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  1. Кажется, я уже цитировал здесь этот текст.

    Why does God allow evil?

    One often hears the question: if God exists, how do we explain the existence of evil in the world, the suffering of the righteous, murders, earthquakes, and the death of the innocent? They usually say, ” If God is all-powerful and loves us, then there should be no evil.” As a consequence, either there is no God, or He is not omnipotent, or He does not love us.

    What can I say here? Christian teaching holds that the answer to the mystery of evil is the whole story of salvation, starting with original sin and ending with the death and resurrection of Jesus. It is easier for people who are familiar with this story to understand why evil exists. I would just like to give you a few thoughts here, which I hope will help you understand this problem more deeply and understand it a little better.

    First of all, it should be noted that the cause of evil in our world is also the cause of good, and therefore to eliminate this cause would mean ending not only evil, but also good. After all, the reason for the existence of both evil and good is freedom. Take away your freedom, and there will be no murder, theft, slander… But there will be no such people as St. John the Baptist. Maximilian Kolbe, Fr. Damian de Wester, who spent his life among lepers, and millions of other good people.

    God had only two options. First: to create a world in which there would be only the planets Moon, Mars, Jupiter, etc., but without the planet Earth, and therefore people. In such a world there would be no evil, no suffering: a world of rocks, rivers, and even animals, but nothing more. Second possibility: to create the world we know, where there are also beings such as humans, endowed with freedom, and therefore the ability to do good and evil. Yes, there is pain in this world, but no doubt there is also love. Which of these two worlds is better? Of course, the second one. That's why God chose him!

    Moreover, when evil entered the world (original sin), God decided to fully immerse himself in it in order to correct and improve it as much as possible without violating freedom. I won't talk about the history of saving the human race here, but that's exactly what God did.

    I suggest that the reader fantasize a little. Let's try to destroy evil in the world without destroying freedom. Let's see what we can do.

    Some time ago, a plane crashed into the ocean, killing dozens of people. As it turned out, the cause of the tragedy was a technical problem: the people who were supposed to monitor the serviceability of all units of the aircraft, did not do so. Imagine a world in which every time someone behaves irresponsibly, God intervenes and fixes everything. In the case of that plane, the Lord would have turned the propellers that were not repaired in time by the mechanics, and the board would have reached its destination without incident. Passengers will get off, and one of them will cross the road after entering the city, not paying attention to the rushing cars. And so, unfortunately, one of the cars hit him. But no, wait: before she hit him, God intervened again and set up a traffic light a few meters away, so the car stopped. However, since there was no traffic light just now, other drivers frantically press the brakes, and the cars crash into each other. And it turns out that God is to blame. Wait a minute! It turns out that the cars at the time of the collision became rubber, and therefore did not suffer in the accident. Now the traffic light will turn green, and they will turn back to metal and will be able to rush on.

    Isn't it a surreal world?! If God intervened so often in our lives, we would be absolutely right to say that we don't really live. A robber arrives with a gun, but God intervenes and the weapon misfires. Then the police appear, and God decides to save the criminal, because being in prison is also evil. And now the Lord, like Superman, carries the robber through the air. There's only one word for such a world: funny!

    The world without suffering that many people demand is ridiculous. Do not be lazy, imagine it, and you will immediately understand it. Why would a mechanic check planes when God is doing it? Why should he go to work when God already feeds his children? Why should a wife cook and fry, if there is a God for this? The house doesn't have a roof, because why worry about what God can take care of, which is fine with roofs. And so with everything.

    The problem of natural disasters is much more difficult. For example: an earthquake that claimed hundreds of lives. Why does God allow this? The Christian faith holds that natural disasters are also partly the result of original sin: man wanted independence from God and created a mess that caused lower creatures to disobey higher ones. Moreover, it is said that physical evil is not absolute evil. I will try to explain this with the simplest examples.

    Imagine a heavy snowfall in April. For the owner of a ski court on the verge of ruin, this can be a lifesaver. A disaster for a nearby peasant. What should God do? We will advise Him to make sure that the snow falls only on the ski slope, and everything will be fine. But what does the mother of a girl who skated on this court and broke her leg want? So that there is no snow at all. And what would the owner of the hospital advise God, where there was that girl and there are almost no other patients, and he needs money for the expensive treatment of his son suffering from a congenital disease? We can continue such stories indefinitely and are unlikely to find a fair solution, since for this we would have to listen to all the people who would have won or lost in this snow in one way or another. And I see only one way out of this: it's better to let God decide for Himself whether it's going to snow or not, and we'll try to adapt to the circumstances.

    St. Ignatius of Loyola was a soldier before devoting his life to God. In one of the battles, he was severely wounded (which we would try to avoid in order to avoid suffering at all). Loyola couldn't move and had to lie in bed for a long time. To amuse himself, he asked me to bring him some books about knights. But there were some in the house (another misery!) only religious books. The soldier read them and decided to become a soldier of Christ.

    Instead of concluding, I will tell you one very instructive story. Once upon a time there was a kind man named Ivan. His heart ached with pity every time he saw the poor girl selling matches in the street through the window. It was a cold winter, and the girl still stood outside every day. “Yes, in such frosts, this poor girl will simply die. Why doesn't God do something about it?” Ivan often thought. So one night he had a dream: he saw an old legless wolf. “Poor old wolf,” Ivan pitied him, ” he can't catch a deer without his paws, and he'll starve to death.” But suddenly there was a lion who caught a deer, ate it himself, and threw the rest to the wolf. “How good that God created a lion,” Ivan decided and woke up. And the next day, at the sight of the girl shivering from the cold, our compassionate hero again asked why God would not do anything to help her, and suddenly heard the words: “Ivan, I have already done something to help this girl: I created you.”

    Father Carlos Laoz,

    Doctor of Philosophy

  2. Good question. Every religion has a more or less developed theory of evil.
    By the way, we are never talking about justification – rather, it explains the need for such a world structure.

    In Christianity – and this may also be true for the other two Abrahamic religions, because they are based on the same tradition-it is explained something like this.

    God's first intelligent creation, the angel Lucifer, rebelled against the creator and wanted to overthrow his authority. Since he obeys the same rules that this world stands on, he is endowed with free will, which means that he was free to rebel and do evil.

    God's love for His creatures also lies in non-interference in their fate, because freedom is the ability to choose and be responsible for choosing. You chose the dark side-live with it, no one will drag you into the light by force.

    Therefore, there is evil as a result of the choice of fallen angels (read, all bad and evil thoughts, especially when you complain) and people who agree with it. If there was no possibility of doing evil, then there would be no possibility of doing good. This is how animals live.

    As for disasters, the best answer here is that the world wasn't designed as a place where nothing bad would happen to you. It is strange to think that it should be otherwise, because nowhere will we find a place that would be arranged as a utopia. So I don't see why we should expect such conditions from our world and make God responsible for the fact that we don't live in a children's sandbox. No one lives in it.

    It's a lottery in a sense, but you've already won if you live. Because someone makes such a good use of this chance that they remain grateful despite all the accompanying suffering that everyone has in their life.

  3. Can disasters with loss of life be justified?

    It is very difficult to do this for a person.

    How much one must dislike people in order to look mercifully on the torment and death of people. Here, perhaps, compassion for people is more appropriate.

    If this is so painful for a person, then does the merciful and loving God “calmly” observe the catastrophes and torments of people?

    Before answering this question, we need a little clarification.

    Example. The parent teaches the child to cross the road in a safe place, but the child violates the rules and dies under the wheels of a car. Who is to blame for his death?

    Where are the abodes of God? Maybe He is far away and does not have time to prevent a catastrophe?

    Can God save one person in a disaster and let others die?

    There are many such questions that arise, and without an answer to them, one cannot appreciate God's providence for man.

    1. God has no dead, God has all alive.

    This postulate tells us that not a single person is killed in a disaster. Oh, my God! “you tell me.” More than one person is killed every day.

    In the mystical sense, no human being dies , as the Bible says.

    Man is a trinity: flesh-soul-spirit.

    Spirit-energy does not perish in the universe, but is always transformed.

    The soul is a bundle of spirit-matter that is not subject to death in the earthly material world. The soul can perish only by the will of the person himself, when he spends his Self-consciousness on dissolving into chaos, i.e. it is a meaningless life.

    Flesh – the body really dies, or is injured in disasters, accidents, with senility or critical ill health of the central organs. But, at the same time, if the soul breaks the connection with the body, then when the body dies, the soul does not die. But it is in the soul that our Self, i.e., our consciousness, lives.

    If we accept that a person is not flesh, but primarily a SOUL, then there is no mass death of people on the planet.

    1. Why do we have compassion for the wounded and the dead?

    Our soul, with its Self-consciousness, has compassion for others. Why is this happening? The whole point is that if we imbue our soul with the Holy Spirit, then a clot is formed in our soul-a spark of God, which is inherent in compassion, conscience, love, sacrifice and other divine characteristics.

    It turns out that God Himself has compassion with us.

    1. God gives us rules of life that we systematically break. Should God punish us for this, and how?

    When every human being dies, God is crucified along with our body when we die. The human soul grieves for the loss of its body with God.

    Look, does God leave us alone with death?

    1. There are miraculous deliverances of a person in mortal danger.

    Yes, probably, in the life of every person there were such cases.

    It turns out that if there is a Divine providence for this, then a person can preserve the life of the flesh in a miraculous way.

    In these small examples, I have shown how God is not indifferent to the life of every human being. He actively fights for our lives in all the triune hypostases of man.

