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  1. All of them made an important contribution to the history of Sofia (thought), as they created iconic concepts (this is the work of the philosopher J. Deleuze).

    Descartes-developed ideas about our mind: our knowledge is limited, only through doubt can we postulate the existence of the world around us and God, because God is the guarantor of the truth of our feelings.

    Kant demonstrated that we look at the world through “glasses”, because we think in innate categories that do not allow us to know the “thing in itself” (the true world of things and phenomena).

    Hegel developed his teaching and logic, which affected the whole world, as well as the historical process. We can say that Hegel tried to create a systematic philosophy that would allow us to look at the world from the height of the Absolute.

    Schopenhauer developed the ideas of the East, but through the prism of his own era. He believed that at the center of the world is the Will, which subordinates us to itself. Pessimism and criticism of human activity largely influenced Nietzsche, who deconstructed Western thinking by pointing out that our values are extinct (God is dead). Nietzsche proposed certain theses that were supposed to contribute to the emergence of a new person.

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