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  1. A person looks at the world through the filter of his beliefs and from the infinite variety of the world perceives only what he is ready to accept. It's like a person with red glasses will only see red, but if they take them off, they will realize that there are many other colors and shades in the world.

    True, the human brain is very weak and without the “doors of perception” will simply explode from the flow of information.

  2. in the Bible there is a similar phrase about “a clean eye”, they say that whoever has a clean eye is completely clean. These are related things – internal impurity (sin) restricts a person. Because he is enslaved, his perception is also enslaved, it is the perception of a slave.�

    The prisoner

    I'm sitting behind bars in a dank dungeon.
    � � A captive-fed young eagle,
    � � My sad companion, waving his wing,
    � � Bloody food bites under the window,

    Bites, and throws, and looks out the window,
    � � As if you were planning the same thing with me;
    � � He calls me with his eyes and his cry
    � � And he wants to say:”Let's fly away!

    We are free birds; it's time, brother, it's time!
    � � To where the mountain is white behind the cloud,
    � � To where the sea edges are blue,
    � � To where we walk only the wind … yes, I!..”

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