  4. We cannot understand God's suffering. We can't even understand a man who created weapons of mass destruction and is now more afraid of a bomb falling on him than of natural disasters.
    If I say that Christ is crucified at every Divine Liturgy, this is not clear to atheists.
    If I say that God made people PHYSICALLY mortal FOR their BENEFIT, since the earthly mission of people – to be airborne troops behind enemy lines, so to speak – is sooooo difficult…This is also for the atheist bredyatin.
    The atheist repeats his mantra: religion was invented for the sake of money and power. Amen.
    But I will still try to justify God and religion:
    In nature, everything is extremely harmonious, even in the wild. If there is a biological reproduction apparatus, then there is its limiter – the biological system of death. There are even ideal ways to dispose of bio-waste.
    Only in the human mind is there evil. And this evil is often hypertrophied to Buchenwald and Hiroshima.

  5. the perverted logic of believers descends into outright verbiage in such questions. Because it is simply impossible to justify such a thing. So begins verbal diarrhea about alleged sins, freedom of choice, you will not please everyone and other nonsense

  6. More interesting is how non-believers justify the existence of evil in this world.

    More important is how each of us justifies causing suffering to ourselves and others.

    And what we do, how much we do-to increase good and reduce evil.

  7. Here it is the main revelation… Not ” god “created people, but people created” god ” and everything connected with him, according to their human needs, for intimidation, training, explaining natural phenomena, and most importantly to keep within the framework of worship of all sorts of ancient rulers – supposedly vicegerents of “god” on Earth… And since there is no “God”, there is no one to observe people and help people, only we, ourselves, people, can make our life better or worse on this Earth….

  8. If it is humanly possible to correct the situation, then people should do it themselves. If this is a natural disaster, then people should help each other. And God helps those who help those who need it.

  9. I don't know how the believers justify it. Options about free will and the tricks of the devil seem to me extremely delusional.

    “Good” and “Evil” are conventional concepts that do not exist outside the framework of human society. There is creation and destruction, there are actions that are effective and ineffective, and the multiple consequences of these actions.

    That “evil” for a fly is “good” for a spider. That evil is” good “to the lion for the antelope.

    The concepts that we refer to as rules of behavior were developed first in the course of our biological evolution, and then in the framework of social evolution. Moral norms are a way of sane coexistence in fairly large social groups.

  10. And why is it that everyone has come up against only one religion and one interpretation?

    There are a lot of religions and a lot of different gods in the world. And people don't notice that it's pointless to demand something from God. He is God and decides for himself what to do and how to do it. God owes people nothing.

    Well, for example, Zeus interfered in earthly affairs only when he wanted to. And he behaved as he wanted. And he didn't care that the faithful wanted him to be all-good.

    Why shouldn't God be quietly watching? And only interfere when HE sees fit. It is a completely stupid idea that God owes something to people, which is essentially contrary to the idea of God as a personal being with free will. Not limited by anything, especially by people's wishlist. It is not for people to teach God what is good and what is evil, and what he should follow.

    Praying for mercy to a higher being is understandable. But to demand that it should conform to people's ideas of good and evil, that it should be sick with human pain and worries, is simply stupid.

    By the way, the Old Testament Jehovah was such a god – terrible and jealous and doing what he saw fit. He could be angry and indifferent. I could interfere or I could just watch.

    Well, what theologians made up there-there is no point in commenting.

  11. First, why “calmly”? This analogy is appropriate: You are a parent, your adult child makes a mistake. Will you take it calmly? Probably not. Will you forcefully intervene in the life of a 30-to 40-year-old child to correct their mistake? Unless you don't believe that he can solve his own problem, right? What does a mother look like when she calls a businessman leaving on a business trip and starts saying, “Oh, son, be careful there, planes are falling, God forbid you will die”?

    Secondly, a significant part of people's suffering comes from the people themselves, from their inability to build their own lives. God gave man free will not in order to control every step, but in order that man himself could cope with any situation.

    Third, what matters is not momentary torment, but life. If I work out on the simulator, my muscles hurt, but I get stronger. If I dig up the garden, I get tired and get sunburned, but the harvest of fresh tomatoes and homemade strawberries is worth it. What will happen after the torment? How will I get out of this torment? How will I become better and stronger? If I see torment not as a horror, but as a task to be solved, then God above is smiling.

  12. And why is the topic of “religion” and “god”so much discussed on the Internet? But because it is a good income. Many people have historically been interested in this topic, and they have created websites and channels on this topic. Almost no one believes in “God”, but they really believe that you can make very good money on this topic…!!!!!

  13. So these catastrophes and torments are what should make it clear to reasonable people that something is going wrong. The stupidity of people is so limitless that sometimes it does not allow you to understand simple things. Why is everything that people consider “good” and “pleasant” for themselves, the fruit of their own efforts, and what they consider “bad” and “not pleasant” – the permission of God, who enjoys suffering? There is a law of cause and effect, please take the trouble to find out about it. Or the “boomerang” principle. Or look at your life from the outside and realize that what everyone does for themselves (here you need to add the size of a false ego, such as family, relatives, homeland-as what I want for myself), it inevitably comes to disappointment. This is already laid down from the very beginning, such are the rules of being here, that to some extent only selfless activity can satisfy our mind and feelings, without plunging into frustration. Imagine that you are in prison. Will you come up with your own laws there and be indignant, or will you accept what is there? So in life, too, reason is given, so it is necessary to understand, and not to live like animals(with the mind and feelings). There are two types of people-the first live what they consider pleasant, without regard to the reasonableness of choice, and the second think about reasonableness and if it is reasonable, deprive themselves of pleasant things. The smoker considers smoking pleasant, forgetting about the harm to health. A reasonable person understands what smoking leads to in the end and is not led to dubious”pleasant”. Life is freedom. Freedom to choose what you want to be dependent on. So much for freedom. And the consequences are already a consequence of the choice, that is, there is a cause and consequences. Very short and concise, but hopefully understandable.

  14. I will answer from the point of view of an atheist.

    Consider the First Day of creation. There is a line about him in the Bible:

    “And God saw the light that it was good, and God separated the light from the darkness.”

    Pay attention to the word “good”. It turns out that if there was something good, then there was also bad. So, if there is good, then it goes in comparison with evil. It becomes clear that everything is relative and has opposite meanings. Love (for example) cannot exist in the absolute. Even if you imagine that there is no Hatred (which is impossible), then Love will not be the same strength for everything in the world, and this difference will also have opposite meanings.

    So you can never get rid of opposites. That's what the senses are given to see the difference.

    Therefore, it is not even particularly important how believers justify God. They can justify it by hook or crook, using deliberate (or poor-witted) sophisms. It also plays a role that believers do not have the right to condemn their Creator, on pain of imminent punishment for not believing in him.

    In fact, all the justifications of believers are just blah-blah-blah. Otherwise, why do they have such sayings:

    “Everything is God's will”, “The ways of the Lord are inscrutable”, etc.

  15. Here it is the main revelation… Not ” god “created people, but people created” god ” and everything connected with him, according to their human needs, for intimidation, training, explaining natural phenomena, and most importantly to keep within the framework of worship of all sorts of ancient rulers – supposedly vicegerents of “god” on Earth… And since there is no “God”, there is no one to observe people and help people, only we, ourselves, people, can make our life better or worse on this Earth….

  16. There can be no freedom in the world around us

    so that everything is subject to certain laws, and neglect of them leads to

    to be punished through pain, failure, and premature death. These laws are basic for the world in which we live, which surrounds us at the moment. Within the framework of understanding these laws, in accordance with the stage of evolution of society, it forms its own laws for its development, at least according to which its citizens live, because chaos leads to self-destruction. The laws of society are tested by time, and if they go beyond the basic ones (the laws of God) to a greater extent, then this social structure itself is destroyed. Everything in the world is twofold: joy and sorrow, fire and water, love and suffering, pain and bliss, electron and positron, etc.. this system must be in equilibrium. Violation of it leads to damage, to destruction. You are very fond of sweets, which leads to diabetes. Destruction is underway

    the pancreas, oddly enough, needs bitterness for its normal functioning. This is a violation of balance, i.e. harmony. Pain and suffering – why are they needed?

    The answer is simple: for self-development. It makes us think about why they occur and forces us to take measures to eliminate them in the future.

    they didn't repeat themselves in the future. In other words, it is a hidden compulsion to develop-what a freedom there is!

  17. We are all God's children. He always sees everything and worries about us. But for God, it is not the body that matters, but our immortal soul. Our world is a school, how we will pass this training, what kind of soul we will find, and this is what awaits us in eternal life. All the present torment is nothing compared to what our soul will receive. The main thing is to properly learn all the lessons that we get from life

  18. The answer is extremely simple, no need to speculate slyly:

    The Holy Gospel of Matthew, chapter 5:

    “45 That you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven, for he causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.”

    God is Love, not justice!

    People in the image and likeness of God.

    This means that people have the free will to act as they see fit at the moment when this act is committed.

    If you think about it correctly, then almost all disasters are the work of human beings, whether they are aware of it or not.

    The torment of humans is also caused by the actions of humans who have previously acted consciously or not.

    The love of God does not mean babbling, but simply treating everyone equally, both those who are evil and those who are good.

    And God demanded the same from people – The Holy Gospel of Matthew, chapter 5:

    43 You have heard that it was said, ” You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.

    44 But I say to you, Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who despitefully use you and persecute you.”

    If this were the case, no one would have asked the question that the author asked.

  19. Who even told you that he was calmly watching?! Wait a minute, He came here as a man and died for the sins of the people! Not bad, huh?! All we have to do is accept it, choose God.

