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  1. I understand it as it is written: you must be ready to do good to your enemies, say good things about those who say bad things about you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who offend and persecute you. But it is very difficult 🙂

  2. This is one of the greatest achievements of the Christian religion, revolutionizing traditional ideas about morality. Here we are talking about the fact that only the one Spirit is truly existent – therefore, everything that exists, all friends and enemies, is only within It. In reality, there is no one else, there is only an internal conflict in God – and a person recognizes it as a contradiction in himself, other people only play a role in our internal confrontation of soul forces. Love is the true dynamic essence of God, connecting being in development. In harmonious, friendly relations between people, it manifests itself naturally, but even in the case of hostility, it is always about love: just as the shadow does not exist by itself, but only the absence of light, so evil manifests itself only relatively, as a lack of good.

    Therefore, thank those who cause injustice: you become better by realizing justice, you also correct them by healing their injuries (after all, only the offended person wants to do evil). It is the unfortunate who are the main pain in the world – they need compassion more than others, so we pray for them, especially for our enemies 🙂 It is as if we are asking the world to forgive us for our hatred of them, while also acknowledging its inevitability.

    The same thing was essentially said in Harry Potter: “Don't feel sorry for the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and especially those who live without love.”

  3. This is direct advice on how to proceed. For God-knowing the hearts of men and the desire of the Jews to love only those-who do you good. But the Master said this : the time has come when you will know that you are chosen by God, because you will be persecuted by people. Rejoice, praise God, for the enemies who beat you are preparing you for purification and forgiveness. Thus, blessed are the enemies who persecute and beat you, for they help you and the Most High

  4. I would like to add a few words to Anatoly Seroy's excellent answer.

    First, the fulfillment of this commandment (or rather, the call) in the earthly life will only bring inconvenience and problems. By fulfilling this commandment, you become weak to the world, often you become a loser, a sucker. You need to be prepared for this. All rewards will only be in the next world. (only some intra – family situations are excluded)

    Secondly, it is impossible to follow this commandment with your own human strength, without the help of God. The only way to learn to live up to this commandment is through prayer.

    Finally, let me recommend an excellent book on the subject: Simon Tugwell's Conversations on the Beatitudes.


  5. You can also understand that an emotional attitude towards the enemy can instill evil, cruelty and other unpleasant things in a person's heart without being noticed. And the practice of love and blessing is suggested as a way to protect the heart from evil. Mystics also say that this is an effective defense – after all, the one who really loves and blesses-does it through the very height, through God in the Christian context-so if the enemy also has this connection, i.e. if he is still a person, then this love and blessing will come to him from above and may keep him from further evil. And the world will improve.

    Or you can also do it in Japanese – do not feel evil towards the enemy, but just cut it off quickly and calmly, without leaving a scar on your heart.

  6. This is essentially an exposition of Ahimsa in the biblical manner. The point is to change values. If we understand that the enemy is sin itself, a form of mental defilement, and not the specific people who are possessed by this power, then the Christian “they do not know what they are doing” becomes meaningful.

  7. The meaning of these commandments of Christ is that we should not personify evil in the image of the person who causes us this evil, but understand evil as a certain force that has captured this person and keeps him in bondage acting through him.
    If you imagine it figuratively, then the picture is as follows: a certain group has taken hostages and using these hostages as a shield acts in its own interests. People in this situation are hostages of evil – therefore, the liberation actions of the “light forces” should be directed not at the person, not against the person, but for the person, for the sake of the person, against the force that captured him.�

    Again, Christ explains all this in this way::

    12 Therefore in all things whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you, so do ye also unto them: for this is the law and the prophets.
    (Matthew 7: 12)

    God's Law is that a person receives what he sows, and if he wants a normal attitude towards himself, then he must treat others normally – not as they treat you ( they are evil to you and you are evil to them in return), but as you would like to be treated yourself. Generally like the “law of the boomerang”.

  8. Temper problems � character , develop creative �ability �make �to think and � end �account � all �is �called �development � � and �movement �forward . �And �who �as �not �unseeing , we� our� enemies� can �us to create� difficulties and problems?Thank you to им them, they are our� � best � friends)What doesn't “kill us” makes us ” stronger.”

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