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  1. Perhaps I feel like a stream (continuum) of different states. The only problem is that it is necessary, according to Theravada Buddhism, not to “feel”, but to KNOW. I have a problem with this “knowledge”;)

  2. I feel like I'm a wave in the ocean of the universe. My life activity, self-consciousness is a kind of manifestation, the peak of the fabric of the entire universe. Life passes away like a wave in the ocean, but it doesn't matter, this process is nothing more than the natural fluctuations of everything that exists.

  3. The world exists independently of us. We will die and he will exist. Somehow we can influence the course of events, and still, it will continue to exist. So, I am aware of myself as an organism. An organism that lives on this planet.

  4. If we take only our planet for the world, then here I feel like a (banal) person who, by birthright, is given a chance to do a certain number of things. Whether they will be good or bad depends only on me, so I feel a huge responsibility for my actions. Because all events are interconnected and any intervention does not go unnoticed, I will try to leave behind a trace (however tiny) that will make this world a little better.

    If you take the whole universe for a world, then here I feel like something incredibly tiny (less than a grain of sand, much), almost an insignificant creature. It makes you a little uncomfortable to think that you are on a planet surrounded by an air shell, somewhere in dark space among billions of other planets. Immediately there are a lot of questions, like * now Ostap will suffer, then you can not read, because a little off topic*: what if somewhere far away there is a planet like ours, there are also “people” living there? What do they say? What do they eat? What are they thinking about? What are their orders and values? What if before our present life, our soul (consciousness, as you prefer) lived on another planet, and now, being here and being a human, it has no idea about it? Then it turns out that in our next life we will again find ourselves somewhere far away and will not know about the Earth? Etc., etc.

    In short, in the second case, the answer is one big question.

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