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  1. In order to.to answer this question, you need to be in the role of a Buddha and try to reach this state. wake-up states. Sitting on the couch and talk about meditation or asceticism and talk about it. Very easy! Man has achieved awakening through his effort and spirituality, as well as through the chain of rebirths of his soul. At his birth, this was foretold to him by the sages. His suffering, asceticism, and daily deep meditation enabled him to know his true Self, which is enlightenment. With respect.

  2. Most likely, it happened like this: with an awesome hangover, one friend said to the Buddha: listen Mo, stop drinking, you've already drunk everything. Take care of the obloposhivaniye of the people, such as the awakened, enlightened…

  3. Of course, he went through everything that all the hermits went through then, just as he tormented himself with hunger and deprivation. I spent a lot of time thinking about life and meditating. And he had fans. But the cause of her suffering was still elusive. Until one day he sat down under the Bodhi tree, of which there were many in that grove, and decided to firmly stay put until he understood everything. And when I fell into deep thought (meditation), I realized a simple thing (enlightened) because only a genius can understand the simple. The middle Way is salvation. The enjoyment of life, trishna, is the cause of suffering. Then he asked for food. Which confused his students and almost everyone left, considering it a weakness. He said that to make the arrow fly far, you don't need to loosen the string or pull it back – it might burst. However, he did not go and teach everyone, as in the canonical scriptures. First, he had to gain credibility, so he sat and listened to the most respected ones, who had many admirers. First I agreed, then I argued with them and won. So he became a teacher of life.

  4. Having reached the fullness of Perfection as a buddhi-merges with the Original Consciousness (Creator) and can be called, among other things, a Buddha (I will pay attention to the fact that the words buddhi and Buddha (Buddha, in the “established” Russian spelling) are the same root).

    The essence of spiritual alchemy is the transformation of human rudeness and ignorance (“lead”) into the “gold” of a radiant Divinely Perfect Consciousness.
    But human ignorance took over, perverting knowledge. The teaching about the Path to the Creator-the Universal Primordial Consciousness-Which is a “Gentle Being”, degenerates into meaningless chatter about dividing everything and everyone into” yin” and “yang”, worshipping “holy saints”, in useless rituals, in the intimidation of hell, about what kind of people are all sinners…etc. Others devote their “spiritual efforts” to “inventing” more and more “chakras”, fantastic techniques for “lifting the Kundalini”, “purifying the energy of the body” by jumping over bonfires, waiting for”instant enlightenment”.

    It turns out that with each new incarnation of a person, not the whole soul is embodied in the body, but, first of all, that part that requires correction, correction. And the best, that is, what was grown by everyone against the background of the emotion of true subtlest love, is saved by God for preservation in a certain “piggy bank” — kundalini. Though the person does not remember past incarnations, but the vices inherent in his soul, remain, and they must be eliminated; the meaning of life in getting rid of these defects and enhancing the positive qualities: love, wisdom, the power of Consciousness — the three qualities of God, which we must learn, to develop yourself as a soul, consciousness rising from the Creation to the Creator.

    It is very important to finally understand that we are not material bodies! After all, this knowledge is absent in the mentality of even those masses of people who consider themselves believers!

    In connection with the mentioned topic of improvement, I will touch on the topic of kundalini.

    Kundalini is a part of the multidimensional human body and participates in its vital functions.
    Let's turn to the topic of energy transformation. Namely, our bodies are like factories for processing “material” energies into the energy of consciousness. And the quality of growing consciousness depends, first of all, on what emotions we live in: in the subtle and most subtle — or in the “gray” or “black”, coarse, as well as the quality of food, i.e., a no-kill diet.

    God (in different earthly languages, people call Him differently) as we can see from the above, it “feeds” and “grows” by evolving-due to the transformation of food in our bodies, created by Him from akasha. The energy generated in our bodies from this food is ideally converted into Atmic Energy, which It then “pours” into Itself.

    The more Kundalini a person has, the richer they are in their spiritual potential and spiritual manifestations.

    But although Kundalini is Divine energy (that is, identical in quality of energy to the Creator), it is still individualized, it is like a drop that has not yet merged with the Ocean of Primordial Consciousness.

    When a person grows up in a series of incarnations to the stage that this incarnation may be the final one and when all the shortcomings in the embodied part of consciousness are eliminated — then it is time to raise Kundalini to the body, conduct it through the body and merge with it the rest of the individual consciousness. Then you should join together with her in�The Supreme Atman is the Ocean of the Universal Primordial Consciousness, the Creator in His Abode.

    The kundalini is brought to the body of a worthy ascetic only by the Divine Teacher. Any attempts to carry out this operation independently cannot be successful. But this information is necessary for worthy spiritual ascetics in order to understand at the appropriate moment what will happen to them — and to cooperate with God in this.

    The kundalini “pulled up” to the body is then attached to the body. Moreover, the binding mechanism is a curious energy structure known as the “Shiva lingam”. It really has an impressive phallic shape in size. It is introduced into the body through the muladhara, filling the entire diameter of the body, and gradually moves to the head. When it enters the head of the body with its head — the lock is “closed”: the kundalini is attached to the body.

    Shiva lingam consists of the subtlest Atmic energy, it is perceived as Light and Tenderness. This Light cleanses the body, preparing it for the further passage of all kundalini through it. The interaction of consciousness with the Shiva lingam inside your own body gives you the subtlest bliss!

    … It is interesting to observe what this innermost knowledge has turned into. So, in Shaivism, they began to make images of the Shiva lingam in the form of pimples on stands – and worship them, anoint them with incense, paint them with ritual colors. Here is a typical example of the ignorant simplifying the highest truths to their own level of understanding! Here is an illustration of one of the mechanisms of formation of sectarian worldviews!

    … The accumulation of kundalini occurs in people only when they are in an emotional state of tender love. This is what God needs from people. It is to these states that He calls us.

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