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  1. The ending of “Donnie Darko”, as well as the film as a whole, which gradually leads to a climactic denouement, I see as a statement on the topic of death and personal choice of a person. The main character is a young man in whom the desire to live, love, strive for new experiences, knowledge, and realization is incredibly strong. Unfortunately, and maybe fortunately, the main character is given only 4 weeks for all this, or rather 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds. This happens mystically, by the contact of two parallel realities, where time is divided in two variations. This is where the hero's personal choice comes in, he becomes the starting point for two parallel universes, and the journey between them is this choice. The viewer is invited to reflect on what choice he will make himself, and first showing that no other actions, except how to sacrifice yourself, will not change anything. This is the philosophical message, the sacrifice, the rejection of one's own self, of egoism, as the humanistic basis of our society. As well as the influence of personality on such fundamental things as space and time, that is . Donny's desire to live opens up one wormhole at the beginning of the film, but brings disaster, his love and humanity opening up another time funnel at the end. In general, a good film, kind and sad.

  2. The idea of the film is retribution and self-sacrifice. The hero of the film killed (albeit accidentally) a guy in a hare mask and the universe gives him a choice: to pay for it with his life or the life of his mother and sister. The hero makes his choice, and he deserves respect

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