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  1. These are really different concepts.

    The Kingdom of God (Kingdom of Heaven) is the place where God rules and where His will is always and in everything done. When John the Baptist and Jesus preached that the Kingdom of God was at hand, they were referring to the Day of Pentecost , the day of the formation of the Church of Christ. It is designed to be such a place, although it is obvious that today it does not always work out to meet its purpose.

    And paradise is the ultimate fate of the righteous, a state of eternal bliss and perfect union with God. There will be no end to this state.

  2. In short, Paradise is just an image of some place where there is no evil, and the Kingdom of God is something that must be achieved through the efforts of people. That is, we can say that Paradise is something passive, and the Kingdom of God is something active.

    Paradise can be both in the past and in the future, it seems to happen to us by itself. And the Kingdom of God-it is built only in the present, is present where a person acts according to the will of God, in a perfect way, in love and harmony. The kingdom is a way of joint actions of people, as if in one state, where everyone loves, appreciates and helps each other. And a wise ruler leads. With each of his actions, a Christian (and a normal person in general) should bring the Central Bank closer and establish it in his life right here and now – and our belief about the future is that one day this way of life and action will become common (“Thy Kingdom come”). And this is basically what makes the communist idea so similar to the Christian one.

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