be able to survive anyway 🙂 But you can fulfill your purpose.

    All living things are the result of the lives of billions of ancestors, each of whom left healthy offspring. Therefore, we can say with a probability of 99.9999999% that our one purpose is the same.

    A child cannot become a person without a language. For hundreds of generations, our ancestors spread and developed the culture, knowledge that helped them survive and develop, and left a material legacy. To do the same for our descendants is our second destiny.

    Well, enjoy the right behavior from the point of view of evolution – from healthy food, from learning and discovering new things, from well-done work, from everything related to children. The main thing is not to try to get pleasure bypassing its purpose, the body is not designed for this and it does not end in anything good.

  5. There are people who consider themselves smarter than everyone else. While the entire civilized world is based on material values, nihilists and cynics are currently enriching themselves spiritually. But this type of enrichment also has a systematic approach, when there is no such approach, frustration results. Total and irrevocable (who said that being smart is fun?, you are waiting for some disappointments). Antichrist Skeptics do not see the point in anything, consider all people idiots and despise them. They are well aware that all of us will eventually die. And every fortune you've ever made in a lifetime will be up your ass… And since there is nothing after death, respectively, and how we lived this life is also up to the ass. Both drug addicts and lowlifes are waiting for the same thing after death-nothing. Moreover, the nihilist knows the answer to the question that many ordinary people ask. What is the meaning of life? Elementary as 2×2(Xy). The meaning of human life, like any living being, is to continue the race. But freethinkers are not in a hurry to have offspring, because they are above all this. And they are too smart for nature to use them so stupidly for its own purposes. What is left for such people to do?

    In order to answer this question, I will give an example of myself. Since I am the smartest person in the world(Smart beyond my years), I realized long ago that life is stupid and meaningless. The corruptibility of being a cup of doom flows through all of me, through my every word and sentence, through every meaningful and unintelligent action. When I was very young, I thought that people lived indefinitely. At first they are small, then adults, and then they fly to other planets, then they become small there and everything is all over again. And when I realized that we were getting old and dying, I was upset. But then my dad brought me sega for my birthday and I was happy again. Ugh, I got in the wrong place again.

    So what should such people do? Watch and learn.

    I'm today.

    1. I got some sleep.

    2. I sat for a while.

    3. I stood there.

    4. I wrote a post.

    5. I was in the bathroom.

    6. Talking to myself.

    7. I drank a bag of kefir.

    8. I skipped classes.

    In conclusion, GUYS, don't be a stupid herd, throw everything to hell!

    Do whatever you want, vooot.

  6. There is no way a normal person can survive in this existential world. You can try it normally, many people live and do not complain.
    Ps such questions about the “exi…” of life are similar to the parable of the elephant and the 5 blind men. And the rhyme correctly conveys the essence of these “frills” : Karl stole the corals from Clara, and Clara stole the clarinet from Karl…

  7. There are two ways:

    1. devote yourself to a high goal, such as creativity, self-development and self-knowledge, or family

    2. hedonism (which is also to some extent self-knowledge)

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