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  1. As for the letter that deserves to be written exactly “e”, and not” e”, but this is my opinion, although they do not consider it a mistake. The first thing that comes to mind is my favorite phrase “Fuck me” or “Yoshkin's cat”, but this is if there are people next to me, and if one is, the first thing I will say is “Fuck your mother” if I step into a deep puddle, for example. I don't know the history of the letter, but for expressive coloring it is important, however, like the other 32 letters of the Great Mighty. But if it is an object, then the first thing that comes to mind is a Hedgehog.

  2. Elozhitelno, Emechatelno. In general, I love the letter “e”.

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  3. Changing the norms of writing meant changing the cultural code. In the case of the USSR or Turkey, the new code did not create anything, it only cut off the old tradition, and this was its task. The new code cleared the ground for social engineers like Ataturk or the Bolsheviks to build something new.

    Today, the Internet also clears cultural fields of old heritage, using the introduction of new code. Only now the object of replacement is not the alphabet, not the spelling rules, or even the letter “e”, but such a subtle and slightly strange parameter, but fundamental for the Gutenberg civilization, as the length of linear reading. It's not about books, no. And about the dying ability to stay inside one text for a long time. And this ability will probably die out at a distance of one or two generations – as in the examples with the Bolsheviks and Ataturk.


  4. Samoya is a delicious letter of our alphabet!!! I'm all for it!
    Only one Russian word is ours: E MOYE..
    worthy of the Nobel Prize.
    With E, we are invincible so it puts our rivals and enemies in a stupor.

  5. The choice is not so great: either “e” or ” yo ” / “y”. 🙂 Which option do you prefer?

    On the other hand, reform in the direction of “y*” will require changing the letters “I” (ya), “yu” (yu), “e” (ye). In this sense, using “e” is much more economical.:)

  6. I have a positive attitude, just like any other letter of the Russian alphabet. I always use it where it should be, and I'm happy to dot the e's in my handwritten text, and I never forget it when I type.�I personally don't feel comfortable without the letter E. It is an additional means of expression for me.

    Ignoring a letter changes the meaning of a word, or even a whole sentence.Небо ” Sky-sky, admits-admits, donkey-donkey, take a break-take a break.” When reading text without the letter “e”, the speed decreases, and the process itself becomes uncomfortable.

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