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  1. From the point of view of banal erudition, each individual who critically motivates abstraction cannot ignore the criterion of utopian subjectivism, intellectually interpreting the generally accepted defanizing polarizers.Therefore, the consensus reached by the dialectical material classification of universal motivations in paradogmatic predicate connections solves the problem of improving the forming geotransplantation quasi-nodules of all kinetic correlating aspects, thus, in the end, this polemization, even taken out of context, will look LIKE a NISHTYAK AS IF YES.

  2. In general, to appear intelligent, it is better to remain silent with the air of an expert.

    Well, if the situation requires your word, then start talking about things that are not deep, go to the top of the intellect, and try to give not scientific facts, but YOUR attitude to the subject of discussion.This is done so that if people disagree with you, you can tactfully say: “You know, this is my subjective opinion…” or “Well, I'm not an expert in this field…”. To find topics for conversation, read a couple of books (you can't call them anything else) by authors like Hawking, Dawkins and other popularizers of science.

    Never get into an argument with someone who is at least 5% better at understanding the subject of discussion than you are.

  3. Be trending, get interested in politics, and become an atheist/sexist / childfree / Nazi (please underline, also, it's fashionable to be evil and immoral right now), see Larina in the end:)

  4. Just be like me. After all, the metaphysical transformation of the supramaterial in neo-Kantian philosophy… what is there already 140 characters? Well, that's enough.

  5. Talk a lot, preferably with more complex terminology and rare words that you absolutely don't understand and insert out of place. Talk about banal topics, always using not your own conclusion, but some authority, always nag quotes (remember, out of place!) and more, be sure to indicate whose quote it is, so that people will think how well-read you are(but in no case do not read these books and do not think about the quote! Remember, our task is only to appear smart). You can also quickly jump from topic to topic, so that the interlocutors do not have the idea of questions and clarifications, otherwise they will be exposed. And finally, we do not think about the words we said, we make mistakes in the proofs, we crush the arguments with the number, not the quality. We refer to the aforementioned authorities , and any attempts to expose us say ” yes, you just don't understand!� I'm not old enough yet! I've read so much, I'm a specialist in this field, I've been doing this for 10 years! My dad has been doing this all his life, I know for sure a priori!”

    That's probably enough. Good luck!

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