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  1. If we talk about a person, then defining him as a living organism with a hypertrophied (growing ahead of evolution) personality-part of the entity engaged in communication with self-like ones, we can assume that the meaning of an organism's life is to survive and reproduce its own kind, and the meaning of life from the point of view of an individual is freedom gained by knowing the world, : what is “freedom” – each person determines the way he wants at one time or another…

  2. Each of us sees the meaning of life in living it with dignity. And this means being more involved in a well-organized, i.e. maximally happy and blissful, life. Yes, that, of course, has its own reason. But since ancient times, people have noticed that it is impossible to achieve this only by relying on the personal and the human. Russian philosopher Semyon Frank notes that” the ancient Greeks, admiring the beauty and lively harmony of the cosmic whole, ” but at the same time “with bitterness and hopeless despair, realized the hopelessness, futility and meaninglessness of human life in it.”

    Classical philosophical thought from the most ancient times sees the meaning of life in its, so to speak, world dimension and implementation. After all, according to it, a person exists not only by himself, but also in the world reality. In other words, in addition to his personal nature, he also has a certain universal, or, more precisely, exists in the universal, because he is included in it in the deepest way. To express this idea, the ancient Greek philosopher Plato says that the world or being “does not arise for your sake, but, on the contrary, you for its sake.” Therefore, it becomes important to realize oneself in the public, in the state. And this is put even above the personal. It is no accident that the philosopher reminds us of the importance of preserving the whole. For ” everything that has come into being has come into being for the sake of the whole, so that the blissful existence inherent in the life of the whole may be realized,” since (also) “this whole is justice or some kind of justice.”

    Therefore, for them, life has meaning in the context of the world. After all, philosophers use such concepts as to realize being, which means in this and at the same time to realize their human essence.

  3. There are thousands of philosophers. They have even more opinions. They have nothing in common except that these people were once considered philosophers by someone. In general, any philosophy is the opinion of one person about the world. Some of them are closer to the truth, some are further from it. It is pointless to search for truth in philosophy.

  4. The point is that philosophy must be sustained in the brine of Truth.Only then will there be the right decision, direction.Actually, the meaning of life is its philosophy.But without the Truth, there will always be absurdity and confusion.Find the path to the truth,and everything else will be solved automatically.Or easier:But seek first the Kingdom of God and all his Righteousness,and all the rest will be added to you. 😂 😂 😂 😂

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