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  1. The right question is already half the answer. Your question cannot be adequately answered. You are talking about Nietzsche in general, and this is a broad topic. First of all, state what exactly you don't understand, what his idea is not clear to you, what concept is not clear to you, etc.
    ´┐ŻNo one here will explain everything to you at once except Nietzsche. Try to delve into at least something, and then, when you have already studied something, ask questions on the merits(what exactly is not clear). Otherwise, the topic is considered pointless. Nothing is clear=I haven't really studied anything or haven't read it at all.

    Nietzsche is not a medical encyclopedia, so that you literally do not understand anything in each sentence.

    Ps-There are certainly thinkers who are not clear even to some smart people. Nietzsche is not one of them.

  2. Let's not start the conversation with ratings. Don't call yourself or someone else that way. Essentially. Nietzsche is complex because he is deceptively accessible in the text. If you take the works of Kant, Heidegger, or Husserl, you will have to wade through terminology and difficult-to-understand narratives. And if you are looking at the works of Pascal, Nietzsche or Rozanov, then outwardly they are very simple, almost fiction, but their simplicity is treacherously deceptive. Therefore, to understand such texts, and by the way, even tricky ones, we need the works of doxographers, specialists in the history of philosophy. So I recommend Luc Ferry's recent Nietzsche-inspired work, ” A Brief History of Thought. A treatise on philosophy for the younger generation “(Moscow, Ad Marginem Press, 2018). The book is on sale at the kiosk at MMOMA (25 Petrovka Street).

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