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  1. Do you feel the need for God? Then it is worth studying religions. And remember the answer of Clive Lewis (author of The Chronicles of Narnia) to the journalist's question ” which religion gives the greatest happiness?”: “In my opinion, self-worship, while it lasts. I know a man in his eighties who admires himself from an early age and, unfortunately, lives surprisingly happily. I don't put it that way. You probably know that I wasn't always a Christian, and I didn't convert to find happiness. I knew a bottle of wine would get me some sooner. If you are looking for a religion that will make your life more comfortable and easier, I would not advise you to choose Christianity. There are probably some American pills that will help you more.”

    Вот я как-то отвечал, как стал верующим: https://thequestion.ru/questions/114725/vopros-k-veruyushim-pochemu-vy-vybrali-imenno-nazvanie-religii-a-ne-inuyu-druguyu-pochemu-vy-schitaete-eyo-samoi-pravilnoi

    Here's how I became a Catholic: https://thequestion.ru/questions/264589

  2. First, you need to decide whether you still believe in religion or not, and this is not the same thing… If so, it's only one and there's no choice. If you choose a religion, it depends on your preferences, desires, goals, and even addictions. For example, if you are a fan of booze or stealing something, then Catholicism will suit you, but if you are a fan of smoking and fucking, then Islam is the most important thing, if you are a homosexual or”love” small children, you are a road to Protestants or Anglicans (Elton John is an Anglican). If you do not want to believe in God at all, you are too lazy and prefer different “spiritual” practices, then Buddhism, Krishnaidism and other “philosophies” were specially invented for this purpose, but if you like Russian birches, rivers and fir trees with pines, you are welcome to rodnoverie or some other pagan cults formed in the early 20th century… Choose one ….

  3. The question is very important, I would even say vital. A man stands at a crossroads… He believes in the Creator, but cannot find His way to Him. There are so many branches (religions) ahead of him that he has almost equal chances to choose one of them or turn around and become an agnostic,or even an atheist. The situation is difficult. Representatives of each religion have their own arguments, agnostics and atheists have their own. They are all trying to convince the truth-seeker that they are right. But there is only one truth… And how not to drown in this information flow? How to make the only correct choice?

    You want to choose a religion, so I assume that you already believe in the Creator. This is already good. The search for truth is a good thing. And in good deeds, the Creator is the best helper. Therefore, first of all, I would advise you to put aside for a moment all your stereotypes, prejudices and all other thoughts, clear your mind and heart and make a sincere, “neutral” plea to Him. After all, He is the All-hearing, Accepting Supplication. Example: “O Creator, I am looking for the way to You, but I cannot find it. Guide me to a straight path, for You are All-powerful. O Creator, accept my supplication, for You are the One Who accepts supplication.” Whether the result is short-term or long-term, it doesn't matter. The main thing is that your plea is sincere, and then He will definitely accept it.

    Of course, knowledge is needed. As the saying goes, ” trust in God, but don't be bad yourself,” but a plea is first and foremost. For the accepted supplication of – – �is the “foundation” for building a correct belief. This means that the Creator himself will help you search for and find the necessary knowledge. Agree, it is better to know where to dig than to dig everywhere in a row. Therefore, I repeat once again, first of all, this is a sincere plea.

    Do you know what the beauty of the “right way” is? The fact that this is exactly the “path”, and not the “place”. This means that it doesn't matter when and at what point of the “right path” you came across it, the main thing is that you came across it.�

    P.S. If, suddenly, you want to read my other answers, then do not do it until you have made your own choice, not prompted by anyone but the Almighty. I think it's fair.

  4. You need to ask yourself a number of questions:
    What are her teachings based on? Are they from God, or are they mostly invented by humans?
    Does it reveal the name of God to people?
    Do its members show genuine faith in Jesus Christ?
    Is it merely a formal observance of rites, or is it rather a way of life?
    Do its members really love each other? Jesus said: “Everyone will know that you are my disciples if there is love between you.”

  5. Learn more about each of the religions, talk to representatives of each of the faiths, and then make a conclusion-which is closer to you. It is important to understand the reasons first: what leads you to a particular faith.

  6. Read the holy books of each religion. Then decide which one is more true.

    I'm reading the Bible now, but the Koran is still closer. The Bible was written by humans, and the Qur'an was revealed by Allah. The Bible has been rewritten many times, but the Koran has never been changed. And there is not a single mistake in the Qur'an, and there is nothing contradictory:)

    It's up to you. The main desire and desire for knowledge

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