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  1. Many people make the same mistake when considering evolution. It seems to them that a complex system must first arise, and then this complex system could evolve. The system itself supposedly can only arise by accident. This is not the case, and selection begins to take effect at a very early stage. There is still no life, no proteins or nucleic acids, just a cycle of chemical reactions involving carbon in the atmosphere and on the surface of the planet, and selection is already working, encouraging those reactions that quickly capture available carbon and more accurately transfer it to the next reaction in the chain, which can then return it back. Actually, life is the development of these cycles – each of us is a chain of chemical reactions that captures carbon from the outside and then turns it inside with minimal losses.

  2. It depends not only on temperature, but also on humidity, pressure, and the presence of certain compounds and elements in certain proportions. There are many factors. Life might not have come into being at all, but the conditions were right and it did. Life could easily disappear if conditions didn't change the way they did. And the emergence of intelligent life is generally a very complex process that requires certain conditions. And most importantly-it takes a lot of time.
    When talking about evolution, many people simply have no idea how long ago it all started.

  3. Hello, Camille.

    You say how could you? Yes, probably, some atoms fell in love with others, joined together, and life was born.

    Funny? Yes. What kind of life, dear friend? There is no life! All illusion, all atoms. A living organism is one type of protein bond, a dead one is another.

    How can this pile of atoms be aware of anything? Simple as that. Shout at the wall and it will echo back to you. So I heard it. Consciousness, as the Marxists write, is a reflection of the development of matter.

    And there's a mirror, or water. They can see everything. Approach them, and they will show you in the reflection. Everyone sees it…

    Stupid? Yes. A pile of particles can't be aware of anything. It is the Creator who gave the soul, and it is aware of it.

    How does the robot work? Probably, the pieces of iron are so intertwined in it that they have learned to think! Or did the person write the program and put it in the robot?

    Just as a robot cannot become intelligent by itself without a human being, so molecules cannot combine to form a thinking being without a Creator.

    Peace be with you from the Lord!

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