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  1. Since solipsism is empty in content – absolutely empty, has zero meaning – then I treat it as something completely devoid of meaning. If someone shows me positive content in Solipsism, I will have to reconsider my views, of course.

  2. and I have a positive attitude to solipsism – in the sense that anyone who claims that the world is imaginary is immediately deleted from the discussion because it is imaginary and its arguments are insignificant, imposed by the imagination.

    Any form of solipsism leads to this, even if it is a complete denial of thinking, even if it is a collective solipsism, even if it is a divine (or some kind of sleeping Brahman) illusion.

    I exist, and solipsism is imposed on ME, well, that's good – I immediately agree and cross out this imaginary absurdity ))

  3. As an interesting problem, how to refute this very solipsism. It is thanks to this puzzle that I have largely developed my view of materialism, the thing-in-itself, consciousness, and many, many questions

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