  20. Disasters are far from the greatest torment. The greatest torment is the eternal punishment for all the sins committed by a person, which every person will face. To imagine the scale of this torment, you need to remember how conscience tormented (for those who still remember it) and imagine how this state lasts indefinitely, without the ability to somehow calm this conscience. This is really a terrible torment, terrible because of its infinity, in comparison with it, any catastrophe did not even lie next to it. And it is precisely this torment that God has solved the problem. He did not calmly observe how people doom themselves, But came to Earth, lived a truly perfect life, and in the end He Himself went to the most severe suffering in order to justly count them as punishment for the sins of each person. He could easily have avoided these sufferings, but He deliberately went to them out of love for sinful people who did not want to know Him, and He still went to death for them.

    How can we then claim that God is calmly watching over the torment of people? Only those who deliberately deny Christ, His teaching, and His redemptive death can speak in this way. But then it is not God's problem, it is the problem of the unbeliever himself. It's like saying, “There is no absolute truth,” and then lamenting, ” where is the truth?”

  21. According to the Bible, this” god”, a bearded grandfather, created man in his own image and likeness, sitting on a cloud and from there spying on everyone, almost EIGHT billion people on Earth, and next to it, on the same cloud, “paradise”, where TENS of billions of righteous people indulge in eternal bliss. That's how it is. That is, God has not only an external resemblance to man, but also the inside is the same. Intestines, liver, kidneys, heart, blood vessels-all one in one. Yes, that's for sure. So “to god” means both to eat and to drink it is necessary.! And TENS of billions of righteous people need to be fed and watered, and where is it on the cloud to get it? Then natural bowel movements.! And where everything will flow.? And the temperature on the cloud is sub-zero, it will freeze… And sex should be, in the image and likeness, because as a person…!!!

  22. God points out the way of peace, and you are free to choose whether to step on the same rake of disobedience or not. And the believers get hurt when they turn away from His ways.

  23. for believers, the answer to this question is simple and clear – it is, they say, “payment for sins”, and the payment is “total” and, accordingly, unaddressed. There is such a” Bible interpreter ” – Josh McDowell, by the way, I love to read him, he writes a lot of interesting things and, most importantly, in clear language, so when talking about sin, he gives an example with a father and daughter: the daughter broke the lamp, and, bursting into tears, resorts to dad, saying, daddy forgive me. Dad, of course, is not a monster, but a loving father, and he calms his daughter down and, of course, forgives her. At this point, the question immediately arises : why can't the Lord do the same? And-counter-question-who PAYS for the lamp??? It's my dad who finally pays. Everything in the world has a price, not always a material one, but it does. Human sins also have a price, and according to McDowell, God simply cannot ” pay the bills.”

  24. This is how Krsna answers this question in the Bhagavad Gita. Chapter 5 text 15

    The Supreme Personality of Godhead is not responsible for the sinful and righteous activities of living entities. Embodied beings are deluded because their true knowledge is hidden by ignorance.

    PURPORT The Sanskrit word vibhu means ” The Supreme Personality of Godhead who is fully equipped with unlimited knowledge, unlimited wealth, unlimited power, fame, beauty, and renunciation.” Self-satisfied and self-sufficient, He remains indifferent to the sinful and pious activities of living entities. It is not the Lord who places them in certain conditions – they themselves, ignorant and confused, want to find themselves in a certain position, and from this begins the chain of actions and their consequences. Because of the supreme potency of the Lord, the living entity is naturally full of knowledge. And yet, because of its limited powers, it tends to fall under the sway of ignorance. Unlike the living entity, the Lord is omnipotent. The Lord is vibhu, the omniscient one, and the living entity is anu, the infinitesimal one. As a spiritual spark, the living entity has free will and the ability to desire. But only the almighty Lord can fulfill his wishes. Therefore, when a living entity is overwhelmed by material desires, the Lord allows him to fulfill them, but He is not responsible for the actions and their consequences caused by the circumstances in which the living entity finds himself at will. The bewildered conditioned soul identifies himself with the material body and experiences joys and tribulations, which are also transitory. The Lord, in the form of Paramatma, or the Supersoul, is always near the individual soul and knows all its desires, just as when we are near a flower, we can smell its fragrance. Desire is a subtle form of conditioning for the living entity, and the Lord fulfills the desires of the living entity to the extent that they deserve to be fulfilled: man assumes, and God disposes. Thus, the individual living entity is not able to fulfill his own desires. But the Lord can fulfill all of them, and being impartial, He does not prevent the smallest living entities, who are endowed with some independence, from expressing any of their desires. But when the object of their desires is the Lord Himself, Krsna, He takes special care of them and directs their desires so that they can understand the Lord and attain eternal happiness. The Vedic hymns say: esa u hy eva sadhu karma karayati tam yam ebhyo lokebhya unninishate. esa u evasadhu karma karayati yam adho ninishate – “The Lord allows the living entities to perform good deeds so that they can rise up, and He also allows them to sin so that they can go to hell” (Kausitaki Upanishad, 3.8).

    Ajno Jantur Anisho ' Yam
    Atmanah Sukha-Dukhkhayoh
    Ishwara-Prerito Gachchet
    Svargam vashv Abhram Eva Cha

    “The happiness and distress of the living entity are completely dependent on the Supreme Lord. Like a cloud blown by the wind, the soul can go to heaven or hell by the will of God.”

    So the living entity, who has been trying to avoid Krsna consciousness from time immemorial, is also the cause of his own ignorance. Although the living entity is eternal in nature, full of knowledge and bliss, because he is very small, he forgets that by his very nature he is meant to serve the Lord and falls into the snare of ignorance. This ignorance also causes him to place the responsibility of his conditioned existence on the Supreme Lord. In the Vedanta-sutra (2.1.34) it is stated: vaisamya-nairghrinye na sapekshatvat tatha hi darsayati: “The Lord feels neither love nor hatred for anyone, although it does not seem so.”

  25. Yes, of course! Firstly. We do not know about the extent of God's involvement in the affairs of earthlings and use our speculations, which are based on complete ignorance – simply because God is not accountable to us.

    One thing can be said here. If He hadn't intervened, our civilization would have been long gone, since the human mind is so low that we can talk about its absence.

    Is he watching quietly? We call God the “all-seeing eye” and he always has this “observing” phase. I can't say anything about calmness here. He's not supposed to be angry. Although someone, and we give a lot of reasons.

    Take our state of faith in him. We believe that It exists.

    And we have been running around with this discovery for 2 thousand years and more, without moving a single step further. Here, anyone's patience will break.

    Or who more than others destroys his creation-life on Earth? The man! Both the believer and the unbeliever. It is with faith in God that a man cuts off the head of an unfortunate sheep. And even recorded the sacrifices as the works of God in his “holy books”.

    What should we reason about God? It would be better to look at yourself.

  26. From the introductory part of my essay “TO BE” Kalduzov M. K.

    A person develops too slowly, due to the lack of aspiration to know the primary nature of his “I”. That is, God in himself. The individual certainly takes on experience, knowledge, develops, acquires “wisdom”, but first of all he follows an illusory path leading to the liberation of his “ego-I”. Because the thought that provoked you to resort to it before is from the “ego-I”.

    The thought, a priori, is “neither true nor true”, since it is guided by the will of the mind, and could not be correct from the point of view of primary wisdom.

    The will that stands at the head-the primary one, as a result of a depressing circumstance, will constantly hint about the wrong path, or an action that is unacceptable at this stage of the life span, creating all sorts of unsettling conditions-circumstances, including those associated with diseases, and other others, due to natural disasters, mass emergencies-because the primary matter of the “primordial Self” – resides in everything at once, and any object was originally created thanks to its “will”. God is in the neurons.

    Trying thereby, through the depressing being, to direct the person who is walking the right path (to save), “instilling” a more correct worldview, but first of all a posteriori. That is, insight – or insight “a priori “does not descend to” sitting still”, but continues to go.

    And with the right treatise, implying trust to the world, without a causal object, making discord – coming before the correct way, you suddenly begin to notice changes conducive to the attainment of taste, correct Outlook on life, understanding early reject the values-perception of meanings, including the Divine, and what is behind it, due to the unconscious interest in art (!) – in order to partake of the Duma “High” sense.

    But the individual, by continuing to go straight ahead, without exuding confidence in the nature that created him, as well as life, and by which it can be favorable, – regardless of the consequences, – further defiles the law of Universal design – about the primacy of matter living in him, as a single component from Eternity, whose recklessness in favor of the “ego-I” successfully puts into oblivion; that is, destruction.

    The individual will eventually reach somewhere. And get the satisfaction that suits him. One in a million people who had the right to live. But so, alas, nothing will work. For he understood too much.

    You see too much through the prism of your mind. therefore, the obvious, in comparison with the “feeling” of things, you simply will not be given to the consequence-perception.

  27. God created the world to be perfect, but man has corrupted the world by his activities and continues to do so. God does not “interfere” in this process because man is endowed with free will.

  28. Man is made up of two main parts-the stomach and the head. The Devil controls the belly, and GOD controls the head. GOD puts pressure on the Devil not to devour everything and the universe too. The devil resists. And as a way of pressure – diseases.

  29. And why is the topic of “religion” and “god”so much discussed on the Internet? But because it is a good income. Many people have historically been interested in this topic, and they have created websites and channels on this topic. Almost no one believes in “God”, but they really believe that you can make very good money on this topic…!!!!!

    Here it is the main revelation… Not ” god “created people, but people created” god ” and everything connected with him, according to their human needs, for intimidation, training, explaining natural phenomena, and most importantly to keep within the framework of worship of all sorts of ancient rulers – supposedly vicegerents of “god” on Earth…

  30. I don't know how the believers justify this, but I don't remember that it was said anywhere that he calmly observes it. Any torment is a test of the human spirit. Since life on Earth itself is just a test that determines where you will be sent later. So there are no contradictions here.

