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  1. Quite normal 🙂 just click to switch the language you need at the moment, and that's it. Sometimes I speak two languages at once, mixing words:)

  2. For someone who is fluent in a foreign language, switching to it in your thoughts is not worth anything. Personally, I usually think in Russian. But after a long time of communication, say in Spanish, my brain automatically chooses Spanish words. Again, switching back to Russian after that is also quite easy.

  3. I imagine it like this: you start thinking, synonyms are selected in your head, both the one and the other and the third automatically appear if there is a language, then you choose: I want to think in this language, it happens quickly, everything switches, you think in another language. The nuance is that you think in a different language, and your native language also unobtrusively throws up options always)

  4. I really like to think to myself in English. It appeared in early childhood, when I was just starting to learn the language. Then I chatted in English with toys, then with myself, in my head! This is not difficult at all, if you have an extensive vocabulary!

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