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  1. You won't understand. And most fortune tellers will tell you that all the troubles are caused by spoilage. Nothing just happens. If there are problems, then there are reasons. Of course, corruption can also be to blame, but only a practitioner in the field of magic who thrives without clients will determine this, so he is not interested in finding “damage”from you.

  2. Good afternoon, unfortunately, in our time, EVERYONE can face other things, especially if they have moved away from the Almighty, do not make the morning and evening rule, think a lot about the worldly, do not observe fasts, go to church with their candles, etc. This is very important to remember and know.
    It is quite easy to understand that you are being corrupted, because grace is constantly pouring down from heaven on every believer, protecting them from evil spirits and evil spirits. When a person lives in accordance with the Lord's commandments, goes to church, and takes communion, he feels grace descending on him, and the people even have such a concept as “a place of prayer”, i.e., a place where grace descends in a radiant stream on those who pray. This sense of” namolennost ” of the place means that here people pray correctly, and the priest is inspired and blessed by the hand of God.
    But when you don't have enough grace left, evil spirits get a chance to make trouble for you. They can't do anything by themselves, but they can act through their minions-sorcerers, witch doctors, plotting grandmothers, it doesn't matter, they are all servants of the Prince of Darkness.
    Do you have a series of failures, everything falls out of hand, failures on all fronts, and the people around you, at least, do not understand, but, for the most part, annoy you? Did you answer “yes” to at least one question? With a high degree of probability, you were put under damage.
    First of all, check all the corners in the house outside and inside, people who want to harm you can lay their God-defying unholy strays there (a bag with bird bones, pieces of animal hair, a tuft of hair in a piece of wax), if you find something similar – do not touch anything! Call the priest, and before he arrives, make sure that no one touches the find. Also, look at the door jambs, window frames. People who want to harm you may have put inverted images of the cross there. Although you may not know it, every time you pass through such doors, you unwittingly become a participant in blasphemy and grace becomes even more difficult to descend upon you.
    In the event that you know who caused the damage to you, invite this person home. After it has come to you – stick a knife in the table, this is a method proven by centuries-old practice of fighting witchcraft. After that, a person who communicates with evil spirits (read “sorcerer”) can no longer leave the house. All you have to do is wait for the pre-summoned priest to perform a prayer service with water consecration and banish the forces of darkness back to hell.
    That's all. But do not forget about the spiritual, do not forget that the enemy of the human race does not sleep! He's waiting, always waiting. And as soon as you start to run out of grace, he will start plotting against you again!
    Remember, it's all up to you!
    “The future is not predetermined. There is no fate other than what we create ourselves.”- St. Arnold the Martyr of Austria

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