  31. God created us in His own image. Therefore, you can only understand this by remembering your childhood at school. There was a lot our fathers didn't know about how we spent our free time. Who we fight with and what troubles we get into.

    Similarly, teachers do not interfere in the disassembly of boys, believing that they themselves will be able to sort out their problems and only need to intervene when the problem really becomes loud and causes a resonance.

    If our fathers and teachers do this, then maybe it's really wise?

  32. … If the devil is the exact opposite of God ,then he should be against slavery, violence, child murder, genocide, sexism, and discrimination.

  33. Why do you all think pagan?that God is a good uncle!?

    all evil on earth is a test.and in general, the Earth is not intended to get high.Earth is something like a training base for training.

  34. God doesn't like it. But he rarely intervenes in our lives, because he respects the freedom granted to us. God leaves us to solve our own problems and gain personal experience.

  35. God is not a person to “observe,” but an impartial Principle. If you want, by analogy with the fire of the lower form familiar to us, which will warm someone and under certain conditions, and burn someone.

    Catastrophes and” torments ” of people were once generated by humanity itself, i.e. they are the consequences of the energies of the mind (thought, will, feelings) generated by humanity.

    “Each decomposition leads to the unbridled nature of the elements, in other words, it contradicts the manifested Cosmos.”

    Namely, catastrophes are the unbridled nature of the elements and their cause is human unreason, lack of spirituality, immorality, leading to the phenomenon of energy processes of decomposition of the planet from decomposition in the noosphere.

  36. The body is a temporary vessel of the true human form-the immortal spirit.
    The torment of the flesh brings the spirit closer to holiness.
    No, seriously. This sadism is like the basis of the Christian worldview, not counting Protestantism. Those are even worse.
    Well, there is also all sorts of Pelagianism with its deus eats angst(the Lord is wrath) and everything is even worse there.

  37. It will depend on your religion. And the answers will be different. Somewhere the gods are active, and directly responsible for disasters. Somewhere they make these disasters specifically as machinations against people, somewhere without remembering at all that it somehow touches people. There are religious doctrines that depict Nature independent even of the gods… with all the consequences… therefore, first of all, it is necessary to put the addressee in the question. To the adept of what religion is it directed?)))

  38. I don't even know how to answer this question . Only humans are not Gods , what can they do ? It remains only to observe and experience . If we could have prevented disasters , we probably would have . We think that all this is unfair, and torment and grief , only God knows why he sends these trials to people . A year ago, my son was murdered, with extreme cruelty . I still think it's not fair , why did my child take such a death ? Who needed it , why did he punish him so much ? I still don't have an answer . In my heart, I was disappointed in everything. They say it was God's will ! If he's a God, then why is he so bloodthirsty ? No, it's us humans who have become so arrogant, greedy, and disbelieving .

  39. You can't talk about all believers. Perhaps someone justifies it. But the fact that God allows people to suffer does not mean that he is calm about the suffering of his creation. According to the Holy Scriptures, there are three main reasons why evil flourishes, but God is not involved in evil, evil does not come from God:

    “In temptation, no one says: God tempts me, for God is not tempted by evil, nor does He tempt anyone” (James 1:13).

    God has good reasons for allowing this suffering. However, the Bible says that when these reasons are exhausted, God will definitely restore order to the earth. Then all people who obey God will live forever in perfect conditions in the paradise on earth that Adam and Eve refused.

    “Happy are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.” (Matthew 5: 5)

  40. You can't talk about all believers. Perhaps someone justifies it. But the fact that God allows people to suffer does not mean that he is calm about the suffering of his creation. According to the Holy Scriptures, God has good reasons for allowing this suffering. However, the Bible says that when these reasons are exhausted, God will definitely restore order to the earth. Then all people who obey God will live forever in perfect conditions in the paradise on earth that Adam and Eve refused.

  41. Neither good nor evil. These are estimates. Judgments. The world is one, whole-indivisible. We ourselves give it such definitions as we perceive it. In Unity, everything is one, nothing is separable. The only difference between the top and the bottom is how we look (astronauts understand this very well). The same goes for “good” and”evil.” Such definitions are just conventions.

    Religions have divided the Unity (of God) into parts and accept only one part of it, claiming that he, God, also chooses only “good”, and gave the other half of the world to the “devil”.

    People judge by themselves, create their own gods according to their own understanding. But in Unity, such a division is impossible. People have learned to divide everything into parts, because they have always been taught to do so. The result is a fragmented consciousness, not a complete one. However, a person can return to a holistic perception again But this is also possible. But that's another story…

  42. God does not need anyone to justify Him. He settled the perfect first people in a paradise with a great prospect of development. They refused it. He explained to them what conditions of their choice their descendants will live in ( this is what we see now in the world). It is clear that He owes nothing to people and yet provided the means of salvation for sincerely believing people who have been and are at all times. It is not pleasant that the question is somewhat cynical. How can you accuse God of indifference?
    He allowed his beloved son to die painfully for us! And He does not intend to allow catastrophes and torments of people to occur on earth for a long time.

  43. He once compared humans to dogs, but under certain conditions, you can move on to other levels of your relationship with G-d. For starters, you can believe it!!! Jesus did not die for the whole world, but for everyone who believes: “so that EVERYONE WHO BELIEVES may not perish “(John 3: 16).

  44. Don't make all the women look alike. Women and actresses are created beings-fire, water and copper pipes. Eaters of alien energy. And when a waffle iron singer sings with a filthy mouth about love, people's consciousness splits, making Them inadequate to the reality of being. This is how creatures get into power and politics. For energy consumption, with potato cattle (people, humans) with those who do not recognize who is a creature, and who is a saint, who is a distorted gene, and who is a ghoul. Who is the man with the word from the universe. And who is a molecule-copies fate. Learn life, not popery from Judas, Mikhalkov-Solovyov, Posner, etc. etc. They are created beings who live off other people's energy. They need to be visible, because the energy moves from the one who listens to the non-Christ-the Christian (one and the same creature in the World) consumers of someone else's energy-circumcised from the clan. That is, cut off from God.

  45. Will you never die? I mean the usual well-known death when a person sheds his body. the fact is that the body is given to us in order and only for us to improve ourselves in this world. it is impossible to do this without a body, this is the way our world is and we are all arranged. so our body is just a spacesuit and it requires both care and maintenance. well, all sorts of cataclysms are just tests in which they look at how we behave in certain cases from our difficult life. so all the evil is from the people themselves. for it is we who do this evil, not God.

  46. God gave the rules of being – the commandments – and gave complete freedom to man.

    God cannot prevent evil, because he will immediately violate the laws given by him, namely, the human right to free choice.

    A person knows that stepping on a rake will get him in the forehead, but he does not believe in the punishment for sins and this destroys us.

  47. For example, what matters is not in-life experiences, but the purity of the soul, the post-mortem form. But here it is only polished, cleaned. Someone – and through suffering.

  48. Truly, our land is purgatory. In the process of being in it, we finally determine the fate of our soul after death: either heaven or hell.

    God created everything, giving us freedom in everything, so that this very fate of our soul would be just and the result exclusively of our actions. If He interfered in our lives, he would be contradicting his gift of freedom. We ourselves must find the way to It, reveal the light that is embedded in our souls.

    And the devil has exactly the opposite goal — to lead us astray, so that the immortal soul of a person burns in hell.

    All crimes, cruelty, violence, and wars are the result of the evil one's influence on the human mind.

    We live to determine our position in eternal life, which will come after death in this world.

  49. God is watching. What makes you think It should interfere with this simulation at all? You sit down to play any game, they kill and die there, you also watch,you help someone, you don't help someone, the main thing is that it doesn't hang, the game continues and Windows doesn't fly off…Maybe not calmly watching,but watching, and supports the game. What do you want Him to do?” How much can a bot order you from the monitor? That's all why. On the other hand ,all cruelties are created by people, they are invented and implemented by Sai, but not by the creator….Neither Father nor Son. Inside the game there is a fairly strong virus program, but not a Trojan , but Satan. Well, or the devil, as you like. and you can delete it, but then there will be no game, it will be boring, the TV series tyu tyu. Battle of Thrones is over….God is above all love, He is always on the side of good, the dead return to the game again, reincarnate, in new personalities, and grow ,grow…The creator of the game is not on the side of evil, because evil won- – – there is no game. The good won – the game is there, but it will become like life city or something like that, boring and….. boring. Therefore, Satan is given a cap, but not so much as to remove it altogether….God is love. Uniquely.

  50. Remember! That God is the Creator and Creator of all virtuous things.The Lord God is the fiercest villain,the hero of the Bible.

    Where God is, there is PEACE and HARMONY. Where the Lord God creates,there are disagreements,slander,wars,betrayals-an apocryphal situation.

    It is necessary to distinguish the noble deeds of God from the destructive deeds of the Lord God.

    When talking about God or the Lord God, remember their deeds.

  51. No one knows whether God is calmly watching the catastrophes and torments of people. He's already done enough to keep people from suffering: He gave the law, sent His servants, the prophets, sacrificed his Son for the salvation of men. The problem is people: they sow tares, but they want to reap bread. Do not be deceived by the Lord, God is never mocked: what you sow is what you reap.

