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  1. Sorry to state the obvious, but out of nowhere.

    Let's immediately reduce the question as much as possible to “How do you know?”, so that it becomes clear to us that we are talking about such things that cannot be empirically and scientifically fully justified.

    Because when we talk about the philosophy of consciousness, it's time to leave out all the positivist vulgarities and slide into solipsism, as decent possums usually do.

    To say a little more clearly: the young man who answered the question first says that we have some kind of self, although the fact that possums do not have it (or that we do) is not a fact at all, because any cranial box (including ours) is a black box and no one knows what is there, and there is still no clear correlation between brain function and consciousness.

    Therefore, all these basic questions, as for me, are always questions of faith. And faith can do a lot, even make a person a possum (I wouldn't be surprised if possumgender people appear soon).

  2. Possum is just a WORD. There's a good proverb – call it a pot, but don't put it in the oven. A Buddhist would prefer to ignore such a question or, for example, say MU (emptiness)… In general, it was cooked, khlivky shorts, etc.: 0))

  3. The possum can't recognize itself in the mirror , which means that the possum has no self-awareness . We don't just recognize ourselves in the mirror , but we also have a self, which means self – awareness .

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