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  1. Good time of day. Before the creation of worlds, there was non-existence. There was no space or time. Time is a relative concept. It flows relative to something moving. We observe that everything in the visible universe is undergoing a change, that is, it is moving. If the world always existed, it would not change, it would be “static” and nothing would move, therefore time would not flow. But we observe the opposite. So there is Someone Who gave it a start and creates changes. And It is completely different from what was created. The Creator is Beginningless, for what is created can have a beginning. He is Omnipotent because we observe the power of the Creator in the universe, the possessor of only the most perfect qualities and attributes, because if there were a flaw in something, the world would collapse, but we do not observe this. There is nothing like it. For example, a person created a phone, but did not become similar to the phone, did not become a part of it, and did not disappear into it. Space and time do not encompass the Creator, for they are all creations. It is neither a substance nor an act. How the Creator exists without an image and without a place is not given to us to understand, because man was created weak. A person is not even able to “measure” his soul. But it can be calculated logically. For example, take a living person and a dead one. There's a man and there's a man. There's a body and there's a body. But there's an obvious difference between dead and alive, isn't there? This is the soul. And death is only the process of separating the soul from the body. So the absolute existence of the Creator proves to us the existence of this world, i.e. nothing can create something out of nothing, this is absurd. But we observe the visible universe, so there is Someone Who created it. Read about Islam, if you are looking for the truth, you will find it there. Peace and happiness to you!

  2. The question implies that it wasn't always there. This is the human experience in everyday life – everything has a beginning and an end. There is a possibility that the universe has always existed. If by “universe” we mean “everything,” then this is true. Let's assume that the big bang theory is correct. Where was the singularity located? What is beyond the universe? There can be no answers, because “everything” cannot be a part of itself or appear before itself.

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