  52. As you study the Bible, you begin to understand that all calamities and catastrophes are arranged by God, Who judges justly. God has risen up to reward everyone according to their deeds. In their sorrows, people seek God and seek His protection. After all, He has prepared salvation for the people who seek Him. If there were no disasters, no one would be looking for Him. And God wants everyone to turn from their evil deeds and accept salvation. After all, God doesn't want anyone to die. But people choose their own path and die in perseverance. Do not think that they are more sinful than all sinners. They just had a chance to turn and be saved, but they didn't want to. God does not impose Himself on anyone, everyone has free will.

  53. It seems to me that He definitely doesn't observe calmly, because people are not indifferent to Him. If He didn't care, He would have stayed in heaven and not come to earth, where He was beaten, humiliated, and betrayed by even His closest disciples. Where He himself suffered terribly so that people could return to paradise.

    But why an all-powerful and loving God allowed suffering to exist, I do not know. It's an absolute mystery to me. None of the known answers satisfied me. And then I came to understand that my mind is limited, with my limited mind I cannot understand all things.

    But I have learned from my own experience that God comes to me not only in joy and prosperity, but also in suffering. And this is why suffering is valuable to me, because through it I communicate with God. So I simply stand before God and the mystery of suffering, contemplate and accept what I cannot understand.

    As Clive Staples Lewis said, ” Now I know, Lord, why you don't answer us. Because You are the answer. All questions die in Your face. Is there a fuller answer?”

  54. Another piece of nonsense with a claim to profundity. Whatever brain tricks such profoundly ignorant philosophers resort to in order to “prove” the existence of an absence. But, strange as it may seem at first glance, the world is moving in the direction of cave dementia. A recent example is the temple of the Russian Armed Forces for 3 billion rubles. It's crazy stuff. Sorry…

  55. And who creates these catastrophes and torments ? People ! What a person sows, he reaps in the end, and God has nothing to do with it, everything has its own causes and effects.

  56. Monotheism is a dark product of large cities. Some kind of imperial model of governance, expanded to the scale of the universe. Sarcasm is an earlier idea that comes from the depths of the soul. Paganism is not tied to money and any ideology, so it answers all pressing questions without logical twists.

    There is no one God. That's the whole answer.

  57. I am an unbeliever and cannot answer for believers. Believers do not visit such sites, do not get involved in an argument, and they should answer. Moreover, for many centuries of the existence of RELIGIONS, the church has worked out all such issues and there is nothing to dig into. And the most important answer is ” Everything is God's will.”

    With dogmatism and ossification of the church, there is still progress in changing the interpretation of postulates. If they said that God PUNISHES, punishes for what they have done, now, referring to God's love for all people, they say that God sends trials. They talked about the seven days of the creation of the world, but now they say that God has his OWN “seven days”, and not earthly ones.

    At the heart of the question, believers answer-God gave people freedom of choice. In short, it's your own fault. That is, God is not to blame – he did well.

    For example, a brick falls from a height. Falls a centimeter away from the person – ” Praise the Lord!”, he saved a person from death. If you get hit on the head, then it's your own fault because of the freedom of choice. That is, God is not to blame – he is doing well again.

    So did a person go by the will of God, not knowing the threat, or by “his own choice”?

    If they die in cataclysms, in wars, then the righteous and the unrighteous. For believers, the answer is “Everything is not without sin.” This answer is one hundred percent correct – it is impossible to live according to all the canons of religion. But everyone aspires to Heaven, and supposedly they can get there, you just need to pray and repent. Not for nothing.

    I say that it is IMPOSSIBLE to combine the two concepts of “Everything according to God's will” and at the same time provide “FREEDOM OF CHOICE”.

    I will add the conclusion that if God calmly contemplates the actions of man against Nature, destroying the environment, then God created man to DESTROY LIFE ON EARTH. Therefore, not only people suffer, but also the world around them.

  58. Well it's not from a big mind and including God if there is one And no religion has made people better and happier There will always be misfortunes and diseases everywhere

  59. The old idiot steers the conversation aside, a typical primitive method of medieval scholastics.

    And they always have two brilliant answers to a direct question: All your problems are for your sins, and if you did not sin, then these are tests for you, a fool, from the heavenly father…

  60. The Qur'an speaks of the inevitability of the test:

    “We will certainly test you with minor fear, hunger, loss of property, people and fruits. So give good news to those who are patient, who, when disaster strikes them, say:: “Indeed, we belong to Allah, and to Him we will return” (2:155-156).

    “Do people think that they will be left alone and not put to the test just because they say, 'We believe'? We also put to the test those who lived long before them. Indeed, Allah knows in advance those who are truthful and those who are deceitful” (29: 2-3).

    Allah, the Most High, does not want to harm us and does not want our suffering, He only gives us the opportunity to increase our position in the eternal world. The world in which we will live forever depends only on how we pass the test. Isn't that the great justice?

    “(Allah is the One) Who created death and life to test you and see whose deeds will be better. He is the All-mighty, the All-forgiving “(67: 2). “We have made some of you a temptation to others: will you be patient? Your Lord is All-seeing” (25: 20).

    “Do not be at ease and do not grieve, while you will be on high, if you are truly believers” (3:139).

    “We created man from a mixed drop, put him to the test, and made him hear and see. We led him on a path that was either grateful or ungrateful. We have prepared chains, fetters, and flames for the disbelievers. And the pious will drink from the cup of wine mixed with kafur. The servants of Allah will drink from the spring, letting it flow in full-flowing streams “(76: 2-6).

  61. This is one of the most difficult questions of both dogmatics (theodicy) and philosophy. I thought about it for a long time and decided like this: God creates the world as a hologram that presupposes the presence of an observer. Such an observer is a person who, unfortunately, by virtue of being endowed with free will, sees what he sees, what he is able to see. Thus, God's creation is deformed in accordance with the vision of man. And this is the vision of the struggle of all with all, when the life of some is the death of others. Total competition! This is the world we live in. To change it, we need to change our attitude to the world and our spiritual state. This was Christ's sermon – about the spiritual renewal of man, about his return to God (the parable of the prodigal son),about changing spiritual guidelines, after which palingenesia (renewal) of the world will become possible. Alas, people continue to live as they did, blaming God (or Lucifer) for the depravity of the world. This is an infantile attitude that will inevitably lead this world to disaster.

  62. There are laws of eternity, and there is no need for God to regulate anything. And why does he have to correct someone else's mistakes ? If the leader of a flock of rams led the flock not to drink, but to a dry riverbed, is it God's fault ? If humanity goes extinct, it will only be because it doesn't think about its environment – ECOLOGY !

  63. Briefly: the ROC tells us that the Lord loves us (people) so much that He gives us absolute freedom of existence and absolutely in everything, and this is the reason why the Almighty allows all cataclysms and catastrophes with people !!! I will agree with this, but on the condition that the ROC tells us that His (God's) love for us is not the same as our inter-human love, and then everything in our consciousness and understanding will fall into place.

  64. I just want to say, ” Become a believer, you'll find out! )” After all, in fact, you need to ask such questions to a believer, and not to a fan of ramming in Yandex.

    And this question is initially incorrect! ((The author immediately “puts before the fact” that “believers justify” something… And it requires an answer to just such a wording! ((

    But if the author really wants an answer to this question, then three words-believers do not justify! Why is that? And this is a completely different question )

  65. The fact that an event has occurred indicates that no one prevented it by the mere fact of its occurrence. Not only God, but also me, and you, and Uncle Peter, and Putin, and Trump, and Elon Musk, and the FSB and the CIA.

    I am not in a hurry to blame the influential earthlings for the fact that the event happened and they did not stop it with their magical connections and fabulous unlimited power. They did what they could. For the same reason, I don't look for fault in God either. He does what he can.

    Will you say that God is omnipotent? Tell me how he created the world with the click of your fingers. There is no such thing. He spent six whole days on this case, was very tired, and took the day off. This makes it clear that God's omnipotence is not chick-chick and done. Behind it is hard work, which requires finding the optimal solution to the problem and serious expenditure of resources.

  66. Because there is no God He is a myth for educating people It is believed that if people are not brought up from birth to death then they will turn the world into a bloody jungle That's what they are bringing up

  67. Well, yes, and the small child is to blame for the fact that he has cancer, God is not to blame.
    When a person in grief and sorrow , he needed an outlet, so go to the churches and temples, because over the years toying with that prayer as communication with loved ones, and why people cling to it because suffering a loss, but in fact, nobody knows what happens after death, I do not believe in these books, I now see how some countries are changing the story in their own benefit.
    Your God, even if he exists, he is a sociopath with pride, he leaves people's questions unanswered, because he considers it inappropriate to descend to the same level as a person, even if he exists, he just looks down and controls people like puppets, he is a cynic, because he is cold to the feelings, heartache, tears of a person who asks for the salvation of a dying loved one. May God stop being proud and tell us why good people are dying in agony.

  68. So it is precisely man who is the conductor of evil in the world. Evil is born out of our free will. As for “quiet observation”. Well, personally, would you like to spend your whole life under the care of a parent? So that he decides everything for you: what to do, how to behave. Even in paradise, where people knew no hardships, no evils, and no torments, they managed to break a single rule set by the Lord. Even such a small thing did not want to obey. What is the conclusion? A very simple one. Restrictions, hardships, privations and adversities are vital for a person to be a person. What an ugly creature a spoiled individual turns into, I suppose there is no need to say.

  69. You are an engineer who made advanced creatures with artificial intelligence and the ability to develop yourself. They put their whole soul into them, and they eventually began to massively create evil and shit. Just erase it with one mouse click-sorry for the fools. Дать Give an opportunity to learn and come to your senses, even through suffering (a good spanking) once through the brain does not reach. Those who learn the lessons will get a new iron and eternity, and those who don't, the fire of the “hard drive”, where the data of a criminal, perverted soul will be erased to zero. Quite a great and logical idea.😉

  70. I am an unbeliever and cannot answer for believers. Believers do not visit such sites, do not get involved in an argument, and they should answer. Moreover, for many centuries of the existence of RELIGIONS, the church has worked out all such issues and there is nothing to dig into. And the most important answer is ” Everything is God's will.”

