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  1. Hedonism is when the main thing in life is pleasure.

    Nihilism is when the main thing in life is destruction.

    Both life strategies are very ancient, but in recent decades, due to the new conditions of our existence, they have gained more supporters than at any time in history.

    Hedonism is obviously complementary to many other strategies. First of all, thanks to the well – known paradox of hedonism: the one for whom pleasure is the main thing is more vulnerable to displeasure than the one for whom other things are more important-freedom, good fame, self-realization, health, family, etc.

    Nihilism (consistent) is obviously not complementary to anything. It should not be confused with such a strategy as the pursuit of power and enrichment (existential materialism). For a nihilist, there is nothing worth living for. All other strategies are regarded as a false fascination with some disgusting nonsense.

    For more information, see the catalog of higher values.

  2. Nihilism, like hedonism, is a concept. In its purest form, concepts can only exist in the literature. In real life, you can focus on one or another element or train of thought (trend) specified in the concept.�

    Traditionally, nihilism, like hedonism, has a negative connotation in our culture. Although, if you approach these concepts sensibly, they can be very useful.�

    So hedonism in its modern adaptation teaches that life is short and in many ways meaningless, so you should not spend it in pursuit of chimeras-career, money, the illusion of success. Stay on one with yourself, think about what really gives you pleasure, perhaps it is communicating with interesting people, watching movies or reading books, sports, walking, traveling. Think about ways to increase the amount of things that bring you pleasure. Perhaps this introspection will push you to new hobbies, or maybe change your profession or move. The main thing is not to be afraid, to accept yourself and accept your desires. And here nihilism will help.

    Nihilism is a shield that helps protect yourself from excess. There is a lot of unnecessary information in the modern world. It is important to make nihilistic weighing or analysis and boldly dismiss what you do not need. Throw in the trash advertising, political propaganda, moralizing TV prophets and so on, do not succumb to the influence of the team or family, if you feel that it will not bring you good. learn to say no is a dirty lesson in nihilism.

    The main thing is to have a measure in everything and strive for harmony, then hedonism and nihilism will find a worthy place on the shelves of your life attitudes.

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