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  1. The life of a modern pensioner is a utopia. And here's why�

    – Girl, how long do you work?
    – Now up to 63…

    An excellent illustration on the topic of utopia and in general in Russia, only those who do not need it live to retire.

  2. I've come across two definitions of utopia in my life, and I still can't make up my mind (although the rational part of me leans towards the latter).:

    1) the world/state in which every inhabitant (or at least the majority) in terms of education level and understanding of the world/situation can, if necessary, lead it.�

    Roughly speaking, a world where everyone is (or is in the process of becoming) a professional in their field. I just sincerely believe that if a person has a certain level of understanding of their business, they can, in principle, recognize professionals in other fields and, accordingly, competently delegate authority.

    2) a world where no one wants to change their place in this world.

    And this definition scares me because one of the most effective ways to achieve it is to give the” strongest ” absolute power/freedom of action , and put the weakest on drugs, etc.

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