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  1. A mild injection of sociopathy tends to make a person happier by protecting them from outside attention. Chained together is about the individual and society. An asshole is, to a certain extent, a sociopath who disregards the opinions of others. They “live well” because of this: either an obsequious retinue, or almost no reflection, emotions, introspection. To quote Shapoklyak: “He who does good is wasted ― one cannot be famous for good deeds.” In general, a person is confident in his own rightness and moves on. His skeletons in the closet are carefully hidden from prying eyes. However, I would prefer to believe in karma. For sometimes, behind the facade of pomposity, there is only ugliness in the form of a dilapidated frame and corners, sometimes overgrown with moss, sometimes covered with cobwebs (sorry for the pathetic), there is not even a desire to learn from mistakes.

  2. The whole point is that they look “such assholes” in your eyes, maybe in someone else's, but not in the eyes of the absolute majority. They may also ask the same question about you.

    In general, if you have met “such assholes” in your life, it is better to protect yourself from communicating with them, smile more and think about the good things)

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