    With dogmatism and ossification of the church, there is still progress in changing the interpretation of postulates. If they said that God PUNISHES, punishes for what they have done, now, referring to God's love for all people, they say that God sends trials. They talked about the seven days of the creation of the world, but now they say that God has his OWN “seven days”, and not earthly ones.

    At the heart of the question, believers answer-God gave people freedom of choice. In short, it's your own fault. That is, God is not to blame – he did well.

    For example, a brick falls from a height. Falls a centimeter away from the person – ” Praise the Lord!”, he saved a person from death. If you get hit on the head, then it's your own fault because of the freedom of choice. That is, God is not to blame – he is doing well again.

    So did a person go by the will of God, not knowing the threat, or by “his own choice”?

    If they die in cataclysms, in wars, then the righteous and the unrighteous. For believers, the answer is “Everything is not without sin.” This answer is one hundred percent correct – it is impossible to live according to all the canons of religion. But everyone aspires to Heaven, and supposedly they can get there, you just need to pray and repent. Not for nothing.

    I say that it is IMPOSSIBLE to combine the two concepts of “Everything according to God's will” and at the same time provide “FREEDOM OF CHOICE”.

    I will add the conclusion that if God calmly contemplates the actions of man against Nature, destroying the environment, then God created man to DESTROY LIFE ON EARTH. Therefore, not only people suffer, but also the world around them.

  71. there is no evil and no good. there are laws of eternity that regulate the development of society.either it develops, or it dies.

    yes, there is no other way. have you been watching ants for a long time? so God doesn't care about lowly entities. try to develop yourself and immediately see God.

  72. God is no respecter of persons ! We are all important to Him ( both believers and non-believers). He worries and cries when we all suffer . But heaven has its own laws that God cannot break, precisely because He is God . And between Him and the devil there is a struggle for each of us – for our souls ! And that's why He had to banish Adam and Eve from Paradise so that the evil wouldn't last forever ! Yes, it is very difficult for all of us now , because there is a lot of evil and suffering around ( note, not because of God, but because of the first people-Adam and Eve, who did not obey God and ate the forbidden fruit). But , each of us, ask yourself the question-is the Bible a guide to action for all of us, and especially the NEW TESTAMENT?! I suppose – not for everyone ! Hence all our suffering . And it's not God's fault . He even sacrificed His Son for us, whom we humans crucified . But our Lord, Jesus Christ, was also hurt when we crucified Him ! But He died for us and rose again, so that each of us could live with Him forever in the kingdom of God . And God the Father , seeing the sufferings of His Son, wept , but did not incinerate us all, but allowed what He had decided for our salvation to happen ! God is not to blame for anything , and all our troubles are our own fault . With respect to all, Alexander .

  73. God, who created the world, preserves it and keeps it in balance, this is not only the physical world, but also the subtle worlds. There are those who thoughtlessly treat everything that exists, violating all laws, and God, regardless of people and faces, simply brings order, maintaining balance. Besides, he hears the human soul only through his son, the intermediary between the physical world and the spiritual. Now ask yourself, when did the savior come to us? Only after his coming did people have the opportunity to ask for mercy through him. And another question: does he hear everyone? Who are you asking?

  74. First of all, you need to understand what people are made for. Humans are created to feed the Gods, and the energies of pain and suffering are the most sought-after. Yes, and the meat does not taste good if you know a lot.

    The Lord God gives you the right to choose-to register and get a free, happy life.


    Karkots Vladlen Vladimirovich

    Sberbank card: 4274 3200 3638 1492

    The minimum amount is 300 rubles

    The registration receipt is carried as close to the body as possible, and you can pick it up at any time.

    The amount depends on the service of the soul after death-they will feed, drink, set up, etc.

    The soul will not be eaten – the continuation of a new, happy life.

  75. As the prankster Nietzsche wrote, God died of pity for people, because he could not do anything…

    If we assume the absurd presence of some omnipotent and all-loving being who created this world, then this cannot be justified by anything.

  76. God loves people, but he has given them freedom of choice. If not for him, we would not be human beings, but animals that live by instinct. Therefore, people are capable of doing evil, and God does not interfere specifically in the event that occurs. But in the end, each of these evils brings out something useful. Something like this is explained.

    And an example from Jewish folklore. The Jew asked the rabbi the same question, and the rabbi told him to hide in the bushes near the spring. A person observes a picture.

    A rich man comes to the spring, drinks the water, and loses his wallet. Then a poor man comes in, picks up his purse, and leaves. Then another poor man comes, and at the same moment the rich man returns, accuses the last poor man of taking the purse for himself, and beats him with sticks.

    The man went back to the rabbi and asked what kind of injustice it was that an innocent person was being punished. The rabbi answers: in a previous life, a rich man was a rich man, the first poor man was a poor man, and the third was a judge. The rich man conspired with the judge, and they illegally sued the poor man's land, making him even poorer. Now, in this life, the rich man has lost what he stole in the previous one, the poor man has got his own back, and the judge has been beaten with sticks.

    I would like to add that such a “celebration of justice” will only work if the soul remembers all its incarnations after death and can compare events.

    And then there's a good book, Radical Forgiveness, that does a great job of explaining why we suffer. Good luck 🙂

  77. Because God doesn't know about people who don't believe in him. To believe is to trust and know that God is good. To trust means to be at peace, to be serene, to accept everything as it is and to remove emotional overtones. The flower of serenity is a gift to God, and then God will know about you.

  78. Each of us is destined for a line of life – with torments, sorrows, illnesses, temptations. And even a righteous person does not always have everything perfect in life. He can answer with his troubles and misfortunes for the sins of his ancestors. And the other is now doing evil and living happily ever after.. I think that people die in various disasters not by chance – it is their fate, their death. As a doctor, I would like to note that I have repeatedly seen how completely hopeless patients survive, and those who should not die due to the severity of the disease die, and this does not depend on treatment at all. God does not torment us – it is simply his providence. A person cannot fully understand and accept it .

  79. If God descends from heaven and forcibly forces everyone to be kind, it will be a violation of the free will of man. so the presence of evil is a manifestation of the free will of people but since people live in an amorphous lack of understanding of everything they live as if in a game where you need to earn more eat buy gawk pobaldet the surrounding evil shakes their temporary buzz and makes them wake up take off their rose colored glasses and finally think about where in the world is evil! and in general, why we live, where all this is around us, and so on and so forth…

  80. What's the excuse? Rather, the belief that the hidden is known only to the Almighty. And the truth, too. But if you can help, help, if you can save, save!

  81. There will be no end to the troubles of the state or of all mankind until philosophers ascend to the throne, or until those whom we now call rulers or tyrants become fully philosophers themselves.

    ~ Plato (428-348 BC)

  82. A person wanted to know what evil, justice, injustice, generosity, meanness, courage and cowardice are, what is hope and hatred, and love, sincerity and hypocrisy. In the paradisiacal worlds, this is unknowable.

    Every time we feel dislike, we say that this world is needed. We want to know evil.

  83. There are two questions here:

    1. Why there are catastrophes and torments, despite the fact that the world was created by God.

    2. Why God is calm at the same time.

    To answer the first question, God created the world with certain laws. Instructions for this world are set out in the holy scriptures (do not blind yourself to the Bible, there are more complete and ancient books).

    The Lord respects the freedom of choice of every soul.

    These two things – the laws of God and the free will of the soul-give rise to so-called torments and catastrophes in the world. People themselves break the laws, do not want to recognize the will and desires of the Creator.

    Example: the law is that if you mix x and y, an explosion will occur. A person knows this law, but still mixes it up because of their own idiocy. It turns out an explosion. He dies, simultaneously killing everyone around him. Who is to blame for this? God? Of course not.

    Let's answer the second question: why is God calmly watching this?

    First, he does not observe calmly, He constantly tries to help people get out of the ignorance that they have got into. What could they do if they were completely deaf to Him? Holy people and sacred books are constantly present on earth, but no one is particularly interested in them now, so people are plunging deeper and deeper into suffering.

    Secondly, from the spiritual point of view, there is no suffering, it is a very illusory world. There is a real world – the spiritual one. And here it's just a theater. This question will be answered in more detail in the next chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, the oldest spiritual book.:


  84. I do not know the answer to this question, how do believers justify something? God's actions need no justification from anyone. It is enough to recall the words from the Bible that God punishes sinners up to 4 generations, and those who love Him have mercy up to a thousand generations… God is not some kind wizard out of a fairy tale. He is the Creator. And He wrote us His own laws that we should live by. But most of them didn't care, and they didn't really want to get what they deserved. Why are you surprised?

  85. The answer is given by Jesus Christ in the Gospel: “Seek first the kingdom of God” and “My kingdom is not of this world.” In other words, there are two main kingdoms – the ” kingdom of Caesar “(earthly-wealth, health, success, fame, etc.) and the “kingdom of God” (this is the “place” where the souls of people live after they leave the corruptible body). In the “kingdom of Caesar”, everyone is given a finite period of time to exist in a corruptible body. In the “kingdom of God”, as in a dream, there is neither time nor space, so the “dead” themselves (dead-from the point of view of the living, that is, those who remain in the kingdom of Caesar for the time being) will feel this state as eternity (therefore, the human soul is eternal and incorruptible). Moreover, the righteous will “dream” eternal joyful and happy dreams, but sinners-eternal “nightmare”. Therefore, the answer to this question is: prevent diseases, suffering, injustice, etc. God has no power, because as long as the souls of men remain in a corruptible body, they are subject to the “earthly king” – “Caesar”, and not to” God”, whose diocese is the souls released from bodily captivity, that is,”the kingdom of Caesar”.

