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  1. This is a very long topic and requires special knowledge from quantum mechanics and field theory. In short, we can answer that the law of conservation of energy, which follows from the homogeneity of time, is fulfilled in quantum physics, but the wave-particle dualism imposes a feature of the fulfillment of this law, according to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. This principle “resolves” the uncertainty of the energy of the state of a particle (microsystem) by an amount of DE in time Δt, but in such a way that their product is greater than the action quantum ħ/2, or DE⋅Δt ≥ ħ/2. The same uncertainty principle applies to the particle momentum: Δp⋅Δx ≥ ħ / 2, where Δp and Δx are the momentum uncertainties and particle coordinates, respectively. The law of conservation of momentum follows from the isotropy of space. What other conservation laws (symmetries) in the quantum world are governed by the Heisenberg uncertainty principle can be read here.

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