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  1. You can study for a long time and in different places, but you can't learn anything. To learn is to be in the process of learning. “Learn” means to learn what you were taught so that you can do it yourself. And also so that they teach another person. The process of cognition, according to Bloom's taxonomy, goes through several stages: knowledge, understanding, use, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Roughly speaking, to learn how to tie a shoelace, you need to understand the principle of tying, to show it to you, how to do it, then teach it to you, then you would be able to do it yourself, then you would teach someone else to tie a shoelace, you would be able to analyze the process of tying a shoelace and optimize it – make it in a new way, better than before, come up with a new, more optimal way of tying a shoelace. Then you can safely say that you have learned to tie a shoelace. And in the period of passing through all these levels, you learn.

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