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  1. Mostly in the form of people who like Schopenhauer's work.

    How, in general, can philosophy manifest itself in society? Two options immediately come to mind: it can be some generally accepted way of understanding this society, or it can lead to some actions.

    With the first one, it is clear that Schopenhauer is not at all about the social, but about the metaphysical and witty everyday notes. He has a rather artistic philosophy, which is now quite readable and just like literature. At the same time, and with the second, too, everything is more or less clear — Schopenhauer's philosophy does not exactly provoke any special activity. Let's say carefully, the actions that it provokes are more related to the fact that a person will not show himself in society.

    To put it bluntly, for most amateurs, Schopenhauer is the author of interesting literature. Still, he is more often loved now for all these well-worn aphorisms about the hard fate of man, rather than for philosophical research in the field of ontology.

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