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  1. The law of meanness, if it existed, would apply to everyone, but this is not the case. Simply put, the law of meanness is the law of bad luck. And bad luck is a coincidence with the desired.
    Those. I, for example, am lucky – I have “somehow strange” all my wishes come true). I live here and now without self-will and negativity. I am interested in living and creating.
    Of course, if you perceive the situation or the world incorrectly, you are constantly in a negative and resentful state, i.e. in unjustified expectations – of course, it seems that everything is against you and this is a direct law of meanness of some kind.
    Attitude to life, acceptance of powerlessness and awareness refute the law of meanness.
    If everything happens in life as if according to the law of meanness-look at yourself, maybe you live somehow wrong. You can contact a psychologist to coordinate your perception of the world.
    For example, I just had money withdrawn from my bank card. Damn, this isn't the right time. The law of meanness, someone will say. Of course) I just forgot to pay for something on time. Some old gestalt, you might say, that has completely disappeared from my mind. That's all. Great) Now I don't have to do anything. Attitude and perception.
    I “opened” my financial affairs and found a number of possible meannesses and closed these questions. I was lucky. Thank you for the reminder. “There would be happiness, but misfortune helped.” Thank you to the “law of meanness” for good luck))) So is this the law of meanness?
    The law of meanness, this nuisance is like a warning light-stop, stop, look around, something's wrong…

  2. Like any vivid coincidences of the manifestation of the “law of meanness”, a person remembers well. From which he gets the impression that these are not just coincidences or shortcomings of the person himself, but some kind of almost “magic law”. And it works as follows. I was going to wash up – the water was turned off, I need to go to the store urgently – there is an accounting, I didn't learn only 1 ticket – I pulled it out on the exam, I wanted to take time off from work – I had an accident there that day, etc. As a result, a person remembers exactly these cases, and when nothing happened, in such situations, he forgets.

  3. The law of meanness probably exists. But you need to treat its manifestations with humor. Read, there is such a work “Murphy's Law” (here, I found it specifically https://murphy-law.net.ru/basics.html). Actually, this is the collection of laws of meanness. One example: A sandwich always falls buttered down, and the probability of falling is directly proportional to the cost of the carpet.” In general, a funny book 🙂

  4. The” law of meanness ” (Murphy's law, the law of the sandwich) is a psychological effect presented by Edward A. Murphy.


    1. Nothing is easier than you thought coming from the surface

    2. Everything lasts longer than you expected.

    3. If something is wrong ,it will be wrong.

    4. If you are afraid that something will happen , it will happen.

    For example, when toast bread has fallen, always the side in which the smeared butter is down.

  5. The law of meanness is when you are driving a car with your wife, and at the curb you are voted by a student, a Komsomol member and just a beauty. And tomorrow you will go by yourself – no one will stand there.

  6. It happens that you are in a very big hurry, maybe even late for something, all on your nerves)) And then, as if for evil, the keys to the apartment were lost somewhere and there was no transport for a very long time. Isn't that the law of meanness? That's how special, just today I lost my keys and waited a long time for a minibus! And I'm leaving for an important meeting! Well, as so! This is what people call the law of meanness)) As if the world deliberately turned away from them at the most important moment)) Although in fact this is not so, if I lost my keys on any other day, when I'm not in a hurry and would have waited a long time for transport at the bus stop, then I would not worry about this)) In general, the people themselves came up with such an excuse for themselves as the “law of meanness” and they themselves are to blame for their troubles)) So I can say that the law of meanness does not exist

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