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  1. As they say in the movie “Good, bad, evil”, there are two types of people in the world: those who dig, and those who have a revolver. It is believed that the main difference between them is the attitude to death. It draws a clear line between slaves and masters. Slaves are afraid of death, and therefore are ready to do anything to stay alive. Gentlemen are not afraid of death. Not in the sense that they don't care, but that death is not the worst option for them. Therefore, the gentlemen are ready to take desperate measures if necessary. They are ready to kill. The willingness to kill, in fact, is closely related to the willingness to die. If you do not take into account some special laboratory conditions that allow you to kill with impunity, then in most life situations, the desire to kill someone automatically generates in him the desire to kill you in order to save himself. And then how the map will fit. Even if you initially have a revolver, and the digger only has a shovel, everything can change in a matter of seconds. If you let your guard down for a second, you'll immediately grab a shovel in the air and drop the revolver. So the attitude to death is not so much about death, but about life and the position in it.

  2. To his own – indifferently, or rather, as to some test. You need to do it with dignity without burdening others. And I can't get used to the death of my loved ones, it's always a tragedy and a failure. And I can't explain it rationally. I consider this an unfair and temporary state of humanity. I am sure that this most important problem will be solved. Or life extension, or some kind of communication channel between the two worlds. There may be something else. Don't know.

  3. My death is a frequent theme in my dreams. Most often, of course, I wake up before I “die.” But I never “saw” what happened after that. The only time I've ever been right at the border is when, for some reason, I caused Death itself and asked him to take my life. He said he would count to 5, and when it was 5, I would die.�

    1 knock: I accepted the decision and accepted it calmly, everything was fine.

    2 knock: I started to feel my limbs go numb, my head feels heavy, and I feel a little euphoric

    3 knocking: I feel as if something viscous and warm is flowing through my body, the ringing in my ears increases, and the sun seems to shine brighter.

    4 knock: I fully realized that this was my death. And like in movies: I see all my past life, what I saw, felt, what I achieved. And then the shots abruptly change color, showing what I would be able to see, feel: here is a housewarming party in a new house that we built for 2 years, here I am already pregnant came to visit my parents, I already see the child, everything that I lose. In that second, I want to live. Thoughts immediately go to my brother, who can save me, call an ambulance…

    5 knock: I fall softly to the asphalt in my front yard. In the distance, my brother. The ringing in my ears became unbearable. I try to call my brother's name as hard as I can, but my eyes are already closing. With the last of my strength, I open my mouth and wake up saying my brother's name in a whisper.�

    In my mind, death is as painless as in my dreams. I treat it as something that cannot be overcome, you just need to accept it

  4. I sometimes dream about what death is… I remember one dream the most. It was a gunshot wound to the chest, and there was a flash before my eyes like a blow to the head. And involuntarily my legs give way, more from fear than from pain. Fear at this moment fills your entire body and subdues you. Here I am lying on the floor, everything is rapidly going numb, and darkness is coming over my eyes. At some point, when I stop seeing, I see it from the outside of my body. And I don't care anymore, I don't even know why. I woke up very calm and thought for a very long time and analyzed everything that happened in my dream. It wasn't a nightmare, but I don't want to go through that again. Sorry for the pun at the end .

  5. I treat death like a dream. After that, there will definitely be a wake-up call and a “working” day again. Therefore, it is very important to approach the moment of “falling asleep” correctly in order to wake up in the right state and full of energy.

    To “smetri” in any way, because I don't know what it is.)))

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