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  1. Well, how can you treat a person who does not follow his hygiene, dirty and smelly? So is profanity, which is the filth of the soul. Swearing is usually a weak, insecure, and sometimes cowardly person. Profanity is a futile attempt to compensate for your inferiority complexes. From the outside, profanity looks ridiculous, insignificant and pathetic. Today, alas, this is our lifestyle. And all for the same reason. Because of weakness, stupidity, thoughtlessness, bad manners. In a depraved society, both morals and language are depraved. There is no God, and everything is allowed. A believer cannot use obscenities against his neighbor and after a few minutes turn to God ” Our Father…”, for “Does sweet and bitter water flow from the same fountain opening?” (James 3:11).�

  2. Calmly, if in moderation. Mat carries a certain semantic load, being an expression of strong emotions. Strong ones. Therefore, excessive use of it out of place, in my opinion, indicates a strong unbalance of the subject using it, or an amazing primitivism of the lexicon, which is clearly not enough to express feelings, or an amazing primitivism of emotionality, the whole spectrum of which can be described so simply.

  3. As a tool. Another expressive tool of the language that you need to be able to use correctly and understand in what conditions it is applicable. At the same time, the mat quite clearly and unambiguously characterizes a person, almost as well as humor.

  4. Mat M. is one of the few experts on this site that I respect. Everything else from the native Russian language of “Pushkin and Dostoevsky” is a politicized convention and trolling.

  5. Extremely positive. It essentially reflects the attitude to people, to those who use them. They are different in every country, but any foreigner will definitely speak out about ours in a good way, you can say this is a business card of our country, something to be proud of. The peculiarity of the Russian mat is a variety, it all depends on what it consists of, you can not just “plop-plop and cook”, here you need to choose everything correctly so that it really works, and not entertain. Do not be fools who use the mat for other purposes, decide what you are using it for and whether you need it. It often happens that you can do without it, and this is quite normal. But I still recommend using mats to minimize injuries when performing difficult sports tricks.

  6. Checkmate is essentially a relic of magic, as well as all sorts of sentences, slander, and its original purpose is to cause magical harm to the one you “mother”. Therefore, usually a mat is an insult to the genus (among the Slavs), the so-called “send to your mother” and is associated with the sexual sphere. Swearing subculture in any language is a “place of curses”, so I have a negative attitude. Earlier, under Ivan the Terrible, a man who publicly cursed was ordered by royal decree, stripped naked, to beat with a whip until he asked for mercy. Relatively speaking, a cultured person is distinguished from an uncultured one by the fact that he knows the mat, but never uses it. “Rastabuirovanie” mat in modern society causes severe damage to the unconscious part of the psyche, because in principle, a person is vaguely aware that he spews some forbidden curses. Therefore, often rebellious teenagers “smoke and swear”, so they show “coolness”, that is, that they “grew up and they can”. But now you can meet more and more people who speak obscenities (replacing all words in a sentence with obscenities). This is a consequence of the general archaization and primitivization of the consciousness of people who go to sorcerers and psychics, believe in magic and conspiracy theories, and this perfectly fits the wider use of mat in everyday life (which in humanity most likely arose in the primitive era, simultaneously with magic).

  7. I don't relate to myself. I am myself!

    In England, too, there were always those who wanted to fight Cockney (the language of native, poorly educated Londoners) for the purity of the great and powerful English language. Well, yes, the empire (even the former, even the already independent colonies) needs a single literary English, as a kind of standard model. �Fact. And snobs can despise Cockney just as much as they despise colonial Pidgin.

    But language, you know, is “a long process.” Languages are formed and die for centuries, millennia. �And they can live in huge territories. And what authority, other than the mythical “millennial dynasties of absolute monarchs”, has the right to interfere in this linguistic diocese? Compared to languages, it is ephemeral, like a one-day moth!

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