    By the way, for this reason, asking God or Christ (as many so-called “Christians” of different faiths do now) for happiness, health, wealth, success in any business, etc.in this “earthly life” is simply a sin (that is, in this context-stupidity, nonsense, vanity). Thus, anyone who asks God for help in earthly matters in their prayers is essentially an ordinary pagan. And he can be called anyone – even Orthodox, even Catholic, even Protestant, even Mormon, or anyone else.

  86. The answer is simple, but all creeds will never give this truthful answer.

    The fact is that when a second passes for God, a thousand or a hundred thousand years pass here. So He doesn't “watch the torment.” Incorrect egocentric formulation of people with a narrow mind.

  87. The Lord's works are often evil. The priest and theologian have nothing to say here, and all they have to do is repeat the formula that is suitable for all cases of God's justification: “The ways of the Lord are inscrutable!” Yet God can be justified, namely by assuming that he is either not omnipotent or not all-good. In any of these cases, it is pointless to ask him to interfere in the fate of the living beings he has created. A cat gets bitten by fleas, and God knows it can't get rid of its tormentors on its own. The flea is a blood-sucking insect, remarkably adapted to its purpose – to be a tormentor of animals. Only God could have created such a perfect being in His own way. This wonderful insect overcomes in a jump more than a hundred times the length of its small body. But it causes suffering to other wonderful and perfect creations of God. Whose sin does the cat atone for by suffering? If it's nobody's, then it's meaningless. But isn't it a blessing for the flea that it can bite the cat, and for internal parasites of all kinds that they can so wonderfully and effortlessly inhabit the internal organs of animals? If it were possible to ask a flea whether God is evil or good in allowing it to feed on animal blood, it is obvious what kind of answer we would get. So is God angry or not? For a flea, God is not evil; for a cat, He is evil. Here, in both cases, evil has a concrete form. For a flea, God would be angry if he didn't allow it to parasitize the cat's body. But what evil is in its general manifestation, evil as such, is not established. But this is precisely the kind of evil we are talking about when we ask if God is evil. This question is meaningless until we know what it means for God to be evil. But on an intuitive, empirical level, it is clear what evil is, and the rational mind has no choice but to accept that the creator of evil in all its forms and manifestations – as well as the creator of good in all its forms and manifestations – is God. Thus, two attributes are unreasonably attributed to God – to be the creator of good and the creator of evil, although it is not established what is good and evil.

    But there is one attribute that cannot be doubted as belonging to God: greatness. The full extent of God's greatness could not have been realized before such sciences as biology, chemistry, physics, and astronomy made it possible. Ideas about the possibilities of God in the founding fathers and in modern man are so different that it is pointless to compare them. One momentary glance at the actual works of God, which are infinitely superior to traditional Christian ideas of his power and power, is enough to reject Christianity and its teachings. There is nothing in common between the Christian teaching about the creation of the world, which means the earth, sky and sun with its “rotations” around the earth, and scientific knowledge about the essence and actual scale of this process. The sciences have infinitely raised the image of the real God in comparison with the Christian God. They are not comparable in any parameter, nor in any ability, invented Christian and really existing God.

    What is divine greatness is indefinable. But this concept is easily constituted by consciousness-for this purpose it is enough to recall the achievements of modern sciences. In each of these achievements, the mind discovers the remarkable achievements and abilities of the Creator. For the sum total of his abilities, there is no other word, no other suitable name, but the supreme greatness. What God can do is the objective and reliable criterion of unfathomable greatness. Even evil in the overall picture of creation is only a tiny speck, drowning in the ocean of God's great works. This attribute of God corresponds on the side of human consciousness to admiration, but also to regret that he allows evil. He admits two great evils-suffering and death, which have always been and will remain incomprehensible to man, if God is good. The concept of the infinite greatness of the Creator grows out of a sense of admiration for his creations. To evoke this feeling, just look at an ant or a mosquito, a blade of grass or a flower. And to what other entity is it possible to attribute this all-encompassing and all-pervading characteristic, if not to the Only One who deserves it? But the question of whether God's great deeds absolve him of the blame for evil in the world remains open.

  88. Many holy elders prayed that the Lord would send them as many sorrows as possible, because through sorrows and sufferings a person becomes closer to God,for God there are neither the living nor the dead,for him all are alive…

  89. God has a destiny for everyone. We don't understand how you can control everyone's life. Even in wars, when millions of people are killed, we cannot imagine that everything comes from God. Everyone who died and died due to illness, all according to the will of God. How can a sheep know why it was slaughtered?

  90. Life is given to a person not for pleasure, but for the improvement of spiritual and moral qualities! This is the beginning of a new form of existence in a mighty universe. But not every soul will be able to maintain its individuality…

  91. Moreover, this god himself arranges all these cataclysms. So how kind is he? After all, children who have not yet had time to sin also suffer. That they are responsible for original sin? Why then did God create two sexes, male and female? Something's wrong with your god's head.

  92. He so” calmly ” observes that He came before His time, gave Himself up to the torment of the cross, if only we would do less untruth. But we still condemn everyone and everything, including Him, being filled with hostility, which does evil through us. It's us who settle in earthquake-prone areas, it's us who build airplanes, it's us who break TB and invent new viruses. It is not the God of war who unleashes it. Truth – God, who serves the truth, does not do evil, because the truth is in sincere love.

  93. Earthquakes happen because we live on shifting tectonic plates, the only way God could have created our earth. And without tectonic plates, he wouldn't have been able to create it

  94. So that's why God created people with free will to see through an experiment what people will bring themselves to interfere in the experiment is not scientific , but so there are angels out there they live like robots according to the program they can't sin, I could make people like that but it's not interesting

  95. Simply: because it was invented by scammers for their comfortable life at the expense of others who are not confident in themselves and believe everything that is hung on their ears.

  96. Leave God alone, the cycle of being cannot be stopped by a person, so all attempts to comprehend God are reasonable, just for nothing, a person is not capable and unable, live and hope, repent for your doubts and delusions and original sin keep it pure and sincere, love the attributes and qualities of God, shorten the nafs and improve the morals in this lfor a person to give and enlightenment.

  97. It seems to me that people receive torment as karma, but if a person

    a good person suffers, so he gets points to another world, (test.)

    What you do is what you get, sooner or later. and in life everything must be tried, and joy and suffering…. (And if in life you will only

    get high without working hard, then this will be the most boring biography in your life….

  98. I repeat for those who do not know. God for the prudent is first of all the Logos-a word denoting the Source of Good, wisdom (truth), metaphysical Forces, principles, i.e. principles; the Forces of Light .. The Holy Spirit. Source of the, , order Condition.. God, in fact, is the Primary Cause and source of Inspiration, the Creator of spiritual principles first and foremost . The realms of causes .

    Humans, intelligent beings, are heirs, descendants of men and women whom God has given the freedom of choice-free will. And what people now have, good or evil – negative, is largely a consequence of their free choice. They chose this path, the conditions and, in fact, their fate, and made a choice of their own free will. Because of this, the prophecies of Isaiah, which says, “You will hear with your ears, but you will not understand, and you will see with your eyes, but you will not see,” have come to pass ” (Matthew 13: 14-15)… and the ears can hardly hear, and the eyes.. They do not see … and they do not understand with their hearts, and let them not be converted, so that I(the truth) may heal them.” Plus, people have gained pride, become ignorant .. unable to hear God , to accept gifts and help from God. God, in His Great Mercy, sends good things to people. He sent the Savior, and the people chose Mammon, and the truth was crucified. People degrade and choose their own fate, they punish their karma and do not understand it. they don't see it, they've become ignorant.

  99. God is not what we think he is. and what they're trying to tell us. it's like Pugacheva the diva, Kirkorov the king. and she's not a diva and he's not a king. and God is not a wizard. it's just a higher power. much higher and more powerful than us. but not omnipotent.

  100. I have absolutely no opinion of my own, but I have some understanding of the issue based on the explanation of the Orthodox religion.

    God created the world and people and gave them FREEDOM, which means that even God Himself cannot force people to do or not do something. That is, people are the masters of life. Previously, before the fall, God gave inexperienced people, who do not yet know what is Good and Evil, the opportunity to choose their behavior: either trust God and act on his advice, or gain experience and knowledge in their own way – by stuffing cones, that is, by knowing good and evil. Adam and Eve ate the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and made their life's choice-to follow the path of stuffing cones. The descendants of Adam and Eve follow the same path. The principle of freedom is preserved. But people must take responsibility for their own choices and actions. And so it will be until the end of time.

  101. Yes, we are children of God ,but we are not infants. And we are quite capable of making the world so that there is no suffering in it. This is probably what God is waiting for us to do. And we mistakenly expect this from Him. And this is our task.

  102. This is a mystery that can never be solved, for all time, if it were revealed, then life would not be interesting. It seems to me that we are creating a book of our life, when the soul leaves the body, we will see from the outside how we behaved. I know there is a God, He has helped me many times, but how, that's another story

  103. No mortal can know, of course. I can only add my own po.express it. Original sin and all that stuff about the rib, etc. I think the organizers of the church came up with it at the time, and the current ones persist in their dogmatism. Well, that's another question. In my opinion, the Lord gave man the beginning and gave him the choice of business. Those who do evil accumulate this evil in their own way, and it is returned to them or their, unfortunately, descendants. And vice versa – the same with good. God is watching – if there is, perhaps, that is His will. Answers some of their prayers, requests-it happens, who has experienced it for themselves, understands what it is. That's all. Ivan Katolik developed a great philosophical reflection on this topic, I read it. As always, I will say one thing: none of us can say anything, speak for God. I read: “God had two possibilities….” Isn't that funny??? I can assume that a great Divine power made an experiment, but the Lord hardly expected what would happen, since “he looked at the work of His hands and decided that it was good” – read the Bible.

