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  1. Being is what is. If we can say that something exists , it is already being. Thus, both objective and subjective reality is being. Just differently manifested. Subjective reality is the inner world of the subject, his “personal being”, what is there is inaccessible to anyone from the outside and its presence is possible solely because of the existence of the subject. Objective reality is being outside the subject, the existence of which does not depend on the existence of the subject.

  2. They relate toNoetikoNoematically, naturally mediated by the subject of Knowledge, as the solution of this problem was already outlined by Husserl, in just such a Unity of incompatible – – –Objective physicalism andSubjective Idealism, which has always been realized in a person (as an individual of consciousness) in his cognitive thought activity. And this Unity is fundamental, according to the strict Law of Implication: “Truth (necessary) follows from everything” (C. I. Lewis).

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