  104. Well, I can't be called a believer, I'm an agnostic, but I have my own opinion on this matter. Maybe those who expect the Almighty to wipe their snot will look up from the dirt under their feet and from the trough from which they eat and look up at the sky? There are only about 300 billion (!) stars in our Galaxy alone, and billions of galaxies only in the part of the universe that we can observe. Or perhaps there are other universes. And you think that the creator of all this should care about the tricks of animals that are not far from the apes on one of the countless worlds? He gave us the very possibility of existence and free will. Do the rest yourself, gentlemen primates.

  105. maybe I didn't mean “believers”, but “religious”?

    there is a belief that God is dissolved in all the people of the planet, by uniting, we are able to create real miracles even from the point of view of modern science, to create egregors that change the known physical laws…

    so who benefits from dividing us by race, religion, nation, etc.?

    who is afraid of uniting people and reaching the divine level?

    think ahead…

  106. God does not” observe calmly ” the catastrophes and torments of people. Who decided that this was what God was doing? And believers don't justify Him, because He doesn't need to be justified.

  107. consider this-as lessons in psychology from our Creator, through the construction of various situations, God the Father tests us for intellectual and spiritual advancement.

    So, the bullet can be deflected, if necessary, and the bomb,
    shell, grenade may not explode, and the fire may go out. And the criminal attacked me and did this and that to me- not only because he is a cruel and evil primitive who has gone to hell-but also because God brought him to me in this situation.

    Once we understand that God is everywhere and that He is omnipotent, we must accept that no external force can harm us unless it is God's Will. And if something unpleasant has happened to us — then we should look for the reason in ourselves: in our fate, in our mistakes in the near or distant past.

    We are completely under His control. He grazes us like His flock, sends us to grow and mature again and again in the” pastures ” of the Earth. Here, in interaction with others like ourselves and with objects of the material world, we acquire and strengthen certain of our qualities — good or bad.

    Humble, kind, loving, intelligent-He brings up with affection and quickly brings them closer to Him, lets them in.
    The rest continue to be reincarnated and reincarnated into new bodies. And between incarnations, they live for a long time among similar souls — in those states of consciousness to which they were accustomed during their life on Earth.

    If someone says that there is no God, since there are earthquakes, hurricanes, wars, or that He is evil, and therefore I will not believe in Him…. then we will try to understand that God's plans do not include making people a paradise on Earth. If there were a paradise on Earth, we would have no incentive to go anywhere else.

    Life on Earth is not a True Life, it is just a fairly short training course, an opportunity to become better.

    And if there were no wars and other disasters — then there would be no opportunities to show selfless heroism for the benefit of others…

    Earth's cataclysms are just accelerators of the evolution of the people involved in them. This is an opportunity to become a better person.

    People who embark on the true religious Path quickly get rid of many diseases, including cancer.

    If we go right, He encourages us with bliss; if we turn away from the Straight Path to Him, He points us out by hurting us in one way or another. It's all very simple.

  108. The excuses are most ridiculous.Any excuses are lies.Because none of them contains concrete convincing evidence that God himself exists.

  109. What is good for one is death for the other. For the one from whom they collect levies, these very levies are Evil. Those who fill their pockets with them, consider this process good. And for God, both are neither good nor evil. Because God is outside of this relationship. He doesn't have any property to pay taxes on, and he doesn't have anyone to collect from. Therefore, our evil does not exist for him.

  110. If there were no evil, there would be no development. So they would live in paradise like koalas or pandas in a zoo: chew on leaves and sleep. We slept and ate again.

    The existence of the veritical God-Devil makes a person constantly make a choice, suffer and look for a way out of various situations.

    No one promised a good life.

    These are the rules of the game.

  111. Note that troubles are caused by people. People create weapons and kill
    each other, and then scream : “My God, where are you looking, help me.” People cheat, slander, use magic, abandon their families, and blame God for the consequences, isn't it funny?. If the Lord protects us from the consequences, people will never understand that they are doing the wrong thing. What you sow is what you reap. It is good that the Lord has set a limit to human power and the time of human power is ending on planet earth. Psalm 36: 10 Yet a little while, and the wicked will be no more; you will look at his place, and he will not be there.But the meek will inherit the earth and enjoy the abundance of peace.
    And here is what is written about God's attitude to evil deeds :
    Proverbs 6:16 these six things the Lord hates, seven that are detestable to Him:haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,
    a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that be swift in running to mischief,a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that be swift in running to mischief,a false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren. The devil pushes people to the worst, he is the one who sows evil. But a person who has the right to choose, must and can choose between evil and good, but moving away from the Lord, the lines of good and evil are blurred.

  112. Of course, God sometimes helps, sometimes guides, sometimes protects, especially believers and saints. Well, the question of worldly Evil can be answered in this way: God is so Powerful and Omnipotent that our suffering is insignificant for him. He is so many levels higher than us that what seems too heavy for us is a mere trifle for Him, which He has long been through. Here you can give such an example. Compared to children who complain of any pain and cannot accept even trivial adversities, adults easily overcome it.

  113. Hello!

    This is a very good and fair question. In addition, many people believe that God specifically gives people trials and experiences. But is it true? If God loves people and if he is All-powerful, then why does he allow suffering? There is a big difference between calmly observing and allowing it for good reasons. I found a convincing answer.

    In short, there are 3 main reasons::

    1) “The whole world lies in the power of the Evil One” (1 John 5: 19). Now the world is ruled not by God, but by the Devil

    2) Some troubles are our own fault (Romans 5: 12, Ecclesiastes 7: 29)

    3) Accidents (Ecclesiastes 9: 11)

    I want to make a reservation right away, although God allows for cataclysms and other disasters, he will repair all the damage in the future. It will bring the deceased back to life, restore their health (including emotional health), and so on. Therefore, everything that happens is fixable.

    Why did God allow the Devil to rule the world (Reason 1)? It all started at the dawn of human history, when the first humans were created. God did not create people completely independent of him, but this dependence is not as a “boss – subordinate”, but as the dependence of children on loving parents. He gave them freedom of choice, which they used incorrectly. The devil deceived people by claiming that they:

    1. They can live in absolute independence from God,
    2. They will be even happier if they themselves establish the norms of good and evil.

    By accusing God of lying and claiming that he was hiding some good things from his creatures, the Devil challenged his right to rule, and in effect claimed that he would have done a better job of it (Genesis 3: 2-5). Why didn't God just destroy the rebels? Here is one example. Imagine a lesson where the teacher explains to the class how to solve a difficult problem. And then one student declares that the teacher is wrong, he does not know the subject well, the problem needs to be solved completely differently, and he knows the right solution. Some classmates agree with him and take his side. What should the teacher do? If you kick the rebels out of the classroom, how will it affect the rest of the students? Will they be able to figure out who is really right? Students may lose respect for the teacher, thinking that he is afraid of being caught in the wrong. What if the teacher gives this student the opportunity to solve this problem in their own way in front of the whole class?

    God did something similar. Millions of angels were watching. Therefore, the resolution of the issue would affect them, and eventually all intelligent creatures. What did God do? He allowed the Devil to rule over people, and gave people the so-called independence from God. The teacher in our example knows that the wayward student and his companions are wrong. But he also understands that if they are given the opportunity to prove their point, it will be for the benefit of the entire class. After all, when the rebels fail, the rest of the students will be convinced that the teacher was right, and the student's accusations are unfounded. And if in the future someone wants to challenge the teacher's right to teach a lesson again, everyone will understand why he is kicking the rebels out of the classroom. Similarly, our Creator knows that all sincere people and angels will benefit from such an outcome: they will be able to see that the Devil and other rebels are wrong and that human rule is doomed to failure. This is what we see today: wars, famine, crime, injustice, disease, sobs, a life devoid of meaning that many people simply do not want to live.

    How does God relate to everything that happens? What does it feel like? “Whenever they suffered, it caused him to suffer” (Isaiah 63: 9, Genesis 6: 5,6). God sympathizes with us and it pains him to see people suffer. It is important to remember that he is All-powerful. He can eliminate all the harm caused to humanity, and he will definitely do it. All the consequences of rebellion and sin will be removed through faith in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and the victory over death will be the resurrection of people on paradise earth (Revelation 21:4, Psalm 36: 9,10). Today, God helps people through the Bible, giving them advice, guidance, and comfort, as well as giving them the strength to deal with the problems and troubles that come upon us. – 2 Timothy 3: 16, 17, 1 Corinthians 10: 13.

    I got a big answer, but it's not exhaustive, because the question is very succinct. The Bible answers all the questions. You only need to search, because “the seeker finds”. Don't give up on your quest! :)))

    (not indifferent person)

  114. God does not justify, nor does He calmly watch over us.In order to save us,knowing that we will destroy ourselves,through faith in Jesus, He wants to save not our flesh, but our soul.A person has freedom of choice.God does not save the righteous through Jesus, but sinners,and whoever is not a sinner is a liar.Jesus did not come to the rich and holy, but to sinners in order to save them,and whoever considers himself righteous and sinless destroys the world and all that is in the world.God will not lead each of us by the hand.The result of a person's life is death,the result of a person's soul is salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

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